Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Secrets Of The Bunker

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 4

Secrets of the Bunker

Kevin had left the room right after Kris had told him where she was from. She must have dosed off, because when she opened her eyes her body didn't feel as sore.

"Well first things first," she said to the empty room. Pulling a hair pin out of her pony tail, she sat up and began working on the lock. She counted in her head, just out of curiosity, to see how long it would take her. Her best time was thirty seconds. She beat that be ten. Kris rubbed her wrist and swung her legs off the bed. She got her first real look at the room.

"You have got to be shitting me."

Of all the rooms Kevin could have chosen to dump her in, he picked her room. She would recognize it anywhere. Her Dad had… Kris stopped that thought in it's tracks. She needed more time and if she was lucky, she could stop it from happening.

Kris got to her feet pushing those thoughts out of her head. If Kevin was still alive then there was still time to stop it all from happening. But she had to be careful, and not change to much of the past. Granted she was already born, so there was no chance of her messing that up, and given what the future held she doubted she could make it worse for anyone.

She ran her hand over the dresser on the far wall, when her bedroom door opened. She faced forward, keeping her hands at her side and in plain sight.

Kevin walked in carrying a plate with a sandwich on it. He stopped in the door when he saw her up and about. "How did…"

She smiled at him, "Sam taught me how to pick handcuffs. I have it down twenty seconds."

She moved back to the bed and sat on the edge as Kevin entered the room and set the sandwich on the bedside table. "So are you going to tell me the whole story?" He asked taking a seat beside her.

"Yes, but first I have a question for you." She turned to face him, "Why are you trusting me right now?"

"The key. It's a dead ringer for the key to this place, and Dean and Sam say it's the only one. I trust them."

She smiled, "Well it's the truth. I am from the future, Castiel sent me back right before." Kris hesitated. "Right before he died."

"How did he die?"

"This is the part you can't tell Sam or Dean." She looked him dead in the face, "Dean goes dark, and I mean really, really, dark. The day I come back, Dean kills Sam AND Castiel. I am sure he would have killed me too but Cas was able to send me here. "

Now Kevin was shaking his head, "No. Never. Dean would never hurt Sam like that, and Castiel is his best friend."

"Maybe the Dean now a days, but believe me, he doesn't just go off the reservation, he burns the place to the ground. The Dean from my timeline, is a monster. He was killing for the sport of it and it didn't matter who he slaughtered." She grabbed Kevin's hand, "The Dean I knew is more then able to kill innocent people, he goes looking for the most innocent and rips them to shreds. I can't kill him, it would destroy Sam, so I have to stop it from happening."

"Alright let's say I do believe you, why wouldn't Sam or even Castiel have come themselves?"

"They couldn't, Dean could have tracked Cas," she hesitated remembering how frail her dad had been at the end. "and Sam wouldn't have survived the trip, the fight with Dean took a lot out of him."

There was a pause in the conversation. Kris let Kevin think about what she had told him. "So what is your plan?"

"Thank you," she told him. "First off, where are Sam and Dean?"

"They were called by a friend of theirs, Jody Mills. Something about virgins going missing. I believe they think it's a dragon."

Kris shook her head, "No it's a demi-goddess by the name Vesta. They'll be fine. When did they leave?"

"Yesterday, why?"

"I don't want to have a lot of major changes to this time line. What are we going to tell them about me, when they get back?"

Kevin stood up and headed to the door, "You're here to help me research the tablets."

Kris followed Kevin out of her room and back into the library. "That's right the tablets. Sounds good. Wait a minute, Crowley saw me arrive. Won't that little worm tell them?"

Kevin pulled out a seat for her and grinned, "Lets just say it might be in his best interest to keep his mouth shut."

She took the seat and saw the tablets laying on the table in front of her, she picked one up and warm energy seeped up her arm. She wondered if Kevin felt this every time he touched the tablets. "Alright then, lets get started."

It amazed Kris how Kevin just took her at her word, he seemed to just be going with the flow. She just hoped when the time came he would trust her with his life.

After about a day of just watching Kevin translate the tablet and reading a few of her favorite ritual books Kris got board. "Alright I am board."

"Well no one said decrypting the tablet is glamorous work.

"I think you need a break," she headed towards her room but stopped at the archway separating the rooms. "You wanna see something cool?" Kris asked running her hand up the middle of the wall. She felt the slight indentation, something you would miss unless you knew it was already there, or had been shoved into it and your elbow had just happened to hit it. She shoved it in and the wall slide back to reveal a room that hadn't been occupied for sixty years.

She turned to find Kevin standing right behind her, the tablet forgotten for the moment. "How did…"

"Sam was goofing around with me and shoved me into this wall once, I just happened to hit the right spot and poof," she gestured to the room.

"What is it?"

"This dear Kevin, is where the Men of Letters kept their accounting records."

She reached her right hand inside and felt along the wall. She found the light switch, she flipped it and for a second the room was illuminated, then bulb blew. "Oh yea, that happened the first time too."

After Kris showed Kevin where the extra bulbs were kept, she was starting to think she new this bunker better then he did, he stood in awe at the records room. It wasn't that big, maybe the size of a small apartment bedroom, but it was floor to ceiling with nothing but filing cabinets.

"Are there other secret rooms like this?" he asked as she opened the top and third drawer of two separate filing cabinets.

"I am sure there are multiple rooms that are hidden," she informed him as she removed a thick manila envelope from the first filing cabinet and a smaller plain white envelope from the second. "This place was build by seven different contractors, has eight different floor plans, and there isn't a single master floor plan created." Kris shut the filing cabinets and turned to faced Kevin. "The Men of Letters weren't hunters, they relied on other means to financially support their group." She held up both envelopes, "These are the finances for the Men since they were created, and believe me, it's not chump change."

"Are you saying the boys are rich?"

Kris smiled as she walked passed Kevin, "I am saying Kevin, that the Men of Letters are rich and you sir are a Man of Letters. Now, lets go shopping."

After a brief visit with the law firm that handled the Men of Letters accounts, Kris and Kevin headed out to do a little shopping. Kevin had pointed out that is they were going to go with 'she's an old friend', Kris would need some new cloths.

Loaded down with a few new outfits, mostly flannel of course, and a trunk load of groceries they headed back to the bunker. Kevin needed this break, Kris could tell. He wouldn't tell her the last time he was out of the bunker, but if the dark circles under his eyes were any indication, he really needed a break.

It took three trips between the two of them to get all the groceries into the kitchen, while they were unloading Kris head a familiar and very painful voice.

"I still don't understand why Vesta would say that about me."

Kris looked over at Kevin, "Their back." For some reason her heart thrummed harder in her chest.

"Let me talk to them first," Kevin said setting the last bag of food on the counter. "Kind of ease into it."

She nodded, "I'll put the food away. Call to me when your are ready."

Kevin nodded then left the kitchen.

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