Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Holy Terror...Continue

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 7

Holy Terror…Continues

Kris stayed behind the pillar as Sam walked by carrying the small bag of groceries. She knew that wasn't her father, not really. It was Gadreel pretending to be Sam. She was sure of it. If Gadreel was asserting his control over Sam, then Metatron had already spoken to him. "Damn it," she whispered.

Once he was gone Kris did a quick calculation in her head and headed back to the library. Kevin must have gone to the storage room to place the Sigils. Sam and Castiel had once told her how Kevin had died. Mostly Castiel, because it was to heartbreaking for Sam. Measuring out from the point where Gadreel would try and kill Kevin, Kris added her own Sigils to the walls and pillars to form a pentagram. It would cause any supernatural being to loose their powers. It wouldn't kill Gadreel, but it would make him weak enough she could fight him off. The last sigil would be across from Kevin, and all it would take was her hand print, kind of like the angel banishing spell. She drew all but the last part then covered it with the book Dean had asked her to look into regarding the angel wars.

Kevin walked back in just as she finished. "So how did it go?" she asked, trying to sound casual.

"Well the storeroom is now cover in sigils that I am a hundred percent sure will not do what I hope they should do." He closed the distance between them and started putting the tablets back in his bag.

Kris took a deep breath, "They won't."

Kevin stopped what he was doing and looked at her, "You know what's going on right now, don't you?" She nodded. "Are you going to tell me or just say that it's a need to know, like Dean."

"No, I am going to tell you." A small voice screamed at her not to but she told that voice to shove it. "Sam is about to try and kill you."


"It's true. Listen there isn't much time. Dean needed to talk to Sam without that angel inside him hearing." She held up a hand to stop the flow of questions building on his lips. "No time remember." She pushed him to the table at the center of the hidden pentagram. "You stay right here, and when Sam walks in all you say to him is, 'I'm a little worried about Dean.' Do not let him lay his hands on you. You got that?"

"I trust you," was all he said to her, but his eyes were scared. She didn't blame him

She heard what she knew to be Dean's body hitting the storeroom floor, "It's time, remember no touching."

He nodded as she walked as calmly as she could back to the last hidden sigil. She reached it right as Sam came around the corner. 'Show time,' she thought to herself.

"Hey Sam," she heard Kevin say. He sounded so calm.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Sam come to a stop, then calmly walk past her and towards Kevin. She followed his movements hoping her face betrayed nothing.

"Hey, do you notice anything a little bit off about Dean lately?" If Kris didn't know better she would swear Kevin was cool as a cucumber. "Between you and me, I'm a little bit worried about him."

Sam stopped in front of Kevin, "Don't worry about Dean." Here it comes. Kris moved the book coving the sigil. "Dean will be fine."

"NOW!" she screamed, slicing her hand. Kevin dropped to the floor right as Sam's hands reached for his head.

She slapped it on the table. A flash of purple light and the blow back knocking Kris on her ass. Luckily it did the same to Sam and he was slow to get back up. She still had the knife in her hand and she crawled over to Kevin. He wasn't moving, the blow back seemed to have knocked him out. There was a rather large gash on the side of Kevin heads. Taking a defensive position over Kevin, she glared daggers at the figure of her father. He was on his feet but she held the knife with the blade flat against her forearm, ready to strike if she needed to.

"You are not killing him Gadreel," Kris growled at him.

He ignored her statement, "What did you do to me?" He was using the table with the tablets on it to keep his balance, "What did you do to me!?"

"I heard you the first time," Kris said through clenched teeth. "As long as you stay in this bunker, you have no powers. I suggest you leave. Now!"

"I will not return to Metatron empty handed." He moved towards her. "I will complete my mission."

"You will not touch him or me," she hissed as she took a swing at him. He stepped back, moving sluggishly for an angel, her blade barely missed him but managing to cut into the fabric. "Dean's coming right now. You really think you have the strength to take him and me on?"

Dean came around the corner but slide to a stop. "Sammy?"

Gadreel stood to his full height, "There is no more Sam."

Kris snorted, "You don't stand a chance against the both of us and you know it. You need to leave."

It was Gadreel who laughed a little this time, "Dean won't kill me."

"But I will." She took a step towards him holding the blade in front of her and hoping she could pull off the biggest lie of her life. "I am not emotionally attached to that man you have." Her chest hurt, but she pushed it down. "I will have no problem killing you."

Her mom always said that Kris was a horrible liar. That all people had to do was look in her eyes and they could see she was lying. She was lying through her teeth now and banking on the fact that Gadreel would buy it.

Dean moved towards them, Kris stopped him with a gesture, her eyes never leaving the man in front of her. "I am giving you an out Angel. I suggest you take it," her eyes flicked to the bag with the tablets in it. "Tell him you barely got away. All you've done so far is knock Dean out," she glared over at Dean. "And let's be honest, he kind of deserved it."

Gadreel's eyes followed Kris's to the bag and saw the tablets sitting inside. Kris could see him measuring his chances of fighting the both of them. Gadreel made his decision, grabbed the bag off the table, turned his back and headed up the stairs towards the exit in one movement.

"No," Dean said as he moved towards the stairs.

"Let him go Dean," Kris told him putting the knife on the table and jerking her head towards Kevin, who was still down. "Kevin's hurt, you might want to see to him."

Dean paused for a moment at the foot of the staircase, "I can't just let him take my brother!"

She moved towards him before he could get more then one step up, grabbed his arm and spun him around, "You should have thought of that BEFORE you tricked him into saying yes! Now go help Kevin. Castiel will be here soon."

Kris turned her back on him, knowing she had just made a huge change to the timeline. Kevin was still alive.

She headed into the kitchen, grabbed the first aid kit off the shelf, and was about to head back out to the library when she found she couldn't catch her breath. No matter how deep she tried to breath her body couldn't get enough air into her body. 'A panic attack,' she thought. 'I am having a god damn panic attack.' She set the kit back down and leaned against the counter, trying to catch her breath.

"Are you grabbing the first aid kit or not," Dean's irritated voice came through, slapping her out of her panic attack. Kevin still needed to be looked after and she knew Dean and Cas would have a few questions for her.

"I've got this," she whispered. "I've got this." One more deep breath and her nerves and breathing were back under control. "I'm coming!" she yell back glad her voice didn't quiver.

Kevin was awake now and sitting in a chair at the table that use to hold the tablets. Dean sitting in front of him checking out the gash on his forehead.

"So you let Sam take off with the tablets?" Kevin asked once Kris handed the kit to Dean.

"I had two choices, let him kill you or give him an out. And since I am pretty damn sure none of us wants Sam dead, I gave him an out." She sat on the edge of the table waiting for the on-slough of questions Dean would no doubt have.

But Dean didn't say a word as he cleaned and then stitched up Kevin's head. The silence was speaking louder then anything else.

Finally Kevin's head was dressed, it looks as if he hit it when he dropped to the ground to keep Gadreel's hands off him. Dean packed up the kit then turned those intense hazel eyes on her.

"How did you know those sigils Kevin and I painted wouldn't work?"

"Alter even on sigil, you change the whole spell," Kris told him without looking at him. "I saw that Sam had red chalk on his finger, and I knew the angel had altered the spell."

"Kris," Kevin butted in. "I think you need to tell him the truth."

The tightness in her chest was back, but at least she could breath. "No," she shook her head, "If Dean had just been honest with Sam from the get go, to hell with what Gadreel told him…"

"Gadreel?" a voice behind her asked.

She spun around on the table to see Castiel standing there. "That was quick."

Castiel moved towards her, "You said Gadreel, how do you know that name?"

Kris looked to Kevin who held up his hands, "Leave me out of this."

"Pussy," she muttered. "Fine then," she slipped off the table and made her way to the center of the room. Taking a deep breath she faced all three men. "Gadreel is the angel possessing m…" she fumbled, still not ready to tell them that little detail. "Possessing Sam."

"Who's Gadreel?" Dean asked looking to Castiel. "How bad did I screw up this time?"

"Gadreel was the angel who allowed Lucifer into the garden. He has been imprisoned since the dawn of time." Castiel looked sick to his stomach, if angels could get sick that is. "It's his fault - all of it. The corruption of man, demons, hell. God left because of him. The archangels - the apocalypse. If he hadn't been so weak, none of it would have happened."

"He wasn't weak, Cas," Kris told him, her temper flaring a little. "He was mislead, just like you were. You were responsible for the expulsion of the angels from heaven. That was your fault!"

"I was trying to do the right thing!" he yelled at her.

"So was he." she yelled back, her temper starting to get the best of her.

"How do you know?"

"Because you've told me this story a million of times! And every time you say how Gadreel realized at the last minute that the mission, protecting humans, is what matters most. Not his wants and not his reputation."

Shit, she thought, , again. Dean and Castiel stared at her, while Kevin kept his head down. Staying out of the line of fire.

"You might as well come clean with them Kris," Kevin said in the silence that followed. The other two men waited.

She waited a moment, then threw her hands in the air, "FINE!" she shouted, sliding off the table "The reason I knew your plan," she gestured to Dean, "to tell Sam wouldn't work, and that Gadreel was going to kill Kevin is because it happened in my timeline."

Realization dawned on Castiel's face but Dean looked like he was still in the dark. "Who sent you here," Castiel asked.

"Funny you should ask, because it was you. Right after da… I mean… Right after Sam died."

This seemed to snap Dean out of his haze. "What do you mean Sam died? How, who, when?"

"Alright. He is killed here in the bunker in roughly thirty years," she took a deep breath. "By you, Dean. You kill him and Cas."

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