Black Rose

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

However, there wasn't much to read anyway. The rest of the text was mostly covered by ink, leaving only a small part readable: "The child was saved from the death at the hands of the pureblood by the Kiryu's, who took her out of that house before she was devoured by that woman. She remained at the Kiryu's guard until Yagari Toga returned from his trip." That was the end of the text. Then Amaya noticed a small note inside the envelope. By the hand writing, she could tell it had been written by Kaname.

- "Amaya-chan, I'm sorry if this is not what you expected. Unfortunately, all the information I could find about your mother was like this, censored. I'm sorry I couldn't help you in finding more about her. Sincerely, Kuran Kaname."

The girl placed all the papers inside the envelope and left the photos out, before she gazed at Zero.

- Well, at least I know something. - The boy gazed sadly at her, the sadness and pain in her voice visible and a little disturbing to him, before he embraced her. She willingly let him pull her to his arms, close to his body. She couldn't deny that she felt safe beside him, and although she wished that they were more than that, he was her best friend. Zero continued to hold her until suddenly they were surprised by a strong male voice coming from the door of the room.

- What the hell is going on in here? - The hunters pulled away from each other and gazed startled at the door, becoming surprised when they saw Toga standing there, gazing angrily at them. Seeing that none of the teenagers was going to answer, he entered the room and closed the door behind him. - Well? What are you doing in her room Zero? And sitting on her bed? - Zero remained silent while Amaya realized what her father was thinking, got up and approached him.

- Dad, it's not what you're thinking! We were just talking! - The man frowned even more.

- He was holding you! You two weren't talking! - She sighed.

- Dad, please! Zero was comforting me! - The man gazed at the boy and then back at his daughter.

- Comforting you why? - The girl gazed at her hands a little nervous. When Zero noticed how nervous she was, he got up, approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

- It's okay Amaya. He will know sooner or later. - She nodded while Toga was even more suspicious, still he waited for her to speak.

- Well dad, I received an envelope with informations early today and I was just finish reading it. Zero was here with me, by my side, to support me. - Her father looked intrigued at her.

- Informations about what? - Amaya turned around grabbed one of the photos and showed it to her father.

- About my mother! - The man stared surprised and shocked at his daughter before finally gazing at the picture she held. It was a picture of Miyako sitting on the grass, dressed with a simple light blue sundress, smiling at the camera with a lovely smile. When he saw that picture he gasped.

- Miyako... - Then he gazed at the girl. - Where did you get this? What information did you got? - She sighed.

- The photos came in an envelope that was delivered to me today. The information wasn't much. The most part was censored. At least I know her full name: Anrui Miyako. And that she was a Half-Vampire. - He took a deep breath and gazed at the side.

- So, now you know. - She gazed apprehensive at the man.

- Dad, why didn't you tell me? And why is so much information censored? - He closed his eyes before gazing back at her.

- You're too much like your mother, full of questions. - He sighed. - I didn't tell you because Miyako made me promise that I wouldn't. - Amaya gazed surprised at him.

- Why? - He sat down on a chair.

- Because... Well, it's better if I tell you the whole story. - The girl nodded before she and Zero sat back on her bed. - Your grandmother fell in love with a noble vampire from the Aido family, and eventually she got pregnant with your mother. I don't know what happened with that vampire, but your grandmother was shunned by her own family. However, as soon as Miyako was born, the family and the Hunter Association gained a new interest on the child. Little after her birth, Miyako's blood was tested for anomalies, since she was the daughter of a noble vampire and a vampire hunter; when they did it, they found out that her blood was special, that besides giving her greater healing ability and longer longevity, once outside her body was able to give its properties to anyone who injects it or drinks it, being human or vampire. Because of this and scared that her blood could loose its abilities, they forbidden her to have children. Then years later, during a hunt, we met each other. She was 15 then and we soon became friends. It wasn't long before we fell in love with each other. Although her family forbidden me to see her, we still met in secrecy. Most of those times it were the Kiryu's who helped us out. Well, years later Miyako got pregnant. A non planned pregnancy, but still very welcomed. Her family knowing this, disinherited her and she had to go to hiding to avoid her family from killing the baby in order to get your blood. We were in hiding most of the time during nine months, until a week before you were born, the Hunter Association sent me on a hunting. When I returned, the Kiryu's told me that two days after you were born Hio Shizuka appeared in the house we were hiding in and when your mother refused giving you to her, she killed her mercilessly. And if it weren't for the Kiryu's you would be dead as well. They saved you and took care of you, even though they had been parents themselves some time before. So, since I was curious about why would a pureblood want to kill you, I went to the Hunter Association and found out that since you're mine and Miyako's daughter, your blood is stronger than hers, because you have even more hunter blood in you. That's from what I tried to protect you all these years. And that's why Kaito wants to marry you. - When he finished the two teenagers were gazing shocked and surprised at the man, before Amaya managed to speak.

- Did you always knew that she was a Half-Vampire? - He nodded.

- Yes I did. And I couldn't care less. - She nodded.

- You really loved her didn't you dad? - He gazed down.

- More than I want to admit. - The girl got up and hugged her father, surprising the man.

- Thank you dad. - Toga cleared his throat, trying to hide the embarrassment of being hugged.

- What for? - She continued to hug him.

- For taking care of me all these years, for being a good father, for protecting me and for telling me all this. - He patted her back.

- You're welcome. - She noticed his discomfort and pulled back to gaze at him.

- Can I keep the photos? - He nodded.

- Sure, why not? - Toga got up and went in the direction of the door, but before he left the room, he gazed back at Zero. - Behave yourself Zero! If you do any improper thing to her... - This remark caused Amaya and Zero to blush.

- D-Dad! Please! - The older hunter nodded before leaving the room. As soon as he did, Zero got up, approached the girl and touched her shoulder.

- Well, now you know the whole story. - She turned around to look at him and smiled widely.

- You're right. And I'm happy. You know, if it weren't for your parents I wouldn't be here right now. - He caressed her face.

- But you are. And I'm happy for it. - She got a little blushed at this but smiled.

- Thank you Zero. Do you think that the reason why my blood satiated your thirst is because of my blood inheritance? - The boy began playing with a strand of her curly hair.

- It may be. But I don't think so. The taste of your blood tells me another story. - This made her blush even more.

- The taste? - He nodded and absentmindedly touched her neck while licking his lips.

- Yeah, that sweet taste. - She noticed how dazed he looked like and realized that he was eying her neck. Without saying a word, Amaya took off her choker and jacket before baring her neck to him.

- Drink Zero. - When she spoke, he came to his senses and shook his head negatively, before getting away from her.

- No! I don't need it! - Amaya approached him and touched his back.

- Zero, it's alright if you want to. The other marks already disappeared. - He shook his head again.

- No! Not again! I already bit you today! I'm not starving for blood, I just... - She made him look at her and smiled.

- You're lusting for my blood. And it's okay. - He frowned as he gazed at her.

- No, it's not okay! I don't want to become like those beasts who lust for blood all the time! I only drink it when I can't take it any longer! - She touched his face.

- But that's bad for you Zero. You're hurting yourself like that. Please don't do that. Please, drink. - The male hunter gazed a little surprised at her before his gaze focused on her neck.

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