Time Can't Heal All Wounds

A New Timeline is Born

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 8

A New Timeline is Born

The silence in the bunker was deafening. Kevin sat with his bandaged head refusing to look at anyone, Castiel and Dean couldn't take their eyes off the girl in front of them. No one said a word, Kris just letting what she said sink in. She waited for the questions, denials, and anger to burst out of them. She had just told Dean he not only kills his best friend but his little brother as well.

There was more to the story but Kris opted to keep this as simple as possible, "Before you killed Castiel he managed to send me back. So now you know." Kris was getting edgy with no one talking, so she broke the silence. "You sent me back to stop it. And I don't care if you believe me, or not, I will keep him from killing you both."

"I sent you back here?" Castiel asked in disbelief. "Why you? Why not Sam or me?"

This made Kris grin, it had been the same thing Kevin had asked her. Then she bit her lip, "You couldn't come because he," she gestured towards Dean, "could track you. Sam…" It was her turn to fidget, "He wouldn't had survived the trip, he was pretty weak by then."

"Stop talking like that." Dean mumbled.

Kris glared at him, "Like what? Like you killed your brother? Your best friend? You did. I heard you rip Cas apart right before he sent me here."

"But I haven't done it," Dean said through his teeth, "and I won't do it."

"Dean," Kevin butted in, "you need to hear her out. She was right about Sam trying to kill me."

"That Wasn't Sam!" both Kris and Dean said. Kris yelling it, Dean a little more calmly. She immediately looked ashamed, "Sorry Kevin, I shouldn't had yelled."

"Given that you did keep me from dying," Kevin said getting up and giving her a hug, "I'll forgive ya." She hugged him back thinking to herself, 'I hope this timeline me gets to meet him.'

"Which brings us back," Castiel said, "to our current problem. Finding Gadreel in Sam's body and getting him out without killing Sam."

"Wait a minute," Dean said getting to his feet and pointing to Kris, "Just have her to tell us how we did it before."

"What?" Kris asked a little confused.

"Well come on Future Girl," Dean asked coming closer to her. "How did we get feather boy out of Sam?"

"What? How the hell would I know?" Kris unconsciously shrunk into Kevin, away from Dean. "It's not like Sam gave me a detailed blue print of your lives before I came into it."

Dean paused but it was Castiel who spoke, "I think I have an idea on how to get the angel…"

"Gadreel," Kris interrupted under her breath.

"…out of Sam. Sam is strong. If he knew he was being possessed, he could cast the angel…"

"Gadreel," Kris repeated a little louder.

"…out of him."

"So how do we bypass the angel…" Kevin started but Kris interrupted him.

"The angel's name is Gadreel, would you please stop referring to him as 'the angel'. He isn't a bad guy, just misled."

"You know what," Dean started saying, "When an angel tricks you into getting your brother possessed and then tries to kill one of your friends, you can talk about what to call him."

Kris glared at him, "You really don't want to go down that road with me Dean. I know what you become." She moved away from Kevin and stood close to Dean, "So don't you dare stand there and act all high and mighty, not with me."

Dean back away from her, as if she could really hurt him, she thought. Castiel stood between the two of them, "I suggest we focus on the ang…" Kris glared at him. "Fine, Gadreel. I have an idea how to reach Sam."

A few moments later Castiel and Dean stood in front of the demon in the basement. "Hello Darlings," he said in way of greetings. Kris fought to hold her ground and not rush in there to beat the shit out of him. She and Kevin stayed back letting Dean and Castiel talk to the little worm.

"So," Kevin said from the safety behind the bookcase. "About what you said back there to Dean." Kris froze not wanting to think about it. She had said those words out of anger and frustration, but it didn't make the words any less true. She was starting to realize she was letting a lot slip out when she was mad, upset or pissed off.

"Let's just say I know what he is capable of better then anyone and leave it at that."

"But that isn't this Dean."

"I know that, but sometimes, when I look at him," her eyes went back to the bookcase, "I can see the monster looking back." She looked back at Kevin, "You know what Sam said to me right before I left? That Dean hadn't done any of this yet, that there was still time to save him. Even though he was about to die by his brothers hands, he was still trying to save him."

"Yea that sounds like the Winchester way."

Speaking of said Winchester. Dean, Castiel and Crowley, the latter shuffling in chains, walked out of the dungeon. "Looks like the three of us are heading on a road trip," Dean said looking only at Kevin. "You two however are staying put."

Kris got up, "Actually if you don't need us, Kevin and I have a little errand to run." She looked right at Crowley, "We are going to go get Mrs. Tran."

The look in Crowley's eyes seemed to be holding something back. "Oh that's right, good luck with that," was all he said.

"Shove it up your ass, Crowley," Kris told him taking Kevin's arm. "Let's go Kevin."

Dean was about to say something, thought better about it and closed his mouth. "Alright," was all he said. "Cas, let's go get that car of yours." He headed off leaving the rest of them standing there.

"You heard Squirrel," Crowley said. "Let's go."

It took all the strength Kris had not to deck him right then and there.

Once the three of them left Kevin looked at her, "So where's my mom.

"A storage unit in Wichita."

The getting ready had taken a little longer then Kris thought. The lime green car from the garage had needed a little love, but Kris was able to get it up and running in no time. Then there was the debate on what they would need. Kevin wanted to take the whole arsenal. Kris was able to convince him of two guns, the demon killing blade and a few rounds of the bullets with the devils' trap carved into them.

They pulled into a crappy looking storage rental place, the name on the sign so faded you could barely make out Castle Storage on the sign.

"He's keeping my mom here?" Kevin asked getting out of the car. Looking around Kris could guess what he was thinking, not the place for a Prophets Mom.

"In one of the storage units, her and two other people." She came around to him, handing him one the two guns, keeping the blade for herself, she was the better knife thrower. "After you died, you met another ghost, she was with your mom here. But this was a while after you died, so I am sure she is still alive…" she stopped talking when Kevin gave her an odd look. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing, it's just odd to hear about things that won't happen talked about like they did. It's just… I don't know creepy."

Kris smiled and shook her head, "Let's get this started." She closed the door and headed into the office.

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