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m a r i o n e t t e s h e a r t s t r i n g | b.k + r.r + t.d


Everyone knows my name, my face, the colors of my eyes and the color of my hair, but they don't know my story. Every time I think about myself, I think about myself dead. I was created by him, my father, my Sensei, my life source. Without him by my side, I wouldn't be here. I am dead silent and emotionless, like a doll. But more than just a doll, I am like a marionette. A living marionette without a heart and life, but the only thing that keeps me living is his words. Attending school is seemingly normal until I transfer. A student with no emotion and life in her eyes, living by only his words acting as both a spy and villain of the League of Villains. If he orders me to kill, I will fulfill that wish. If he orders me to spy, I will risk my life to spy on whoever I need to investigate. My only mission is to find the advantage to murder All Might; from my perspective I find that easy to accomplish. However, as I spend my life as a student of the UA High, something or someone is dragging me into difficulties. "Friends", "Love", "Heart" hearing those words makes it hard for me to carry my mission. I am suppose to be a marionette without feelings, why is it so hard to carry myself out to fulfill his orders? After all this time, does it mean that a marionette have a heart? A heart that can feel pain, love, sorrow and happiness? Please tell what is this inside my hollow chest?

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Edited: 8/20/17 ---- 6:10 p.m.

The story is changed entirely!! Naming the book " Marionettes Heart String" and lastly is that this will be based on first point of view.

Hi guys, Aimi here! This is an another X Reader fanfiction created! This time is Boku no Hero Academia. You will be loved by two characters, Todoroki and Bakugou. I would love to add Izuku, but nah. I would rather have Izuku as a friend to you throughout the whole story.

This story will also go along with the actual story in the anime, but there will be some changes.

It will be about you being one of the most menacing villain of all villains. You were given a mission by your master, named Sensei (All for One)... Sorry guys but this is a character from further chapters from the manga. So SPOILERS BE AWARE! Well not really because I just want to use him as kind of like your "Father" who created you as one of his masterpiece.

Just remember, I DON'T own any of the pictures or music videos!!! Or the anime!

One more thing, the quote that is in the cover below my author name is not mine! It belongs to it's rightful owner.

The poem that is used in the beginning of my prologue is mine, I own it and made it myself~! (^з^)-

(L/n) - Last name

(F/n) - First name

(E/c) - Eye color

(H/c) - Hair color

(H/l) - Hair length

Sorry guys but just to warn you that your character in this story will be a Mary Sue. Forgive me for putting such a character. Sorry for those who don't like Mary Sue's.

But I do hope you find this book enjoyable! Sorry if its boring to you. I'll try to make it worth reading.

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