Black Rose

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Once she got there, she was surprised to Zero already shooting at the target. She smiled at his serious posture; the way he frowned as he shot his gun, his concentrated gaze as he stared at the target and his relaxed but strong mane. Some minutes later, she decided to break the silence.

- I see that you had the same idea as I did. - Zero was surprised to hear her voice and his shot failed the target. She giggled and he gazed at her.

- Amaya... - She bit her lower lip and got closer to him.

- Sorry if I scared you. - He huffed and gazed back at the target.

- You didn't scare me, just surprised me. - She giggled again.

- Sure. - He scoffed.

- Are you going to shoot or what? - She grabbed Black Rose and charged her with normal bullets, replacing the ones used to kill vampires. While she did this, Zero gazed at her once again and was surprised at what he saw. The way she had let her hair loose, her make up and the fact that her jacket was without the regular bow, made him gasp slightly. Before he could say something the woman began shooting at the target and soon, Zero did the same. They stopped when they heard the school bell ring, the sign that classes were about to start. They began preparing the things to go to class and Amaya smiled at him.

- Hey, Zero? - He looked at her as he finished cleaning the stuff and while placing Bloody Rose back inside his jacket.

- What is it? - She placed her gun on a leather garter belt she had on her right thigh.

- Do you hate Kuran Kaname just because he's a pureblood or because Cross Yuuki loves him? - The male Hunter gazed surprised at her. He could see the insecurity and doubt in her eyes. He frowned at this.

- Of course it is because he's a pureblood! I don't care who Yuuki loves! I've told you before, she's a friend to me. Nothing else. - The woman nodded and was about to open the door, when Zero placed a hand on the cold surface, shutting it close. The girl turned around surprised to gaze at him only to see that his face was only inches away from hers.

- Z-Zero... - He traced her lips with his index finger.

- I wonder why you don't believe me when I say that I don't like Yuuki in that way. - Amaya got a little blushed and he smiled. - That gives me grounds to ask what is your relationship with Kuran Kaname and Ichijou Takuma. Are you really just someone who work with them, or is there something else? - She frowned a little.

- I don't love any of them! - He arched his eyebrow as he felt part of his vampire side surface.

- Oh? But you love someone, then? - Her blush deepened as she adverted her gaze.

- W-Why are you asking me this? We are going to be late for class! - His eyes held an amused shine as he got away and let her open the door, before following her to class. As they walked, Zero got back to his serious self, breaking the silence only when they were near the classroom door.

- So, did you sleep well after that? - She gazed at him and nodded.

- I did. Thank you for everything Zero. - He nodded.

- I've already told you that you don't need to be always thanking me. - Before they could continue their conversation, they had arrived the classroom. As soon as they entered, the teacher gazed surprised at them.

- Kiryu, you're in time for class! I see that Yagari's company is being good you. - Zero ignored the teacher's remark, grabbed Amaya's hand and led her to their seats.

The class went as well as possible. Zero spent most of his time observing Amaya than paying attention to the class. Not surprising to him, she was an attentive student that took her studies very seriously. Suddenly, Zero was taken out of his reveries, by Amaya's voice.

- Zero! The teacher is talking to you! - He widened his eyes and gazed at the teacher, a light blush on his cheeks for being caught looking at the girl. When the teacher saw him finally gazing at him he sighed.

- Finally Kiryu! I was afraid that you had fallen asleep with your eyes open! I understand that you might prefer admiring your girlfriend than paying attention to class, but save the admiration for later! - At this statement, both Zero and Amaya got deeply blushed, but the male perfect huffed.

- As if it was a big deal... - He sighed. - Sorry Sensei. - Amaya got even more blushed when she noticed that he didn't deny that she was his girlfriend. However before she could say anything to the other hunter, the teacher spoke again.

- Well, at least answer my question. - Zero stared bored at the man.

- What was it? I wasn't paying attention. - The teacher was fuming.

- I was asking the students' opinion on the book! - The male perfect arched an eyebrow.

- What book? - The teacher face palmed.

- For god's sake Kiryu! Pay at least the minimum of attention! It's Romeo and Juliet! And don't tell me that you don't know what book that is! - Zero sighed.

- Of course I know! I'm not stupid! You want my opinion? Well, here it goes: I think that Romeo was an idiot! - The teacher sighed.

- Care to elaborate the reasons? - Zero sighed once again and at this time everyone in the classroom was gazing curiously at him, including Amaya; all of them waiting for him to speak.

- I think that he was an idiot because if he had some brains and really loved Juliet like he claimed, he wouldn't let their families or any laws separate them! If they were so in love as they said they were, why didn't they ran away together? But no, the idiot, let himself be taken to another city while his loved one faked her death! Idiot! - The teacher and his classmates were gazing a little agape at him. The man never thought that such a distracted student like him, would know so much about that book.

- W-Well Kiryu, what would you do if you were in his place? - Zero smirked a little, shocking everyone present, with Amaya's exception.

- Me? I wouldn't give a damn to family, would pick her up and run away with her to a far away place. No way I would marry with her in secret and then let her go back to her family house! Stupid Romeo! - Amaya smiled at him before the teacher asked another question.

- Really? Do you already found your Juliet? - The male perfect leaned back.

- I don't need a Juliet! She was a stupid girl! - The girl beside him giggled and the teacher sweat dropped.

- I wonder Kiryu, if there will be a girl that would you make do crazy things for love like Romeo did. - Zero sighed, obviously upset.

- If you're asking if I have a girl for whom I would do everything, the answer is yes. Are you done with the questions now, sensei? - The teacher sighed and nodded.

- Yes I am Kiryu. - The man gazed at Amaya. - What about you, Yagari? What's your opinion about the book? - Zero gazed attentively at the girl beside him who was looking seriously at the teacher.

- I think that this story is a beautiful love story, in its own way. However, I disagree with the way Juliet acted. She could've fought for her love more than she did. If she truly loved Romeo she would've fought for him! She would've ran away with him when he was sent away! Not mentioning that she thought that he had actually killed her cousin on porpoise! When we truly love someone, we trust them above everyone else! She didn't. That only let me conclude that she didn't love him as much as she claimed! She had a crush on him, nothing else! And then she did that ridiculous thing of staging her own death! She was a spoiled brat that thought that she was adult enough to know what love is! What she didn't know is that to recognize and truly value love, you have to go through pain and sorrow first! - The male hunter smiled slightly at her while the teacher gazed a little surprised at her.

- Well, that's an interesting view. What would you do if you were on her situation? - She smiled.

- I would run away with him as soon as I could. I wouldn't care about my family and would follow the one I love till the end of the world. I would fight for him with my whole being. - The teacher smiled.

- Did you find your Romeo already? - She shook her head negatively and smiled.

- I don't need someone as childish as that Romeo. I don't like childish men. - The teacher cleared his throat as he had an idea.

- Well, since you and Kiryu have similar points of view about the story, you two are in charge to create an adaptation of the story, under your point of view. Then you're going to represent it to the whole school. No one can help you, you two will be the only two actors and you will only write about Romeo and Juliet's interactions with each other. Ah, and by the way, the action has to take place on the same century and environment as the original one. - When he finished speaking, both Zero and Amaya were gazing shocked at him. After a while, the male perfect recovered from the shock.

- Are you crazy? We don't have time for that! We're perfects! It's an idiotic idea! I... - Suddenly he heard Amaya whispering something that only he could hear.

- I don't mind. - At this he became deeply flushed, surprising his classmates and teacher. He cleared his throat.

- Alright, we'll do it. But don't expect much! - After this, he got up, grabbed Amaya's hand and dragged her out of class. Outside he gazed at the girl who was blushing deeply. - You... really don't mind doing it? - She shook her head.

- No, I don't. But if you do, then we... - He silenced her by placing his index finger on her lips.

- If you want to do it, then we'll do it. Get ready to be Juliet. - He walked away, leaving her even more flushed, before running after him. As she reached him, she grabbed his hand.

- Hey, Zero...? - He gazed at her by the corner of his eye.

- Hum? - She bit her lower lip.

- How are we going to do this? We have to... kiss in front of the whole school. Including my dad! - He squeezed her hand gently.

- It will be alright. Besides, your father knows that we will be acting. - She bit her lower lip again.

- What about that girl that you said that you'll do everything for? Won't she be upset? - Zero gazed a little surprised at her before remembering his own words from a while ago in the classroom.

- I don't think so. - Amaya gazed at the floor as they continued walking.

- Hum, Zero? - He sighed.

- What? - She played with her hands nervously.

- Is that girl your girlfriend? - At this the male hunter stopped on his tracks, making the girl to turn to gaze at him and see sadness in his eyes. - Zero...? - He closed his eyes and looked away, before continuing to walk.

- No, she isn't. - The sadness that clouded her blue eyes shocked him.

- But, you wanted her to be. - He continued to gaze surprised at her, when she suddenly changed the subject. - Hey, Zero, are you thirsty? You look paler than yesterday. - He looked away.

- I'm fine. - She frowned.

- No, you aren't! Come on! - Before he could protest, Amaya grabbed his hand and pulled him to the stables. After assuring that no one else was there, she took off her choker and jacket, before baring her neck at him. - Drink Zero. - He opened his mouth to deny her offer, however before he could speak, he began to feel his vampire side take over as he pulled her near and embraced her; before licking her neck tenderly and finally sinking his fangs on her neck, as gently as he could.

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