Night Of Memories


When a game of ouija goes wrong, secrets are revealed that night. Secrets about Kim Seokjin's dead sister, Kim Sewon. One year ago, she committed suicide because of someone amongst her brother's friends. But the real question is, who's the real culprit?

Horror / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

All is silent.

The room consists of seven boys just sitting around the table with an ouija board in the centre. The silence in the room is deafening. They all gaze at each other, knowing that each individual person in this room is holding a secret. Knowing that one of them could be lying.

“So? Which one of you is the reason behind my sister’s suicide?” Jin asks in a stern tone, leaning back against his chair with his arms folded while staring at the six boys, who are looking at him with fear written across their faces.

They all reply with a ‘not me’ in unison. Then they all glance at one another in confusion. Jin knows it’s one of them and is suspicious but now that he knows it’s one of his best friends, he doesn’t trust any of them.

And this is when loyalty is tested. Even their friendship.

Six secrets but one culprit.

Who is it?

(six secrets ruined her life but one was the reason why she died)...

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