Black Rose

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

As he began to suck her blood, he noticed a feeling on her blood that he hadn't till that moment. After some time he realized it was sadness and heartbreak. At this he wondered why she felt like this. Before he could get an answer on his own, he heard his vampire side talk to him.

- You idiot! She's sad because of what you said! You know about her feelings for you and still you went and said that there was a girl you liked romantically! - Zero frowned.

- I was talking about her! - The vampire growled.

- But she doesn't know that! She assumed that it was another girl! You have to show her how you feel! - He scoffed mentally.

- How the hell am I going to do that? - His vampire side scoffed as well.

-An easy way is to kiss her and confess to her after. - Zero was a little shocked by the suggestion.

- I can't do that! - His vampire side grunted.

- And why not? It's not that hard! - The hunter became upset.

- Shut up! I just can't! - The vampire became angry.

- So, you will just leave the female hurting? Asshole! - Zero had enough.

- Go away! Leave me alone! - After this he didn't hear his vampire side anymore and continued to drink. When he felt that it was enough, he withdrew his fangs from her neck and licked it until she was healed. When he pulled away, Amaya gazed at him.

- Did you get enough? - He nodded as he continued to see the same sadness in her eyes. He clenched his fists at his side.

- Amaya... - She gazed intrigued at him as she dressed her jacket and placed the choker back on.

- What is it, Zero? - He opened his mouth to say something when suddenly, someone entered the stables. They turned to gaze at the entrance and saw that it was the horses' caretaker. They said "Hi" to him before leaving the place in silence and in direction of the school building. In that moment a male student from their class approached them and smiled at Amaya.

- Ah, Yagari-san, you look very beautiful today. - He scratched the back of his head. - But then again, I believe you're always beautiful. - The woman blushed a little while Zero frowned.

- Thank you, Tokigawa-san! You're very kind. - The boy got a little flushed.

- You're welcome. I can't wait to see you as Juliet! I'm sure that you'll be wonderful. - Amaya was going to answer when Zero cut her off.

- Tokigawa, it's enough! - The female hunter gazed surprised at him while the other boy laughed nervously.

- S-Sorry Kiryu-kun! No need to get jealous. I was just complimenting your girlfriend! She's really beautiful! - Zero glared at him.

- I know that she is! You don't need to tell me that! Just don't do it again! - The boy nodded before running away and the girl gazed at the silver haired guardian.

- Zero, why didn't you deny that I was your girlfriend? - He looked at her from the corner of his eye.

- You wanted me to deny it? - She got a little blushed at this and instead of answering him, she made another question.

- What would the girl you like think of this? - He sighed.

- Why don't you tell me? - At this she got even more blushed.

- W-What do you mean with that? - He smirked a little before turning to gaze at her.

- I mean what do you think of this? - She widened her eyes as she began placing the pieces together.

However before she could say something, Zero got closer to her, till their faces were mere inches apart. The female got even more flushed at this, specially when he cradled her face on his big hands and approached his lips to hers. Although she expected him to kiss her, he only brushed his lips against hers, in a ghost of a kiss, making her feel a tingling sensation go through her at the intimate touch. Zero himself closed his eyes in bliss as his thin lips touched her rosy and soft ones. After that simple but meaningful touch, the girl whispered his name.

- Zero... - He smiled slightly and caressed her cheek.

- Now, no more crazy thoughts. - She smiled and nodded.

- I promise. - He pulled away and they continued to walk. After a while, she had the courage to grab his hand and intertwine her fingers with his. Although she was a little afraid that he would pulled his hand away, he squeezed her hand tightly, as if in assurance that he wasn't going anywhere. As they were walking, they suddenly saw Yuuki running towards them. When she saw them holding each others' hands she smiled.

- Ah Zero, Amaya-chan! I was looking for both of you! - Without letting go of the female hunter's hand, Zero sighed.

- Why? - She smiled even more.

- Because I spoke to the teacher, and he is letting me help you two doing the play. He assigned me the role of Juliet's nurse, Angelica and he said that you could get a guy that you trust to make the role of Benvolio Montague, Romeo's best friend and cousin! Isn't that great? This way you two won't be alone on stage! - Amaya smiled widely.

- It's wonderful! Thank you Yuuki-chan! - She turned to Zero. - So, Zero, what guy do you want to be in the role of Benvolio? - He shrugged.

- I don't know. Whoever you choose is fine. - Yuuki smiled while Amaya got a little flushed before smirking slightly.

- What about Takuma-kun? - The male perfect frowned.

- Why him? - She smiled.

- Well, because he's friendly and I'm sure that the girls from the Day Class will enjoy his presence. Why? You have anyone else in mind? - He gazed down and sighed.

- No. But do you really have to choose a guy from the Night Class? - She thought for a while.

- Well, I could always ask Tokigawa-san or Kaito... - Zero frowned as he gazed at her.

- Never! Fine! It can be Ichijou-senpai! - The two girls giggled and Amaya reached up and gave him a peck on the cheek, making him blush slightly.

- Thank you Zero. Now, we only need to talk with Takuma-kun and ask Kaname-kun's authorization. - The boy sighed.

- Great... - Yuuki smiled at the two hunters.

- Have you two thought how you're going to do the play? - Zero shook his head negatively while Amaya thought for a while and then sighed.

- Not yet, but I'm sure that as soon as we begin working on it, we'll find something. - The brunette nodded.

- You're right. By the way, do you want to go the Moon Dorm right now? - The male guardian frowned.

- No! - At the same time Amaya smiled.

- Sure! - They gazed at each other and Zero frowned even more.

- Why are you so eager to go to their dorm? - She gazed surprised at him and finally understood the emotion in his eyes: jealousy. She widened her eyes at this, before caressing his face.

- Zero, I'm not eager to go there. I just want to get this over with. You know that this play will take a long time and if we can count with Takuma-kun's help since the beginning, even better. - He sighed as he gazed at her.

- Fine! Let's go. - She and Yuuki smiled, before they began walking towards the Moon Dorm, Zero's hand never leaving Amaya's.

From the window on his office, Cross Kaien saw this scene and smiled. He knew how much the young Kiryu cared for Amaya. He had missed her during these years that they were apart, and Kaien knew it. After all, she was the only memory from his happy childhood that was still untouched. He was suddenly taken away from his thoughts by a deep male voice behind him.

- What are you watching, retired twit? - Cross turned around to gaze at Toga.

- Ah, Toga. I was just watching Amaya-chan. She seems to have adapted well to the school. And her relationship with Kiryu-kun seems to have grown stronger. - The n.º1 vampire hunter frowned.

- What do you mean with that, Cross? - Kaien motioned for him to approach.

- Come and see. - Yagari Toga approached the window and widened his eyes when he saw Amaya and Zero holding hands.

- What...? That Zero! I've told him to take care of her! But not like this! - The Ethics' teacher was going to get out of the room when Kaien grabbed his arm.

- Toga, wait. They're young, it's normal for them to fall in love. Besides, I'm sure that you already knew about the affection that Amaya had for Zero. Before you go there and bash them just for holding hands, please remember that you and Miyako were their age when you two fell in love. And I'm sure that Zero and Amaya won't do anything improper. Trust your daughter, Toga. Listen to my advice. - The other man sighed.

- That depends on who is giving me the advice: the retired twit or the great vampire hunter from the past? - Kaien smiled.

- None of them. It's your friend. - Toga took a deep breath and nodded.

- Alright, I'll let them be.

Meanwhile, the three perfects had arrived the Moon Dorm and Amaya was going to knock, when Zero just opened the door and made them enter. The raven haired girl frowned and gazed at the boy.

- Zero! We're being impolite! Barging in like this! - He gazed at the side.

- If they didn't want us to enter, they should've lock the damn door. - She and Yuuki sighed, when suddenly Seiren appeared in the room and after gazing at them and recognizing Amaya, she bowed.

- Amaya-sama, what can I do for you? - The three of them gazed at her and Amaya smiled slightly.

- Oh, hello Seiren. Can you please call Kaname-kun and Takuma-kun down here? - The silver haired woman nodded and bowed again.

- Of course, Amaya-sama. - In a second she was gone. And after a while Kaname followed by a hyper Takuma appeared on top of the stairs. Kaname smiled as they began to going down the stairs.

- So, what can I do for the three perfects? - Zero frowned at the pureblood, as always, while Yuuki blushed slightly as she gazed at him and Amaya smiled.

- Well Kaname-kun, we came here to ask your permission on something. - He gazed a little intrigued at her.

- My permission? - She nodded.

- Yes, you see, Zero and I are in charge of making an adaptation, based on our point of view, of Romeo and Juliet and then present it to the school. Our teacher only allowed two other people to act with us on the play. Yuuki-chan will play the role of Angelica, Juliet's nurse, and now we need someone for the role of Benvolio, Romeo's best friend and cousin. So, we were thinking about Takuma-kun. If he wants to and if you, as Dorm President, authorize, of course. - Takuma who was standing besides Kaname smiled widely and got starry eyed.

- Oh I would love to! - He turned to Kaname. - You will let me do this role, right, Kaname? - The pureblood gazed at his best friend before nodding.

- Of course. It will be wonderful for a member of the Night Class to enter the play and interact in the school's activities. - He gazed at Zero and then at Amaya. - I believe you two are going to be Romeo and Juliet. - Amaya nodded and he smiled. - I can't wait to see the play. - Zero scoffed, while Takuma approached Amaya and hugged her.

- Thank you Amaya-chan! It will be so much fun! If you need any help on writing the play, just tell me! I'll be more than glad to help! - She smiled again, while Zero was fuming, due to Takuma's behavior towards the girl.

- You're welcome Takuma-kun. And thank you. When I have some news, I'll let you know. - Takuma nodded before the perfects said goodbye and left the dorm. Outside, Yuuki gazed at the clock and gasped.

- Oh! We're late for the ridding class! - Zero scoffed.

- So? No big deal. - Amaya frowned.

- Come on Zero! I can't be late to class! - He sighed before the three of them dashed to class. Once there, Yuuki took Amaya to change to the riding clothes while Zero leaned against a tree.

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