Black Rose

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

In a second his eyes were bloody red, he approached her, surrounded her body with his arms, pulling her closer and licked her neck tenderly before sinking his fangs on her skin and indulging in her sweet taste. Unconsciously and following his primitive instincts, Zero began caressing her body while feeding, causing the girl to moan a little. When her moan reached his ears the vampire side of him grown more ferocious, demanding more physical contact with the female on his arms. At the same time his human side was fighting his vampire side with all he had. What he wasn't expecting was that it spoke to him.

- Why are you fighting it Hunter? You've lusted for this female's body as much as you've lusted for her blood. Why don't you admit it? - When the voice echoed inside his head, Zero frowned and talked to it.

- Who the hell are you? - The other voice chuckled.

- Why, Hunter, I'm your vampire side. And I know everything that goes on in your head. I know how much you lusted for this female. I know every dark dream you had of her, while not knowing how she looked like after all those years without seeing her. And now that you know how she looks, your fantasies are more realistic. You are quite a naughty boy, having such thoughts about her after encountering her again only today. - Zero frowned even more.

- Shut up! You're a beast! You don't know anything about me or Amaya! - His vampire side was clearly amused when he spoke again.

- I am you, Kiryu Zero. And I know everything about you; I even know things that you don't know about yourself. About the female, I know what your thoughts and memories tell me, besides knowing how she feels about you, of course. - Zero cursed mentally.

- Fuck you! The hell? What the fuck do you mean with that asshole? - The other voice seemed even more amused.

- Oh, I'm sure that you've realized the feelings and lust she feels for you when you taste her blood. If you didn't, you're more stupid than I imagined. - The silver haired hunter grunted.

- Shut the fuck up and leave me alone! And don't you dare hurt Amaya! - The other voice chuckled again.

- Hurt her? Believe me Hunter, what I would do to her would make her feel everything but pain! Pleasure, ecstasy... Only good things. - At this Zero became even more angry.

- Don't you dare touch her like that, vampire! - The other voice sighed.

- If you don't want me to do it, you better do it yourself Hunter. But I advise you to act fast. I don't know for how long I'll be able to control myself while seeing this female every day. My wish to mate her is very big Hunter. I'm warning you. - Zero frowned again.

- Shut up! Go away! - The other voice chuckled before finally disappearing. At that moment, the hunter realized that he still had his fangs carved on Amaya's neck. He quickly pulled away, to the girl's surprise.

- Zero, what's wrong? You didn't drink almost anything. - He gazed surprised at her, to him he had spent several minutes sucking her blood while talking with his vampire side, when in reality it had passed a little more than 3 minutes since he had pierced her neck.

- What? - She touched his face tenderly.

- A little after you began drinking, you became as rigid as a board and stopped drinking. Is everything alright? - He nodded while pulling her closer, till he was embracing her tightly.

- Everything's fine. - The girl closed her eyes as she rested her head on his chest.

- Then, why don't you drink again Zero? - He widen his eyes at her calm tone while asking that. Yuuki had always been nervous when asking if he wanted to drink blood and when he was drinking. Without mentioning the regret he felt on her blood. With Amaya there was none of that; she was very calm and almost eager when she asked him if he wanted blood, and as soon as he licked her neck to prepare to pierce her skin, he could feel her relax in his arms. And her blood had no trace of regret; instead he could taste relief and happiness in it.

The male hunter pulled back to gaze at her and saw her smile sweetly at him.

- Can... I? - She nodded and giggled.

- Of course Zero. Always. - He caressed her face in a silent "thank you", before bending forward and sinking his fangs on her skin. This time however, he was in full control of himself, to his surprise, and treated her gently, trying to minimize her pain as best as he could. After a few more sips, Zero took his fangs out and licked the place he had bitten, trying to quicken her healing process. He realized that there was no need to be worried when he saw her skin repairing itself. In a matter of a few seconds, the bite mark was gone. He touched the spot where he had bit and smiled.

- It seems that your healing ability is really extraordinary. The mark is already gone. - She smiled at him.

- Even if it wasn't, it would be fine Zero. By the way, this last time you were very gentle. Thank you. - He shook his head negatively.

- You don't have to thank me, Amaya. That was the least I could do for you after biting you for the third time today. It's really an unforgivable act. - Amaya gazed worriedly at him while touching his face.

- No it's not. I'm helping you fight. We're partners, remember? - He touched her hand that was on his face.

- Yeah, I do. Still... - She touched his lips with her other hand, silencing him.

- Zero, it's alright. I'm okay with it. I'm happy to know that I can help you in any way. - The man grabbed her hand that rested on his lips and kissed its palm, surprising the girl. - Z-Zero... - In a daze, he leaned forward till his face has close to hers. The girl could feel his breath on her face and closed her eyes, hoping that something she had awaited for so long would come true. Zero, gazed tenderly at her face, admiring each one of her features, from her long and dark eyelashes till her rosy lips.

- Utsukushī! (Beautiful) – This surprised the girl even more, since it was unlike Zero to say something like that. Specially to someone, still, she remained with her eyes closed; almost as if submitting to him. The male hunter noticed her actions and smiled slightly before leaning forward and kissing her forehead tenderly. Amaya was disappointed by this, still, she didn't let it show when she opened her eyes to gaze at him. She was surprised to see a light pink adorning his cheeks but dismissed it as she got on her tip toes and kissed him on the corner of his lips, making him gasp in surprise, and the woman to smile with the accomplishment.

- Thank you Zero. - He nodded a little embarrassed.

- You're welcome. - He cleared his throat. - Well, you should get some sleep. Yuuki probably ended patrolling and I'm going to bed as well. See you tomorrow. - She nodded and smiled.

- Goodnight Zero. - He nodded.

- Goodnight Amaya. If you need anything, just come to my room. I'm sure you'll find it. - She blushed a little and nodded.

- Thank you Zero. - He kissed her forehead once again before leaving the room.

After he left the room, Amaya locked the door before changing to her night clothes. She gazed at herself in the full body mirror. The sleeveless light blue nightgown she wore went till her thighs and she had bought it against her father's wishes. He had said that such a piece of clothing was too provocative and short for a girl like her. She smiled at the memory. Her mind then drifted to her encounter with Zero earlier that day. At the beginning she had thought that he had romantic feelings for Cross Yuuki and unwillingly, she began to dislike the girl. However, Zero denied such feelings, and she believed him. He wasn't one to fool around or to play with someone. He was honest and that was one of the things that she loved about him. He had been very tender with her, even if to him, she was only his childhood friend.

Even so, she couldn't help but hope that one day he would see her more than a simple friend. That he will feel for her the same as she feels for him. She sighed as she walked towards her bed and laid down.

Soon, she drifted to sleep and let her mind be flooded with pleasant dreams. Dreams of her own fairy tail, where Zero was by her side.

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