Time Can't Heal All Wounds

A Second Chance At A First Meeting

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 4

A Second Chance At A First Meeting

The voices in the other room had Kris's full attention. Every time Sam spoke her chest tightened and she had to fight the urge to run into that room and hug him. 'It's not time, it's not time,' she repeated over and over in her head. Before she knew it the food was put away and she had nothing to occupy her hands or her mind, all she could do was listen to the voice of her father and the man who would one day kill him.

"So when I got stuck on a literal translation I call up an old school buddy of mine." Kevin was explaining to the boys why Kris was here and why he trusted her. Granted he tried to stick to the little truths. Like she had just kind of shown up, and she was helping with the extra research. But other then those little truths he was making this up as he went. They seemed to be buying it, well at least Sam did. Dean was a little more skeptical.

"So you just called her up and offered to show her the Bat Cave?" Dean asked gesturing towards the library. "What part of a secret lair, is hard to understand"

Kevin rolled his eyes, "Oh I'm sorry, tell me again who was it that let the red head in?" Kevin asked referring to Charlie. "But that must be okay cause she was your friend?"

"Hey Charlie was an asset…"

"And so is Kris." Kevin rubbed the bridge of his nose, he was getting a migraine. "Look guys I needed her help and she dropped everything to come and help me out. She has always been into this kind of thing, which is what made me think of her. She's only here to help me and lets face it Dean, with all the angel possessions going on, we need the help."

Dean glanced at Sam who shrugged his shoulders, "I think he's right Dean. If we really want to reverse Metatron's spell we will need all the help we can get. And since our best 'asset' is off having her own adventures in OZ, I think we should take it."

Dean looked between the two of them, "Alright, fine. Since I am out voted here. When do we get to meet the little star shine?"

Kris heard Kevin calling her name but she hesitated. The last time she had seen her father, he had been on death's door. Weak from the fight with his brother and ready to die to protect her.

Kevin called her name again, this time as more of a question. Taking a deep breath and preparing herself mentally for what she would see, she went into the library.

Kevin was leaning against the table, while Sam and Dean stood in front of him. Her first thought was, 'damn they are really young looking.'

She had meet Dean just the one time and by then he was so far gone that it had been a meeting she tried to forget. Her dad was right, the difference between the two men were so obvious. The Dean from her timeline sucked every good emotion from the room, inspired a flight response that spoke to you on a very primitive level, there was nothing warm or caring in his eyes, only death and destruction. This Dean, was a stark contrast. He was relaxed, warm, and just from his stance alone she understood why Kevin had said he would never hurt Sam. The concern for his little brother was written all over his face. This Dean she liked right away, this Dean, she would save.

Kris plastered a smile on her face and hoped they hadn't notice the slight hesitation in her step. She crossed the room towards Dean first with her hand extended, "Hi, I'm Kris Richardson. It's nice to meet you." Dean took her hand warmly and she held herself there, refusing to shrink back. 'This is the good Dean.' she told herself. Dean gave her a slight nod.

Her attention turned to her father, Sam. She could tell he wasn't right. There was something off about him. Physically he looked fine to her, fit and strong. But there was still something off, a missing spark she couldn't place. She was missing something and couldn't put her finger on it. "Kevin's told me a lot about you."

Sam's hand enclosed her's and she nearly lost it. He was right here, in front of her. Alive and well. She promised herself he would stay like this.

"It's nice to meet you Kris," Sam said dropping her hand. "So how did you get into this?"

"It's kind of a long story," she said trying to figure out how to proceed.

Dean took a seat, "Well we have the time." Sam followed suit and Kris decided to go with the truth.

"Alright then. I didn't get to know my real father until I was sixteen, he and my mom had kind of a one night stand."

"So your dad is a hunter?" Sam asked

Kris fought a laugh and settled for a grin. "Yea, but like I said I didn't meet him until I was sixteen. My dad… well I guess step dad was in the military and when he died in Afghanistan," 'the second time' she thought. "My mom told me about my real father. At the time I didn't want to know him," she looked at Sam. "I didn't want a second dad, I liked my first." She paused, "After my mom was killed in a car crash, I figured I would track him down and get to know him."

The first time she had meet Sam, he was a little miffed at Amelia for keeping the fact that he had a daughter. He had then been mad at Kris for tracking him down. "This is not the kind of life you want."

"You are the only family I have Sam," she had convinced herself she would never call him Dad at the time. "Where else am I suppose to go? Into the foster system?" That had been her worse fear at the time, that Sam would send her away and she would be truly alone.

"If you stay, you will do what I say, when I say and no questions asked." She had agreed but only because she didn't want to be alone. The first three months had been hard. Sam had been more like drill sergeant then a father. Castiel had told her Sam was acting like his father, doing what he had to do to keep her safe. It wasn't until she'd had a run in with Dean that Sam had finally opened up to her about what was going on.

Dean had gotten into the bunker while Sam was off with Cas. He hadn't expected there to be anyone in there, having it on good authority that Sam and Castiel were on a hunt, one he had caused. She had been alone with her deranged uncle for two days. Those were two days she tried with all her might to forget, but the scars on back would never let her.

It took Kevin kicking her under the table to realize that Dean had asked her a question. "I'm sorry what?" She looked up at him but didn't flinch.

"How long are you planning being here?" Dean repeated.

"Oh, I guess until Kevin doesn't need me." She looked back at Kevin and silently thanked him for pulling her back to this present.

"Look guys, we've been pretty much going non-stop. I think Kris and I need a break." He nodded to her and she agreed.

"Yea, sorry. Do you mind if Kevin and I take a break."

Dean got up and waved it off, "Yea sure."

"Oh before I forget Kevin and I found something I think you will be interested in."

Kris showed them the hidden room, as well as the new accounts in their names.

Both boys eyes widened when they saw the account statements, "That's a shit load of money." Deans eyes re-scanned the accounts, "So no more credit card fraud. Nice. I think Baby was needing a new tune up. And if I remember correctly Sammy, you were eyeballing Charlie's tablet computer thingy. Guess we can afford that now."

Kevin put his arm around Kris, "See Dean, told you she was an asset."

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