Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Holy Terror...To Be

Holyup a little. It still un-nerved her to be that close to Dean. Yes he was a good guy right now, but some scars just wouldn't let her forget.

"Not bad, Kris." Sam was saying to her. "She's right Dean. I mean it's been pretty quiet out there. This could really be something."

"I don't know Sammy, I mean this seems kind of thin. Could just be a rival biker gang. You know, not something up our alley" Kris could tell Dean really didn't want to check this one out.

She reached over Sam and flicked her finger to scroll down to the bottom of the article and read out loud, "'The eyes of some of the victims are rumored to have been burnt out.' I say that ranks up there with 'right up your alley.'"

"She's right Dean. This is right up our alley. Unless there is another reason you don't want to check it out?"

Dean just shrugged, muttered, "I'll go pack," and left.

"Well I hope you two have a good trip," Kris said and rolled her eyes.

Sam and Dean were gone by the time she finished making lunch. Along with helping Kevin with translation, she had been given kitchen duty as well. Given that she loved cooking, she didn't mind so much. And given that most of the tablet translation were beyond her and she knew the books of the library like the back of her hand, looking up literal translations Kevin would give her were providing easier to do.

"Hey Kris?" Kevin called to her from his normal perch in the library. "Was it just me or did Dean really not want to go on this hunt."

She sighed, if this was the hunt she thought it was, then Kevin's death was drawing close. "No, it wasn't just you. If this is the hunt I think it is, the shit is about to hit the fan." She had kept the fact that she knew Sam was being possessed by an Angel to herself. She would tell Kevin when he needed to know, before Gadreel attempted to kill him. The one thing she had been glad about was confiding in Kevin where she really came from. It saved a lot of time on un-necessary explanations.

"Should I be worried?" he asked getting up and moving to closer to her.

She nodded, "It will happen fast, but I'll warn you. Promise." Kris grabbed a thick book with a large angelic sigil on it. "You'll need this when Dean and Sam get back." Handing it to Kevin, she flipped it open to the middle and pointed to six different sigils. "He's going to ask you to come up with a spell that will let you talk to an angel's vessel while blocking the angel from listening. These are the ones you'll show him." Grabbing a blank paper she slide it in the book to make the pages, "You'll also need these," she flipped forward a dozen or so pages.

"Those are pretty specific," Kevin commented but marked the second page as well.

"It gets better, it won't work. But I will have a back up plan in place," she could tell he was about to ask why not just use the back up plan instead. "Remember, I am trying not to change to much. I need certain things to happen, this is one of them. Just remember, it will happen fast."

"I trust you Kris," Kevin told her with a slight smile.

She grinned back, "But you always end up screwed?" He laughed and nodded. "I promise you Kevin, you will not get screwed this time."

Right on cue, two days later Dean and Sam returned. They informed Kevin and Kris that while there were no burnt out eyes, the murders had been committed buy angels. Kris closed her eyes and grimaced on the inside. This was in fact the hunt where the shit hit's the fan. She was right. But she still needed to let a lot of it play out.

"Did you catch that Kris," Sam was asking her.

"Umm… Yea sorry. So listen," she directed them to the laptop. "While you guys were out I looked into the background of that Biker group… and look what I found. Most of those bikers are what are called, Born-Again Bikers." She pulled up a large photo of the group and pointed to the one in the middle, "This is Red Dawg, yes Dean it's his real name."

"How did…" Dean started but Kris ignored him.

"So if you enlarge the patches on the bikers vest, you get this."

Kris enlarged said picture and Dean read the patch out loud, "Boyley's Boys? As in Reverend Buddy Boyle?"

Typing in a few more keys, Kris pulled up Red Dawg's obituary. "Yep and according to Red's widow about a week before he died, he came home from a prayer meeting and was a 'changed man filled with divine glory'. Her words, not mine"

Sam leaned back in his chair, "So Buddy is softening people to be possessed by Angels but he can't control who gets in."

"So what? Are we thinking there are two angel factions fighting for control?"

"Well it would fit with what Cas told up," Dean commented.

"Yea were is Cas?" Kris asked

Dean looked over at Sam before answering, "He decided to go off on his own."

"And we aren't worried?" Kris asked.

"It's the way he wanted it, honestly." Kris and Sam gave him an unconvinced look. "Hey, look, man, he's been all over the map since he got his wings clipped."

Deciding to let it go, Kris brought back their attention to the screen in Sam's hand, "So we now have two warring angel factions and we humans get to be collateral damage."

"Well," Dean was commenting as he walked away, "I've always said angels were dicks."

Later in the day, right after making herself and Kevin something to eat, They ran into Dean coming out of the kitchen. "Hey. Have you two seen Sam?"

"Last time I saw him," Kevin said handing Dean a plate with a sandwich on it, "He was headed out."

"He say where he was going?"

This time they both shook their heads no. "You notice he's doing that a lot lately."

Dean just nodded and looked like he was about to comment on it but his phone rang. Kris took Kevin's arm and lead him back to the library. This room was starting to become The Room.

"So how are those sigils coming?" she asked as she took a seat.

"Well, I've been comparing them to the one on the tablet and there are a few that stick out. I think you are right about that spell you pointed me to." He pointed to the angel tablet, "There are a few spots were it's like Metatron was trying to hide what was written."

"So I guess that Crowley was right, if there was a way to reverse that spell, Metatron made it damn near impossible to figure it out."

Kevin looked over his shoulder where Dean was talking on the phone, then back to Kris, "So in the future, we never figure out how to undo that spell?"

Kris shook her head and lowered her voice, "Metatron has a door to heaven, but right now he is keeping it close tight. Nothing in or out. And I do mean nothing. Everyone who had died since the Fall, their soul is stuck in the Veil. Trapped between this world and the next. We were never able to reverse the spell, but they do manage to get control of the door. That's the best they were able to do."

Kevin shook his head, "So… umm…" He was stumbling to ask her something but couldn't get it out. "Is my mom stuck here?"

Kris looked at him funny, "Your mom? She's not…" Kris clamped her hand over her mouth, "Oh god Kevin. I am so sorry. I completely forgot."

Kevin's color drained out of his face, "My mom's not dead, is she?"

Kris shook her head and Kevin started to gather his things, "No wait." Taking a hold of his arm she pulled him closer to her, "I swear, when this is over, you and I will go and get her."

"So she's alive in your timeline."

Kris nodded, "I meet her once, shortly after meeting Sam and Castiel. I was alive and well. I promise you, we will get her."

Kevin didn't say anything and Kris wanted to kick herself, hard. She had completely forgotten Mrs. Tran was still a prisoner. But she was telling the truth, if this plan of her's worked, she and Kevin would go and free her. Crowley be damned.

"Alright, but the second it's over."

"I need a spell, ASAP," Dean interrupted them, ignoring the way they were huddled together.

Kevin looked at him, trying to get his head back in the game. "You always need a spell and it's always ASAP."

Kris went back to reading the book in front of her.

"All right, listen to me. An angel can't be expelled by another human. Okay, only by the host, right?" This perked up Kris's ears. "But, what if there was a way to power down the angel, so that it wasn't in charge for a few seconds."

Kevin glanced at Kris, "You mean so you can talk to an angel's vessel while blocking the angel from listening?" Those had been her words to him. "I actually think there was something in the tablet about it. Give me a few minutes to go over the Angel tablet and I'll write them down. I take it you need it now?"

"Yesterday Cinderella, yesterday." He patted Kevin on the back and walked back towards the kitchen.

Once Dean was out of ear shot, Kris grabbed the book she had shown Kevin earlier and flipped it to the marked pages. "You were right," he said writing the sigils down. I take it the shit…"

"Is about to really hit the fan." She passed the other book to him, "Remember they have to be perfect."

"I don't get it. If you know this isn't going to work, why go through the motions?"

She gave him a drop dead look and just tapped her watch. "I got it, I got it, we're on a time table here."

Nodding she got up, "I'm going to go check the garage, see if Sam's back yet."

This stopped Kevin, "Is it Sam who's possessed?"

"Lets just say two is a crowed. Now get to work and meet Dean in the storage room." She left before he could ask more questions and headed to the garage. This was really it. The moment Kevin Tran would die, if she screwed it up. 'I won't let it happen. If I have to chose, I'll think of an out for Gadreel, something he would want more then Kevin's life.' The only thing she could think of were the tablets. The tablets or Kevin's life, yea that's a hard choice. She was so lost in thought that she nearly ran head first into Sam.

"Shit, sorry," Kris mumbled. She couldn't look at him right now. If this was the day that Sam killed Kevin then Gadreel was in control of her father. But the silence between them got the better of her and she looked into Sam's eyes.

"Is everything alright Kris?" Sam asked, gently grabbing her arm.

She nodded, "Yea, it's just Kevin and I have been really digging into the translations and I don't think, between the two of us, either has gotten more then three hours sleep. I just think we both need some rest."

Sam let go of her arm and it was then that she noticed the bag of groceries in his arm, "Beer run," she asked nodding to the bag.

"Yea, you know us." He smiled and Kris wanted to smack him in the head. Her father wasn't smiling back at her, it was Gadreel running the show.

"Well, I'm going to go see if I can convince Kevin to take a break." She walked past Sam and the minute she was out the kitchen door the ducked behind a pillar.

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