Dark Skies over Palamecia

Ch 8, part 3

"Dark Skies over Palamecia" – a Final Fantasy II retelling

Disclaimer: Square Enix owns Final Fantasy II and all FFII characters featured within. Original characters and interpretations are owned by the co-writers of this fan fiction. There is no profit being made from this story.

Part 3

That little hideaway under the ocean really couldn't have been much more perfect. It was a warm place that felt like a cabin built inside a cave. It was impossible to know how much time had passed with no sunlight, but even so, all of the girls slept for a very long time. Even Minwu was unsure of how long they slept.

Minwu didn't want to put the books down. He loved researching and learning all he could, especially when it came to trying to end the war. He always believed that there was the right answer to any sort of question, and in this case, he was very sure that the Magi tribe had all the answers he sought. Since the tribe had died out for the most part, it was hard for him to gather the information that was common during that time.

He thought about what the Goddess Cosmos said to him a little while earlier – about him being a part of the now mostly extinct tribe. Was that the reason his skin was different, why he himself felt different? Sure, his beloved student had blue hair, and it was a very rare color to have in the world, but Minwu never met anyone with the same sort of bronze skin he had. Cantirena had at least Clarisse growing up, and now, they reunited with Candice. He wondered what his birth parents must have looked like. If they had the same skin, the deep dark brown eyes, and hair that appeared red if the light hit it just perfectly. He tried not to dwell on it, but it seemed impossible. With all of these thoughts swimming around his head, he wasn't going to be able to sleep now.

He looked around, only to notice that the stack of books he gathered from the shelves now piled taller than he was sitting on the floor. There was no table or chairs in that little cavern as that was not really a Magi tradition, so he made do with sitting on the floor with his legs stretched out while he leaned against the wall. Minwu flexed his feet a few times as they were getting tingles, and he absolutely hated that numb feeling.

He picked himself up only to see that Cantirena had indeed left him room on her bed so that he might slip in next to her. That was his original intention, but he didn't want potentially to wake her up. He walked over to where she accidentally knocked over the door that led into this place, noticing that he still hadn't taken the time to fix it. Minwu laughed at himself for that. He wasn't that much of a handyman, even with ancient door hinges. He picked the door up and tried to slip it back to where it was, but it just fell down again on the other side of the wall. The sound was so loud he had to turn around to see if he had woken anyone up, but no, they were still sleeping so deeply that it didn't even matter.

He cast a spell on the door to keep it upright, and then enchanted the space on the wall to create a barrier. If he was not going to stand guard, he didn't want to take any chances. How would the Emperor find a place like this? He didn't know, and he didn't want to know. If Mateus found this place, then… everything would fall apart. Minwu added an extra lock spell to the barrier. He was the only one who could undo it, and anyone else who tried would end up with a backfire. He casted a spell like this once for Princess Hilda, years ago. It sent him back momentarily.

"Minwu, I've never met anyone as versatile with magic as you are."

"Why thank you, Your Highness. Studying the vast intricacies of magic is just one of the many parts of being a member of Mysidian society. Think nothing of it."

"Have you ever thought to pass along you knowledge to keep it going, so that future generations might be able to put it to use?"

"Of course I have. That is also a part of Mysidian culture, princess. I will one day find a student I feel connected enough with and then start the process of teaching all I know."

It was that conversation that brought up the discussion of him keeping a student along with his daily duties to the crown of Fynn. King Gilbert approved the idea, to raise another mage that would one day take Minwu's spot as the Royal Mage. Princess Hilda always admired Minwu, it could have even been considered something of a crush, though nothing came of it as she grew older and started looking to her suitors for companionship. But when Hilda was younger, Minwu looked after her as he looked after Cantirena in the years to come. Hilda said she wanted to learn magic, though she didn't have the patience to go past the first page of a Mage's Tome. She was not meant for it, and thus, as she grew closer to the Kashuon twins, his relationship with her fell apart somewhat. There was always trust and commitment, but never in the same sort of way that he found with Cantirena and her unusual interest in studying everything. He admittedly liked looking after children. All the questions they asked gave him a perfect opportunity to explain pretty much anything he knew about, and while Hilda asked, she tended to have a slightly disinterested look on her face… Cantirena sat there in awe of pretty much everything Minwu had to say. It was a very different sort of feeling, to know that deep down, what you said and did mattered that much to someone else.

He looked back over at the bed once the barrier was up and functioning the way it was supposed to. Being lost in all this thought made him tired. Minwu walked over, leaned his trusty staff against the wall and lifted up the light covers to slip in right behind Cantirena as he promised he would. Now she was only a little shorter than he was. If he leaned too closely in, his nose would have been full of her messy, curly hair. He put one arm over her side, and propped his head up with the other.

Minwu felt her breathing evenly, wondering what she was dreaming about. He extended his hand down to put it on her belly. As much as he liked watching and spending time with children, he knew that one day he was going to want to have them, and in that exact place within Cantirena's very delicate frame, they would develop and grow. He smiled. His heart had always been so troubled by pretty much everything while the world was at peace. But now, while the world was embroiled in war, his heart was truly at peace.

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