Black Rose

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Meanwhile in Zero's room, the male hunter was laying fully clothed on his bed, on top of the covers. In his mind his vampire side was talking to him again, driving the male hunter crazy.

- Take her Hunter! She's yours to take! She yearns for you as much as you do for her! - Zero clenched his teeth.

- Shut up! You know nothing! - The voice chuckled.

- I know more than you think. I know how you lust for her body. Her luscious and curvy body... You've felt it when she was in your arms. - The man grabbed his head with both hands.

- Be quiet! Don't you dare touch Amaya! - The vampire side almost growled.

- You moron! Do you know how hard it is to find your ideal mate? There are people who search for theirs during their whole lives without finding it! And you have yours so close to you that it is almost a crime if you do not claim her! - His vampire side showed him an image of Amaya, laying on his bed, dressed only in his shirt, her black hair spread across his pillow, gazing seductively at him; her eyes begging him to take her. Zero was shocked at this, even though his body reacted immediately to the provoking image.

- Stop it! What the hell was that? - His other side chuckled.

- That was what you're denying yourself! You seem outraged, but you liked seeing that. That female laying on your bed, at your mercy, begging for you to take her... Ah, what a wonderful feeling, is it not, Hunter? - Zero shut his eyes, and punched the bed.

- Shut up! And stop this! Leave me alone! - The voice chuckled and disappeared, allowing Zero, to finally sleep.

Some time later, in Amaya's room, the girl was trashing and turning on her bed as a nightmare replaced her soft and happy dreams.

/In the dream./

Suddenly Amaya saw herself in a dark room with only a small window near the ceiling, letting the moonlight enter. Then, a female voice spoke to her.

- Little Yagari Amaya... How you've grown... Still in love with the Kiryu Hunter? - Amaya looked around frenetically and frowned.

- Who the hell are you? - The woman giggled.

- Why, you don't know me? I'm sure that you've heard about me. Have you not? - The raven haired girl shivered, the woman's voice was chilling.

- How should I know, if you don't tell me who you are? - The woman seemed amused.

- You really are feisty. Maybe it would be better if I show you what I did. - Amaya frowned at this. Suddenly, a spot on the room was lightened and on the ground, the girl could see a woman, looking like herself laying dead on the floor. She recognized the woman immediately and tears fell from her eyes.

- Mother... - That image disappeared and it was replaced by another: of a couple laying on the floor surrounded by blood. The male had silver hair and the woman, light brown hair. Beside them stood a small, silver haired boy, with his neck full of blood. She also recognized the image. - The Kiryu's... Zero! - The image disappeared again and the woman spoke again.

- Now, do you know who I am? - Amaya felt the anger rise in her.

- Hio Shizuka! - The woman giggled again, before she appeared in front of her.

- So, you do know me. You belong to me! You should've been mine 17 years ago! - The girl gazed in rage at the pureblood.

- I do not belong to you! I'll kill you! - The vampire smiled.

- You? Kill me? You're a child! No one cares about you. The man you love, cares for another. Why don't you give your blood to me? - Amaya felt more tears fall from her eyes.

- Never! Leave me alone! - The woman frowned.

- Then I'll show you what will happen if you continue to refuse! - The image of the pureblood disappeared and another spot of the room was illuminated. In that spot was a body laying on the ground. The girl approached it and was shocked to see that it was no other than her father.

- No! Dad! - The body disappeared and another area of the room was illuminated. There was also a body on the floor. Reluctantly, she approached the spot and fell to her knees at what she saw there: Zero, laying dead with a hole on his chest. - Noooooooo! Zero! - At this moment she heard the woman giggle again.

- If you refuse to give me your blood, I'll kill everyone you love. One by one! - Amaya felt more tears fall from eyes and she shook her head.

- No! Leave me alone!

Then, everything disappeared.

/Out of the dream./

Amaya opened her eyes and quickly sat on the bed, crying hard. She rarely had ever had nightmares, but this one was the worst she ever had. She couldn't stop crying as she saw the images over and over again in her head. Suddenly she felt so lonely in her room. Always a girl that liked her privacy, in that moment, she wouldn't mind to have a room mate, or a known face near by.

Since she was a little girl, that she had been an independent child, never clinging too much to her father; always able to take care of herself. Unlike other children, she never had ran to her father when she had fears or nightmares, she had always struggled and overcome her fears on her own. But now, she missed the warmth and tenderness of a known presence and embrace. In her mind she said that it was a foolish thought. She was a Hunter, she didn't need anyone to take care of her... But her heart countered with another answer: "You're also a woman who needs love and warmth once in a while. You're human."

All these thoughts were filling her head, making her cry even more as she hugged her knees as tightly as she could, trying to forget her loneliness for a while.

Meanwhile, in Zero's room, the Hunter was sleeping soundly, still fully clothed on top of the covers, when suddenly his vampire voice echoed in his head, awaking him.

- Wake up Hunter! The female needs you! - Zero jumped on the bed and sat up straight.

- What the hell are you talking about? - The vampire growled.

- The female, Yagari Amaya is suffering! She needs you by her side! - The silver head hunter got up from the bed.

- How do you know? - His vampire side seemed enraged.

- You ask too many questions! Just go to her! - Although unwilling to follow a voice's command, he was now worried about the girl.

He grabbed his jacket, got outside his room, and jumped from the first window he found, before running towards the female dorms as fast as he could. When he finally got there, he soon found an open window from where he could enter and ran towards her room. Once there, he could hear her crying. Not caring about anything else, besides her safety, Zero forced the door open, to the girl's surprise. When he gazed at her he was surprised by the sadness and loneliness he saw on her blue eyes, alongside with the tear marks on her face. He had never seen her like this.

At the same time, Amaya was gazing in shock at him. She wondered why had he come to her room and forced the entrance. Had he heard her cry? She didn't think that she had been crying that loud. She was happy to see him there, however, she hid her face on her hands, not wanting him to see her like that; ashamed for being crying over a nightmare.

Seeing her behavior, Zero frowned; he closed the door behind him, approached her and embraced her tightly, surprising the woman.

- Z-Zero... - He kissed the crown of her head.

- Shhh. It's alright. No matter what, I'm here by your side. - This statement only made her cry even more and cling to him.

- Zero! You're alright! - He stared a little surprised at her, before pulling her even closer to him.

- I'm fine, Amaya. Now tell me, what happened? - She gazed at the side, ashamed about the reason she was crying. Seeing this, the man cupped her chin and made her gaze at him. - You can tell me anything. - She sniffed.

- I... I had a nightmare. It wasn't really a nightmare, it was... like a message, a communication. - He frowned.

- From whom? - She got even closer to him.

- From that woman... Hio Shizuka. - She heard him gasp and closed her eyes, afraid of his reaction. Unlike what she expected, Zero embraced her even more tightly, almost protectively.

- Did she hurt you? What did she say to you? - Amaya nuzzled against his chest, finally feeling safe.

- She... showed my mom's dead body, then your parents' and when you were injured. All this for me to guess who she was! When I did... She appeared and said that I belonged to her, that she wanted my blood! When I refused, she said that there would be consequences if I continued refusing. Then she showed... my dad's dead body and then... yours! - She began crying again and Zero began touching her hair, to sooth her down.

- Shhh, it's alright. I'm fine and so is your father. - The girl gazed at him, her blue eyes watery.

- What if she keeps her threat? Maybe... it's better if she kills me. That way... - Before she could finish Zero, pulled her back, till she was laying on her back with him on top of her, surprising her.

- Never say that again! I won't let her touch you! Never! - She let her tears fall when she heard the promise on his voice. The woman reached up and touched his face tenderly.

- Thank you Zero! - The male hunter touched her hand and kissed it, causing her to blush.

- You don't have to be always thanking me. I'll protect you no matter what. - She gazed lovingly at him, before embracing him. He smiled slightly and kissed her forehead. - Now, forget about the nightmare and go to sleep. You need to rest. If you have another nightmare, go to my room. And remember, she can't do a thing. - She nodded and smiled.

- I know. Thank you for coming here. - He kissed her cheek.

- You're welcome. Sweet dreams. - After this, he went out of the room and to his own.

On the next morning, Amaya woke up with first rays of sun, a smile on her lips. Effortlessly, she got up and began preparing herself for the day. As she gazed at herself on the mirror, she decided to produce herself a little that day. To become a little more attractive and maybe get Zero's attention. She decided to take the bow from the uniform, leaving her neck more exposed; then she put a little make up, accentuating her light colored eyes and rosy lips; after brushing her hair, she decided to leave it down; her curls falling freely on her shoulders and down her back, reaching her waist.

After another look at the mirror, she left the room and walked down the hall. She could hear the other girls still sleeping in their rooms, so she decided to go to the shooting range that Zero had showed her. On her way there, she noticed that the school grounds were still desert.

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