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How Can I Live Without You?


Damon is a dangerous, self-destructive and carefree vampire on the outside, but the real Damon on the inside is caring, full of guilt, loves his brother Stefan and falls in love with his brother's gir

Romance / Drama
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The Accident

Damon P.O.V

I've always been living in my brother's shadow, even before we both were turned into vampires, my brother has always been the golden boy in my father's eyes. I was the black sheep, which I find amusing because I have black raven hair and I would never wear clothes that weren't black, so I guess that he was kind of right about that besides I never tried to prove otherwise.

I have always loved my brother even though he always got what I wanted, I still want to see him happy and safe, I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to him. I couldn't live forever without him, we aren't just brothers but also best friends, or at least we were before we meet her, the girl who ruined our lives... Katherine. I don't believe she did it on purpose and none of us blames her for it, but it happened because she came into our lives.

We both loved her from the second we saw her, it completely destroyed us and the bond we once had. I will never be able to forgive that I let a girl come between us like that, in case you were wondering my brother and I aren't close anymore and Katherine died, so we all lost everything.

Back when she died I swear I could have killed my brother because I blamed him for her death, so I promised him an entirety of misery, and I meant it when I said it, but now I wished that I could take it back.

My brother believes that I still hate him and that I'm pure evil without any remorse for anyone or anything, a vampire without any human emotions. That is my fault because when I'm around him, all I feel is that I can't let him know I still care, because of the guilt I feel for terrorizing him before. I know that I should leave him alone, but I still can't walk out of his life, I know he would be better off without me, but I still can't seem to let him go.

He's got a lot of reason to hate me, but maybe one day I'll be able to fix our relationship. I haven't seen my brother in 15 years and I really miss him, I've been looking for him since we last saw each other 15-years ago, without luck. I decided to go back to the town we were born in Mystic Falls. I want to see if he by any chance should be here too.

I just arrived in Mystic Falls, and there's still no sign of my brother Stefan at the boarding house, maybe I was wrong about looking for Stefan here, but I'm not done looking for him. I can and will look forever if I have to because all I got, is time. I know that Stefan doesn't survive on human blood, that why tonight I'm going to the woods looking for him, because I also know that he hunts at night preferably when it's dark.

I felt like it takes forever for the day to be over so I can go to the woods to look for my brother.

Hours past...

I'm finally in the woods, I feel like I’ve been walking for days, after walking past some trees, and crossing most of the woods I see lights. Music is playing and it appears to be a teenage party, but I don't feel like checking to see if I'm right, because I would like to stay in the dark hidden in the shadows, I don't want people to know that I'm in town yet and teenagers pisses me off and I need to stay in control.

Suddenly I see her and it hit me like lightning..... Katherine!?.... She is standing right there, it's impossible she is dead-ish locked away in a tomb where I can't get to her. I look at the woman and I can't resist going to her, to find out how she got out.

I vamp speed towards her until I'm standing right in front of her and she doesn't see me right away, at least not until I speak up. "Katherine." I almost whisper.

I see her looking confused around to see if I'm talking to her almost as if she doesn't recognize me and then responds "No, I'm Elena." She says hesitantly.

I'm shocked, this girl? She looks exactly like Katherine, how can it not be her? How is that even possible? "Oh, you just look...." I start to say not really knowing how to continue, but then I see her get a very weird look on her face, I can see that I'm about to freak her out, so I continue in a different direction. "I'm so sorry, you just really remind me of someone, I'm Damon." I say politely trying to change the subject.

She looks at me for a second. "Not to be rude or anything Damon, but it's kind of creepy that you’re out here in the middle of nowhere." She says judging a little.

She don't seem to be weirded out anymore, but still seem a little suspicious, I really feel like talking to her, there is just something about her, something Katherine didn't have, what am I saying I don't even know her. "You’re the one to talk, you are out here all by yourself?" I say turning the conversation to her instead.

She looks at me like it obvious that she is out here. "It's Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens here." She says like it's a fact, but I know of Mystic Falls and its history and something bad usually happens here even when I was a kid and lived here, but I don't want to bring that up. She looks down and then continues. "I got into a fight with my boyfriend." She says not looking all that upset about it, but of course she has a boyfriend, a hot girl like her wouldn't be single for long.

"About what? May I ask?" I ask her with a smirk on my face and holding my hands defensively in case she didn't want me to ask.

It would seem like that she doesn't mind that I'm asking about her. "Life, future, he's got it all mapped out." She says almost sarcastic.

It sense that she's not happy with her boyfriend. "You don't want it?" I ask kinda knowing the answer and unable to hide my smile.

I can see that there is something about her boyfriend, that she doesn't feel like sharing, but that's okay, I don't really know her anyway. "I don't know what I want." She says casually and I know right there that she was lying.

"Now that's not true, you want what everybody wants." I say with flirtatious smirk and I know I got to her.

I can see it all over her face, and she starts flirting back, so maybe I'm right to think that she isn't in love with her boyfriend. "What? Mysterious stranger who has all the answers." She says flirty.

I smile at her, well I can't tell her that I'm a vampire, so let just go with a long time. "Hmm... Let just say I've been around for a long time, I've learned a few things." I flirt and she instantly smiles.

She doesn't seem to mind that I'm older than her, but okay she doesn't know that I'm a vampire. "So Damon? Tell me, what is it that I want?" She flirts back.

There is just something about her, that I really like, I feel like I've known her forever and that I know what she want, even though I don't because I really don't know her. "You want a love that consumes you; you want passion, adventure, and even a little danger." I say with a smirk, but I can't hide my compassion I let her see the real me that no one not even Katherine has ever seen.

I can see that I’m right, and that I really got to her. "So what do you want?" She asks curiously.

I can't really tell her about my brother or Katherine. "Hmm..." I say thinking how I'll respond to this.

Then I hears a car there is coming towards us, she seem to know who it is when she turns around to look. "That's my parents." She says happily.

I know that I want her to be happy, even if I don't know her, but no one can know I'm in Mystic falls yet, so I have to make for forget me for now, but I really wished that I didn't have to, but I do, I better get out of here now. "I want you to get everything you’re looking for, but for right now I want you to forget that this happened I can't have people know that I'm in town yet, goodnight Elena." I compel her and then disappear.

I hate myself for compelling her to forget me, I really wanted to get to know her, why do I act on these stupid instincts, but my gold is to find Stefan I can't let myself get sidetracked by a beautiful girl who looks like Katherine.

Elena... She have this perfect skin, a beautiful smile, a voice that makes you dream, long beautiful brown hair, and her cute pink lips, wait? What am I doing? I can't fall for her, I love Katherine, I need to get out of here I don't want to think about her, I don't want to like her, stupid emotions damn it!!

Elena’s P.O.V

What just happened? I can't remember the last 10 minutes at all like I blacked out, the last thing I remember is the fight I had with my boyfriend Matt, and then I called my parents to come pick me up, and in the meanwhile I was talking to my best friend Bonnie over the phone about Matt.

Because the truth is that I'm not in love with Matt, I mean he is so sweet, caring and also my best friend since childhood, but I was wrong to think that we could ever date. He really loves me, but I just love him as a friend, and now I'm not sure how I'm going to break up with him, because I don't want to lose him.

I'm so glad that my parents is picking me up, because no matter what, I just can't tell Matt today, I want to be sure how I'm going to tell him so that I say it the right way. I'm not stupid of course I know that no matter what I say it will hurt him, but I still want him to know that I want to be friends like old times.

The car is stopping right beside me and I see my mother smiling at me. "Hi mom, hi dad, I'm so glad that you are here." I say relived that this day can be over soon.

I see them smile and my mom responds. "Of course sweetie, get in the car then we can go home and talk, okay?" My mother says with concern and I'm smiling back at her to let her know I'll be okay.

"Thanks mom." I say happy to drop the subject for now.

"Elena, who was the guy you were talking to before? I didn't recognize him?" My mother asks and I look at her all confused. What guy is she talking about?

"What guy?" I say knowing that the last guy I talked to tonight was Matt.

"The one who stood in front of you when we arrived here?" My mother asks with concern leaving me even more confused.

"The last guy I talk to was Matt." I say like it was obvious.

"Okay, let's talk about that later then." My mother says dropping the subject for now, but I have no idea what guy she was referring to.

I get in the car on the back seat quietly, now I just want to go home, we are driving over Wickery Bridge and some kind of animal runs in front of the car, and the car drives into the water. My mom is unconscious and my dad is struggling and fighting to open the door.

"Dad!! Dad!!" I almost yell frightened.

He looks scared and concerned "It’s okay sweetie, it's going to be okay." He says trying to comfort me, but I know he didn't meant it.

After a minute of trying to open the door, I can see that my dad gives up and reach for my hand and giving me the "I'm sorry" face, and right there I know that we aren't going to make it out alive and I just nod back understanding that he really tried. I start to think about my little brother Jeremy, he is going to be all alone now. Before I have time to think about it, it all goes dark and I'm unconscious....

Stefan's P.O.V

I'm back in Mystic Falls and I have no idea of what brought me back here, there is nothing but bad memories here. My dad died here, I met and lost Katherine here, my brother started to hate my here, and I had my "ripper" days here. There is absolutely nothing good about this place.

I really miss my big brother Damon, but I can't go look for him, because every time he gets into my life he tries to destroy it. I don't know why he haven't killed me yet, but I'm sure he will get to that one day, when he find wicked way to do it and with a lot of pain.

Damon and I were brothers and best friends back in the day, before I forced him to become a vampire without Katherine, but he is my enemy now. I wished that we could put it all behind us, and be best friends and brothers again, but Damon has made it pretty clear that it wouldn't never happen, though I still hope it will one day.

One question I have in my head is, why did I let Katherine come between us, she meant a lot to me, but not more than Damon. I mean I really loved her and I still do, but if I had to choose I rather have my big brother back.

Katherine, there was really something about her, something special, that no girl I ever known had. She was just perfect, beautiful and she was easy to talk to. I will always miss her.

I'm walking around I thought for a while, then I hear a car accident on Wickery Bridge as I hear the accident I hurry out to Wickery Bridge and I see a car go into the water, the car quickly goes under, so I jump into the water to help the humans out of the car.

Soon I get to the driver, a man; he won't let me help him, but instead keeps pointing to the back seat. I look to find out what he was pointing to and I see a girl, I quickly figure out that it must be their daughter, so I swim towards her to get her out of the water, when I get to her I suddenly see it, this girl look exactly like Katherine, how is this even possible?

I get her out of the water, and goes back to save her parents, but I was too late, they are already dead. So I turn my attention to the girl to make sure that she would make it, I'm relieved to see that she is breathing.

I know I have to do something so I compelled a human to call an ambulance, and to stay there until it arrives. This girl looks like Katherine, how can it be?

Katherine is dead, I look at her phone trying to find out who she is and to my big surprise, I found out that her name is Elena, I have to know who she is.

I hear the ambulance it’s getting close now, so I better disappear before anyone can see me, but all I can think about is her ...Elena...

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