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Love Birds Manan


He followed me to the terrace and kept saying me to stop.. When I reached at the terrace I started shouting.." Why are u doing this Manik? 4 years back I was agreed with u to part our ways..then why are u behaving like this now" He got angry and held my arms tightly " Because I can't stay away from you Nandini"

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Chapter 1+2

20 years old girl Navya sleeping peacefully in her room...

Her beauty sleep got disturb by her ringing phone...

She answer the call only to get up with a jerk...

Nandini:Where the hell are you? I am waiting for u in the airport ...

Do u even remember that I am coming?

Navya:I am so sorry doll ..I totally forgot..u wait there I am coming.

Nandini:I knew it ..now get up and come here asop..

Hurry up!!

Navya:coming..coming just wait bye..

Navya got ready in full speed

and came downstairs

Where her father is sitting

With his friend and

Friends son Cabir

ND:Navya isn’t Nandini coming


Navya:yes dad and I am late.

She is going to kill me.

I am rushing in the airport.

Bye dad.

CD:Wait sweety ..cabir go with her..

Cabir and Navya:No way.

Just go kids ,said Navya’s mom.

Okay ,said CabYa.

Cabir is driving.. Navya is sitting

Beside him...

Navya:God why so traffic today..I am already late...Nanduuu..

Cabir:will u stop? Why are u whining like this?Nandu is not going to eat u.

Navya:u will never understand..

I am shocked that u came with me..

‘Actually Manik is also coming so...’ Replaid cabir

Navya:What!!!! Oh god

Cabir:I know..just pray they don’t start WW in the airport..

Navya:this is unexpected..

Cabir:we are here..

‘But where is nandu,I can see manik there’ said navya.

Hey manik.. Both greet him ..

Hi.. I didn’t know that u two become friends..

Cabir:we r not..


Manik interrupted by a familiar voice..

Nandini:Finally Navya naveli is here ...

Manik turn around and then both see each other..and shout


First two characters are very short as it was my first book I have ever written. You are in for an exciting ride.

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