Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Tiger By The Tail

Time Can't Heal All Wounds

Chapter 9

Tiger By The Tail

The plan was to go in and act as if they were there on Crowley's business. It was just as gross on the inside as it was on the out side. She walked up to the counter and a 5'5", pasty white, black-rimmed hipster with glasses popped out from behind the counter. "Can I help you?" he asked looking from Kris to Kevin. His name tag read Del.

"Yes, we are here to empty out Mr. Webster's three storage units, on his orders," she told him smiling slightly, trying to look like a bad ass.

"Umm… I'm sorry Mr. Webster?"

Kris cocked her head to the side, "Yes, Mr. Daniel Webster. He has three storage units with special cargo in them." She pulled out her phone and flipped it open. "If you like I am sure Mr. Crowley… Oh I am sorry, I mean Webster, can verify this for you."

Del lost what little color there was in his face, his eyes flash black for just a moment. "No, no that won't be necessary."

Kris smiled as sweetly as she could, "Excellent, if you would be so kind as to direct us to the correct location of his storage containers," she gestured towards Kevin, "he and I will go empty them, thank you."

"Yes… yes of course." He pointed to the left. "It's down corridor Q, off to the left."

They walked out of that office and headed towards corridor Q. Kevin started to walk just a little too fast and Kris grabbed his arm. "Easy there Tiger. Remember were suppose to be here on Crowley's business. Take it easy."

"Sorry, but it's my mom," Kevin said trying to get Kris to walk faster.

They came to the first of the three storage units. "Door number one, two, or three?" Kevin asked.

Kris glanced down the empty hallway. "Door number one," Kris said as she went to the lock, "Lets see if I can beat my time." Regrettably she wasn't able to beat her time. In fact it took Kris nearly a whole minute to pick the lock. There was a slight click and Kevin was quick to slide the door up.

Kris stepped behind Kevin, but the figure on the floor was not his mother. "Hey?" Kris asked stepping around Kevin and to the woman on the floor, who cringed away from them. "It's alright. We're here to take you out of here." Going to work on the shackles holding her to the floor, "Do you have a name?"

She looked from Kevin to Kris, "Candy," she whispered.

This made Kris look up, "Really?"

Candy looked down, "My parents liked sweets."

Shaking it off, she had been more shocked that she had been right about Candy still being alive, Kris finished with the shackles. "Alright we still have to get the other two."

"One," Candy said rubbing her wrists. "There's only one other person here, they… 'released' the man four days ago."

"They killed him?" Kevin asked in horror.

Candy nodded, "I over heard the man say he wasn't worth keeping anymore."

Kris gave Kevin a knowing look, "Lets get your mother and get the hell out."

Kevin helped Candy to her feet and followed Kris to the last storage unit. The idea that his mother had been held here for the past ten months was killing him. He was so sure Crowley was telling him the truth about his mother, that he had really killed her. He was kicking himself now for taking him at his word but somewhere deep down he felt his mom was still alive. But after what Kris had said, about people being stuck in the veil, for a millisecond he had thought that was why he felt her.

"Kevin!" Kris's voice brought him back to reality and he noticed the girl beside him was slinking to the ground, while Kris was working on the lock.

"Oh shit," Kevin mumbled, reaching for Candy.

"Kevin you stay with her, I'll get your mom and we'll leave." The lock clicked and Kris pushed it up.

Linda Tran was laying on the cold, dirty floor. She shrunk away and Kris felt horrible for the woman. She went to her and started working on the cuffs. "Mrs. Tran it's alright. My name is Kris and we're here to get you out of here."

It took the woman about three seconds to register the 'we' part of that sentence. "Is Kevin with you?" she asked a little horrified.

Kris pointed out into the hall and that's when she saw the door come down with a loud slam. "NO!" Kris yelled getting to her feet and rushing to the door. "KEVIN!" She banged her hands on the door and then tried to lift the thing up.

"Don't bother, young lady." a voice said from the other side. "It's won't budge."

"DEL!" Kris screamed. "I swear to God, if you hurt him!" She slammed her hands on the door.

"Well my orders are to keep our little prophet here until Crowley gets back." There was a slight tap on the door, "I'll let you know what he decides about the old lady and you." His foot steps started to fade away.


She started banging on the door and shouting profanities when a gentle hand touched her shoulder, she turned to see Linda Tran standing there. She had forgotten about her.

"If you are done being counter productive," she pointed to the electric box beside her. "There's an electrical line, it leads to the control panel."

Kris ripped it open, realized she couldn't see a thing and pulled out a pen light. "I hope you know about this kind of stuff, cause I am at a loss."

Linda smiled and moved Kris to the side. "You have a knife of some kind?" Kris passed her the pocket knife. "We have to unplug the ground wire first. If this is standard U.S. color coding, it should be the green one." Kris smiled, she really like Linda. "Helping Kevin with his engineering club assignments, I've picked up a few things."

Kris held the pen light. While Mrs. Tran worked on the wires.

"I know he must have insisted," Linda stated, but stayed focused on the task at hand, "but why were you foolish enough to bring Kevin along with you?"

"He would have come no matter what I said to him," Kris told her. "You're his mother. Besides this was a two person job and the boys were busy."

"I take it you mean Dean and Sam. Got it!"

There was a small explosion of sparks and Kris was able to lift the door manually. "Now take me to my son," Linda said handing back the pocket knife.

"Yes Ma'me," Kris told her grinning. She really, really, really liked Linda Tran.

If Kris has said it once, she has said it plenty of times. There is no luck like Winchester luck. Kris and Linda hugged the walls of the storage unit hall, making their way back to the office.

"This is why you shouldn't have brought Kevin," Linda hissed as they passed the last hall. "Now Crowley is going to get him."

Kris shook her head, "That's not possible. Crowley is with Dean and Castiel, looking for Sam. There is no way Del should have been able to get a hold of him. He's lying."

Linda grabbed Kris's arm to stop her, "Why is that monster helping Dean, what happened to Sam?"

Kris grinned, "Let's go get your boy and I'll let him explain everything. The office is right there."

Unfortunately the office was empty when the got there, causing Linda to panic. "No, no, no. Where the hell are they? Oh God, he took Kevin to Crowley!"

"Breath, Linda. Breath." It was Kris's turn to calm her down. "Del said Crowley was coming here. If that's true then they have to be somewhere here"

Kris figured Del was lying about talking to Crowley. He was with Dean and there was no way Dean would let Crowley make a phone call. Besides there would be no reason for Crowley to take Kevin, given that the tablets were taken by Gadreel. But then again Crowley was a self-serving ass, Kris wouldn't put it pass him to take Kevin just to spite the boys.

"This is going to break little Sammy's heart." A sharp pain in her lower calf, followed by her muffled scream.

Kris shook her head. Not now, she thought. She pushed that memory down hard. Kris noticed the TV monitor and was quick to spot Kevin and Candy. "There!" she yelled and pointed to the monitors behind Linda. "Del is holding them there."

Linda let out a small gasp of relief, "But where is that? This place is huge, they could be anywhere."

"There on the bottom of the monitor. 'Corridor A, Gunderson'. That is," Kris swung around to the map on the far wall. "Here," she pointed. "So Mrs. Tran, how good are you with a gun?" Kris asked pulling out hers. Linda took it and pulled the slider back to cock it.

"It isn't my first time," Linda said. "Now lets go get my boy."

Kris smiled, "I really like you. Here's the plan."

Kevin sat in the far corner of the unit and tried to adjust his wrists, but the ropes were cutting into them. The guy Del and Candy were standing by the open storage door.

"I did good right?" Candy was shifting from side to side. "I separated them from each other for you. That was good, right?"

"Yes," Del told her taking her head in his hands. "You did very good." Del looked Candy right in the eyes, "But unfortunately you are of no use any more." With that he twisted her head all the way around.

"No," Kevin yelled but it was too late. Candy hit the floor with a thud.

"Now, you," Del said turning towards Kevin. "You are like the holy grail right now. You are what's going to secure my place beside the King." Del hunched down, "Oh I was so worried when Crowley wasn't answering my calls and then BOOM," he clapped his hands together making Kevin jump. "The King calls and lets me know you are on your way. Mentioned your little girlfriend as well, said she was free game."

Kevin willed up as much anger as he could, "You're not going to hurt her. She's going to kill you."

"Oh how sweet," he patted Kevin on the head like a puppy. He got to his feet, "But there isn't much the little bitch can do."

A knife came through the open door and buried itself in Del's shoulder. "Damn," Kris said coming into the unit and holding the demon blade. "I was aiming for it's head. You were saying."

Del pulled the knife out of his shoulder and looked at Kris, eyes pitch black. "You are going to die."

"Bring it ass." Kris smirked.

Del charged her with a roar, the knife he pulled out of his shoulder leading the way. Using the knife to protect her forearm, Kris was able to block the blow with her right arm. Going with his momentum, Kris pulled Del past her and, slashing upwards, was able to hit his back as he passed. The spin caused Del to stand half in and half out of the unit.

"You are going to pay, for that you bit…" his complaint was cut short by a gun shot which pitched him forward and into Kris. She wasn't expecting the movement and was to slow to block the blow to her left arm. Pain caused her to cry out, but was able to bite it back and shove Del into Linda, who had fired the gun.

"You shouldn't have messed with my son," she told him as she emptied the rest of the clip into his back.

Del fell to the ground and Linda stepped over him, "Hello Son."

Kevin gave a genuine smile, "Hey Mom."

"Just one moment," Linda looked at Kris and held her hand out. Kris knew she wanted the knife and figured if anyone deserved to kill Del, it was her. She handed it over and went to Kevin, to undo his hands.

Del knew what was coming, and with a whole clip of Devils Trap bullets in him, he was helpless, "Hey Lady." He tried to pled. "I was just following ord…" He didn't get much further then that with the blade shoved into his chest, she twisted it for good measure.

Mrs. Tran got back to her feet, as Kris helped Kevin to his. "Well now," she said as she cleaned off the blade. "Lets get the hell out of here."

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