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My Perverted Husband


Han Jaeyeon a.k.a Jae, is just a normal girl who goes to high school and studies very hard. Alongside education, she has a perfect life and lives in a stable household. She has a boyfriend named Park Jimin and they've been dating for over a year. Kim Taehyung, one of the high school's most handsome heartthrobs yet perverted boy ever. Every girl in high school wishes to date him, but he already has a girlfriend, Kang Bomi, and he loves her more than anything. However, something occurs within their families. Both of them are compelled into an arranged marriage to not only save themselves but also their families. Taehyung reveals this news about the marriage to Bomi and Jae also reveals the marriage news to Jimin. Bomi and Jimin agree but they are actually uncomfortable with this marriage taking place. Meanwhile after they get married, Taehyung constantly keeps teasing Jae, sexually. Now she has to put up with him and his attitude for her family's sake, the same goes for Taehyung. Little did Jae know that Taehyung has promised Bomi something, which involves Jae.

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Jae’s POV

“I now pronounce you as husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The vows conclude.

He leans in and his lips linger over mine.

“I love you, Jae.” He whispers.

“I love you too, Jimin.” I whisper back.

As our lips are about to connect with each other’s, a shout suddenly interrupts the moment.

“Jae, wake up! You’ll be late for school!” Mum shouts.

I groan to myself. I was having such a great dream again, until Mum comes and spoils it once again. I sigh whilst getting out of bed and walk to the bathroom to freshen myself up.

After freshening up, I exit the bathroom and walk towards my bedroom door. My uniform is hung on the peg of my door, so I take it off the peg, strip myself out of my night clothes and get changed into my uniform.

Then I walk towards my dressing table. I look at myself in the mirror and get myself ready. I apply a simple make-up look on my face, such as mascara and lipstick.

I grab my hairbrush from my dressing table and I brush through my long, thick hair.

After I finally get myself ready, I walk towards my bed and crouch down to get my shoes and I slip them on.

Then I pick up my bag that laid on the floor beside my study table and I throw it over my shoulder.

I run downstairs and enter the kitchen, only to see my mother and father sitting down by the dining table, eating breakfast together.

I kiss my mother’s cheek and then I run and hug my father. “Bye!” Then I exit the kitchen, but stop in my tracks when mum calls for me.

“Jae! You haven’t had your breakfast!” Mum speaks.

I turn around and smile at her. “Mum! I’m not hungry!”

“You can’t go to school on an empty stomach.” Dad says sternly.

“Dad...” I groan.

“Jae, please!” Mum raises her voice.

I whine in annoyance. “Okay...fine..I’ll eat something at school, then! Happy?”

“Good girl. Now off you go!” Mum shoos me.

I scoff whilst shaking my head and laughing. “Bye!” I shout while running out.

I hear both of them replying with a ‘bye’ at the same time. I run out of the house, closing the door behind me.

I stand outside my house, waiting for a certain someone to come and walk with me to school.

Suddenly I hear my phone beeping inside my bag. I slide my hand in my bag and take my phone out.

I smile when I see Jimin’s name appear on the screen. I open the message and it reads:

Chim Chim❤️:
Jagi are you outside your house?😘

I smile and reply:

Yep, I’m waiting 😁❤️

After waiting for a few minutes, I suddenly flinch when I feel a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and a chin resting on my shoulder.

I turn around and see Jimin smiling at me. I smile back at him.

“Good morning, baby.” Jimin greets and kisses my cheek.

“Good morning to you too, Chim Chim.” I smile.

Jimin laughs and pulls away from me. He lifts his hand for me to take, so I slip my hand in his and we intertwine our fingers together as we walk to high school together.

Jimin and I enter the classroom together, hand in hand. We walk towards his friends and their girlfriends, who are my best friends.

“Hey guys. Hey girls.” Jimin greets them.

They all greet him back.

“Hey Jae!” The girls all greet in unison with a huge smile on their faces.

I smile brightly and greet them back. “Hey girls!”

“Hey Jae!” Rave shouts, as she hugs me tightly.

I laugh and hug her back tightly as I greet her. “Hey!”

Then we both pull away and she ruffles my hair. I smile brightly then laugh. I love it when she baby’s me.

“Taehyung, please...not in front of Kookie.” Hoseok speaks in disgust as he clasps his hand over Jungkook’s eyes.

“Hoseok, I’m not a baby. I’ve seen two individuals kiss, before.” Jungkook replies. He takes Hoseok’s hand away from his face and he rolls his eyes.

My eyes divert to Taehyung’s direction, only to see him in a heated kiss with his girlfriend Kang Bomi.

Let me tell you about Kang Bomi. She’s basically known as one of the most hottest girls in this high school. The male students in this school always wish to date her. Apparently Taehyung’s lucky to be dating her.

Although she’s not the queenka of this high school, most of the students in this school want her to be, but I don’t. I’ll tell you why -- because she’s a bully. She always picks on the most vulnerable students in this school and hurts any girl who tries to communicate with Taehyung. Two weeks ago, she beaten up a girl in our class just because she was smiling at Taehyung.

She used to be a playgirl before she dated him, but then her playgirl attitude went when they started dating. However, she acts really possessive over him and would not hesitate to destroy any girl who even tries to make eye contact with him.

She does bully me most of the time. It’s always verbal bullying, but not physical because she knows I’m Jimin’s girlfriend and her boyfriend is one of his best friends.

Now let’s talk about Kim Taehyung. He’s the high school’s biggest heartthrob along with his other six friends. He also used to be a playboy before he dated Bomi, but towards her, he still acts desperate as well as sexual and is the most perverted boy ever. Whenever Bomi isn’t looking or isn’t with him, he always finds some kind of opportunity to wink at me. Put it this way, that Taehyung’s playboy attitude still hasn’t changed, even though he’s dating her.

Unfortunately, my family and Taehyung’s family are very close as their companies are in partnership with each other. Taehyung’s dad and my dad are very good friends.

All of the boys are very popular in this high school and they all have girlfriends except Jungkook. Let’s just say, he isn’t dating anyone but he has a frenemies relationship with one of my best friends called Hannie. Both of them are really cute in terms of how they speak to each other.

Aside from that, Hannie is more intelligent than Jungkook in lessons. Maths has always been Jungkook’s weakness and Hannie always seems to outsmart him in that subject. They do really well in sports together, though. I swear those two are so cute.

As I was saying before, the boys’s girlfriends are also my best friends. There’s Mira who’s dating Hoseok, Yoongi and Ming’s dating Jin. Dee’s still single as well as Rave. Yoongi and Namjoon are also single.

Now let me tell you about Rave. She’s basically my sister from another mister. Even though we’re not related by blood, we are related by love. She’s stuck by me through my hardships and she’s always heard me out. I could even rant about my problems all day and she’d still listen. She’s an amazing sister and I can always count on her.

Suddenly my thoughts are interrupted when the bell rings, signalling registration time.

I forgot to mention that Taehyung sits next to me. I sit on the left side of him, so I take the seat that has a window next to me. However, Bomi sits two seats away from him on his right side. Rave sits behind me with Jimin sitting beside her, while the others sit next to their boyfriends.

One thing that has me smirking a lot is, Dee and Haechan are sitting next to each other. We always tease her about him, but we all know what relationship they really have with each other.

Now I’ll have to get through another day of school with Kim Taehyung in all of my classes.

2 hours later...

“After that, the Hamlet play was broadcasted to the entire town. And then..” As I am listening to what my English teacher is presenting, I suddenly hear a familiar voice whisper my name.

“Psst, Jae..” Taehyung whispers.

I roll my eyes and answer. “What?”

“Was it Charles Darwin that wrote Hamlet or was it George Barnard Shaw?” Tae asks in a whispered tone.

I furrow my eyebrows and look at him, giving him a ‘what the hell’ expression.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Taehyung asks cluelessly.

“Are you seriously telling me you don’t know who wrote Hamlet?” I ask in a shocked tone.

He shakes his head. I face palm and shake my head.

“Please don’t tell me you don’t know who wrote Hamlet? Are you being serious-” I was going to answer Taehyung back, when Bomi instantly shouts to the teacher which catches the attention of the entire class.

“Sorry to disturb you Miss, but Jae is distracting Taehyung while he’s trying to concentrate!” Bomi shouts.

Taehyung smirks and looks at Bomi. My eyes widen when I look at the teacher, who’s standing there silently looking at me, while the entire class has their eyes on me. Oh gosh, embarrassing much?

Then I hear Rave mumbling behind me. “I’m going to kill that girl with my bare hands.”

“Well Jaeyeon, is this true?” The teacher asks.

I look at her with a shocked expression and reply, “Of course it isn’t! In fact it wasn’t me, it was Taehyung who-” As I was arguing back, Taehyung intercedes this time.

“Yes it is true, Miss. She’s been trying to distract me since the start of the lesson.” He lies, hiding a smirk.

Then the teacher suddenly scolds me. “Jae, this is your last warning. Do not distract Taehyung again.”

I sigh and reply, “Alright, Miss.”

After that the teacher continues with the lesson. This time I try to pay attention when I hear a whisper from beside me. “By the way Jae, I already knew that William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet. I was only trying to annoy you and I seem to have done a pretty good job at that.”

I look at Taehyung with a glare, while he sends me his usual smirk. I sigh and look back at the board.

This is what I put up with every day in high school. I especially have to put up with the most annoying, perverted bad boy ever named Kim Taehyung...

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