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Black Rose


A Vampire Knight Fanfiction ZeroXOC. A new student enters Cross Academy, someone from Zero's past that will change Vampire and hunters relationship forever. Secrets will unfold.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The girl stepped outside the car and gazed at the massive building in front of her with an expressionless face. Her long, wavy black hair pulled into a high ponytail was flowing in the wind, her blue eyes looking for a familiar face.

She got her wish when she saw her father, her tutor, at the gate of the school. He approached her and smiled a little, he wasn't one for big smiles; after all, he was a great vampire hunter, he was Yagari Toga. When he finally reached her, he patted her head affectionately.

- It's good to see you again Amaya. - She smiled at the man who raised her.

- It's good to see you too father. It's been a while. - He smiled again and sighed.

- How many times did I tell you to stop with the politeness? Damn, that school I send you to was too fancy after all. - The remark made her giggle. She had missed his remarks and his presence for the three years she'd been away in a boarding school overseas. She was definitely happy to be back.

- Sorry dad. So, how are the things around here? Any hunts lately? - The man chuckled lightly at her enthusiasm. He knew how much she loved to go hunting vampires and she was good at it too. Everyone who looked at her would say that she was a model, mostly due to her natural beauty and slender, good looking figure. No one would assume that she was a skilled and deadly vampire hunter; almost as much as Zero or even himself. He quickly came back out of his thoughts when he realized that she was waiting for an answer.

- Not really. Vampires seem to be very calm lately. About things here in the academy, nothing new. The Night Class has been behaving well, Cross continues to be a moron, I'm still a teacher to those beasts and Zero is still fighting off the inevitable. - At this Amaya looked down sadly. She knew Zero's situation and it pained her that she was away and couldn't help him. The first time she met him they were very small, it was when her father accepted to train him and his twin. They had grew up together and were very close, being of the same age. Then, that horrible tragedy happened to his family and she never saw him again. She wondered how he looked now and if he remembered her.

- Zero... - She whispered and Toga gazed sadly at her, he knew that his daughter cared deeply for the silver haired hunter. Without knowing what to say, he touched her shoulder to comfort her.

- Hey. - The girl gazed up at him, her eyes asking for reassurance. - He's a fighter, he's strong. He'll be fine. - The girl smiled.

- I know. When can I see him? - The man smiled back.

- First I have to take you to the Headmaster. - They began walking towards the school building, the man carrying her bags, while she did her best to keep her black mini-skirt from going up due to the strong blowing wind. Realizing her movements, Toga gazed at her from head to toe and, for the first time, noticed how she was dressed: a red tank top with a v-shaped cleavage, a black mini-skirt, black medium heel troop style boots and a black leather jacket. When he finished analyzing her outfit, he stopped on his tracks, causing the girl to look back at him, surprising her when she saw him frowning.

- What is it dad? - His face hardened and he got into "protective father mode".

- What the hell is that outfit? That skirt is too short! That cleavage shows to much! And since when do you wear heels? Thank God this school has a decent uniform! - The girl rolled her eyes at this before smiling at him.

- Dad, don't be like that! It doesn't suit you. Besides, this skirt isn't too short, girls of my age wear similar skirts all of the time! It makes them sexy! - She winked and he frowned.

- You're too young to be "sexy"! - She frowned as well.

- I'm 17 for crying out loud! I'm not a little child anymore, I'm a woman now! - Toga closed his eyes and sighed.

- To me, you'll always be my little girl. - At this, she lost her angry face and smiled kindly at him, before approaching him and embracing him, surprising the man.

- Thank you dad. And don't worry, I know how to take care of myself. - The man sighed.

- I know you do. By the way, you never told me if you had a boyfriend or not during the time you were away. - She let go of him and shook her head negatively.

- I didn't. The guys were too childish for my tastes. I've received some love letters but I didn't respond to any of them. Why do you ask dad? - The man smiled and continued to walk forward as the smile was replaced with a smirk.

- Nothing. I'm just glad I don't have to kill any guy for laying his hands on you. - Amaya sighed before following her father.

- You know dad, someday, I'm going to have a boyfriend and you can't kill him, you know? - He snickered.

- When that time comes, I'll see what I'll do or not! If the guy does anything least then decent to you... - She sighed again as the hunter continued with his ranting. Soon, they were at the door of the Headmaster's office.

Meanwhile, the Headmaster had called Zero and Yuuki to his office. When they entered, Zero was in his usual bad mood while Yuuki was cheerful as always. The female guardian gazed at her adoptive father with a smile on her face.

- Did you call us Headmaster? - The blond man smiled and nodded.

- Yes I did Yuuki. And the reason for it is that we are going to have a new student. She's coming today, and she will be on your class. As guardians, I expect you to show her the school and help her fit in. Besides, if she accepts, she'll become the third guardian. - This surprised the two guardians and Yuuki spoke again.

- But, what about the secret? She can't be a guardian without knowing it and we can't tell the secret just for the sake of having another guardian! - Cross Kaien smiled again.

- I know that. But don't worry, she already knows about the secret. She's been dealing with vampires her whole life. - He gazed at the clock and smiled again. - Oh, she might have arrived already! - At this Zero sighed.

- I suppose that you want us to go get her at the gate. - The older man shook his head negatively.

- There's no need for it. Toga already went to get her. - This was another surprise to the perfects, and once again it was Yuuki who spoke.

- Yagari-sensei? But... - Before she could finish her sentence, a knock on the door cut her off, before Toga entered the room with his hands full of luggage, which he placed on the ground.

- Cross, she's here. Do you want to see her now, or do you want to wait till later? - The Headmaster shook his head negatively.

- No, let her come in now. That way she can meet the perfects. - The veteran hunter nodded before gazing at the door that was almost closed.

- You can come in. - Without any other word, the occupants of the room awaited for the new student to enter the roo

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