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Love Birds Manan

Chapter 3

4 of them coming back to navya's house ...bcz their parents are friends.. Everyone know each other since childhood... Manik and nandini both are silent after their outburst...they didn't thought to meet early again..so they just stopped after 'you' none of them say anything ..much to cabir and navya's shock...there was complete silent in the car before navya brok it

Nav: Manik I am angry with you..

Man (surprisingly): why??! What have I done?

Nav: really ...why didn't u tell me that u are coming?

Man: oh! Actually I wanted to surprise u..but here I am the one who was the one surprised (looking at nandini).

Nandini also look at him and they share a small few seconds eye lock... Their trance broke by cabir (the one and only bone in the meat)...

Cab: sry to say nandu but u disappoint me..

Nan: Now what have I done?

Cab :I thought u will tell me to pick u up..but u told this modhubala like really..

Before nandu could react navya answer him sarcastically ...

Nav: Yeah like really ...just like Manik told u to pick him up...joker

Cab:Mind your tongue ...never call me that..

But navya again call him joker and he is cursing her..Manan know that they won't stop so they shout together..'shut up'

4 of them staring at each other and brust out laughing...

Soon they reached navya's house..cabir's dad already left Navya's dad also about to go out then he saw them..

Nd: Manik , nandini why didn't u go to your house?and your parents also didn't say anything that u are coming back..

Manan look at each other and then look at Nd.

Manik: uncle mom,dad have no idea that I am coming..I want to surprise them..

Nandini: same here uncle..so obviously they are not home right now so I didn't go.

Nd: u guys are impossible.. Alright kids see u later and have proper rest.bye..

'Bye' all said in unison... Then they moved towards the dining..Navya's mom hug manik and nandini and told them to freshen up..after that they ate their food and moved in rooms to take rest...

Navy's room:

"How are u feeling?" Asked navya..

"A little bit tired. But I had proper sleep in the plan"

"I didn't ask about it..I am asking how are u feeling after seeing manik 4 years later" said navya..

"Yeah fine.u know na we don't like each other..so its not a big deal" said nandini

"Oh really I still remember the day when u both said u want to go other country for study..after that u went to Paris and Manik went to London. Both of your eyes held so many pain..now please explain this" said navya

"Navya please there was nothing..I am feeling sleepy so let me sleep" said nandini.

"Liar" mutter navya under her breath.."okey u sleep"

Gust room:

Cabir is teasing manik..

Hua gain an pehli bar

Jo aide muskuraya hoon

Tumhe dekha to jana ye

ki kyu doniya main aya hoon

M: what's the matter someone is really in a romantic mood today..Dude don't tell me u are dating navya!!

C: Wh..what are u talking about?

M: you don't know idiot..then who was smiling like a fool stared at navya while she was laughing? Tell me..tell me

C: same goes for u..who was staring at nandu and smiled like a romeo when I was driving..I know u both have some past but u guys are not telling us..but how long this will be like this..

Manik was numb to react but he compose himself and said " there was nothing and I didn't stare at her ...now I am sleepy so please if u let me....."

C:who stop you sleep..I am going outside.

Both manan fall asleep after thinking about each other

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