Black Rose

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

When the girls appeared again, Zero had to admit that even on those stupid clothes, Amaya looked beautiful. Suddenly, Yuuki's best friend, Wakaba Sayori, approached him and smiled at Yuuki.

- Yuuki, since you were late I saved a horse for you! - Yuuki smiled and hugged her friend.

- Thank you Yori! You're the best! - The other girl giggled and they went away. The ridding instructor approached Zero and Amaya.

- Kiryu, Yagari, you two are late and there's only one horse left. - The male hunter gazed at the girl.

- Amaya, you go. - Before she could agree or deny the offer, the instructor spoke again.

- The horse is White Lily. I'm not sure if Yagari should try to ride her. She can get hurt. - Zero frowned.

- I won't let her get hurt. - He grabbed the girl's hand and led her to where White Lily was. There, the white mare gazed at them and Zero touched her head. - Hey, Lily. Remember Amaya? She's going to ride you for a while today, okay? Be nice with her, don't hurt her. She's special to me, okay? - Amaya blushed slightly at his words before smiling at his tenderness towards the animal.

The horse continued calm as she gazed at the girl holding Zero's hand. Amaya approached the horse and petted her while smiling. Then, Amaya decided to try and ride her. As Zero was holding the horse in place, she got on top of the animal. The other students around them and the instructor were gazing at them, wanting to see how the infamous horse was going to react.

As soon as she was settled, Zero, gave the horse's control to Amaya who smiled at him, before petting the horse.

- Thank you Lily. You're a very beautiful mare. - She then turned to Zero who smiled slightly at her.

- Go for a round with her. I'm warning you, she likes speed. - Amaya smirked.

- So do I. - She turned to the horse. - Let's go Lily. Let's run. - After a quick command, Lily answered and began to gallop in an elegant but fast run. The students and instructor were amazed by White Lily's actions. Meanwhile Zero was gazing proudly at Amaya as she rode the horse, in his mind, she did it with the same elegance she did everything else. Suddenly he heard some comments from some boys that were behind him.

- Wow, Yagari-san is really pretty. She's almost like the Night Class girls: full of class and elegance. - Another boy that stood beside his friend spoke.

- I don't like the Night Class. They're all so full of themselves! But her... I don't know how someone like her ended with someone like the moody Kiryu. - Another of his friends spoke.

- Well, you have to take in consideration that she studied in an English boarding school. They are very strict there. Besides, being Yagari-sensei's daughter, she must have had a tough education. - The other two boys agreed and Zero frowned. However, before he could say something, the first boy, spoke again.

- You know, I bet that if I asked her on a date she would accept. She must have ended up with Kiryu because she didn't had another choice. - The other two chuckled and the second one spoke again.

- You really think that she's going to accept? - The first nodded.

- Of course. I'm better than Kiryu. - Zero clenched his fists at this, but before he could speak, Amaya came back and realizing that he was upset, she got down from Lily, approached him and caressed his face tenderly, while resting her forehead against his.

- Zero, what's wrong? - He closed his eyes and embraced her tightly.

- Nothing. - She got even closer to him.

- Don't lie to me Zero. - He sighed.

- Some guys behind me were making comments about you. I didn't like it. - She smiled.

- Fuck them Zero. I don't care about any of them. - He widened his eyes when he heard her curse. He had never heard her talk like that. She giggled at his expression. - What? - He kissed her forehead.

- Since when do you use that kind of language? - She rested her head on his shoulder.

- Being around my father does that to you. So, what did they say? - He took a deep breath.

- That you were beautiful, which is true, and that they didn't know how you ended up with a guy like me. Then they said that you were with me because you had no other choice. Finally, one of the guys said that he was going to ask you on a date and that you would definitely accept. - The woman frowned at this as she gazed at him.

- Forget about that Zero! None of that is true! They don't know the heart of gold that you have. - He nodded.

- I don't care of what they say about me. Now, have you enjoyed riding? - She nodded and smiled.

- I loved it! Lily is such a nice horse! It's your turn now. - He smiled slightly.

- Come with me. - She gazed surprised at him before smiling.

- Alright. - He helped her get on the horse again, before he got on top of Lily as well, with Amaya on the front, between his arms, while he was in control of the horse.

When they both were on top of the horse, he gave Lily the right command and the horse began galloping again. As they were enjoying the ride, Amaya smiled and leaned closer to the man who smiled.

- Are you enjoy it? - She giggled.

- I'm loving it Zero! I didn't go as fast as this with her, but this is great! - He smiled once again before kissing the spot under her ear, making her shiver at the contact.

- I'm glad that you like it. - She leaned even more, before remembering something.

- Zero? Can we go back, so that I can change back to my uniform and we get out of class? - He made Lily turn around, in direction of where the class was taking place.

- Sure. - They returned and got off of Lily before Amaya went to change back to her uniform.

When she got back, she and Zero went away from the area where the classes were having place and went towards a more secluded area, near some trees. When they got there, they both sat on the ground, Amaya sat by Zero's side and rested her head on his shoulder. The male hunter closed his eyes, relishing on the simple moment. Suddenly, the girl broke the silence.

- Z-Zero, can I ask you something? - He opened his eyes to gaze at her and was surprised to see her blush deeply.

- Sure. - She bit her lower lip.

- With what happened earlier, does that mean that I'm your girlfriend? - Zero's cheeks got tainted a light pink and he looked away.

- D-Do you want to be? - He took a glimpse of her and saw her gaze at the ground.

- It depends if you truly want me to be. If you truly wish for me to be more than a friend to you. - He gathered the courage he had and cupped her chin, forcing her to look at him.

- You've always been more than a friend to me. Much more. And... I would like for you to be my girlfriend. - She smiled widely and the shine in her eyes was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.

- If that's the case, I would love to be your girlfriend, Zero! - He smiled a little and embraced her tightly. When he pulled away, she caressed his face. - I love you Zero! I've always had. - He caressed her face and kissed her cheek.

- Amaya... - The girl smiled; she knew that he wasn't one to express his feelings with words, so she wasn't expecting a love confession on his part.

- It's okay Zero. I know. - His amethyst eyes shone with gratitude and in them she could see everything he didn't say. He caressed her lips with his thumb and she smiled. - Zero? - He gazed at her lips.

- Hum? - She smiled.

- Can we stay here for a little while? I don't feel like going to the next class. - He chuckled.

- Are you sure you want to skip the next class? It's your father's class. - She touched his hand and kissed it tenderly.

- I'm sure. I want to be here with you. Do you mind? - He shook his head and caressed her face.

- Of course I don't. I prefer being here as well. I just don't want to prejudice your studies. - She smiled.

- I won't. I'll recover later. You don't know, but in boarding school I skipped school many times. Even so, I had good grades. - He played with a curl of her hair.

- You're a rebel then. And I thought that you were a good girl. - She giggled and got even closer to him.

- Nope, I'm a true rebel. - Zero pulled her closer until she was sitting between his legs, with her back resting against his chest and with his arms wrapped around her waist.

- Yeah, I know. - She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. They stood in silence for a while, just enjoying each others' presence. Some time later, Amaya reached up and began to play with Zero's short hair.

- Zero... do you want to go public with our relationship? - He tightened his grip on her.

- I do. Even if the whole school already thinks that we're together. I'll talk with your father if you want. - She sighed.

- It will be better if we tell him together. - He nodded and kissed the crown of her head.

- Amaya, can I tell you something? - He let her turn around on his arms so that she could gaze at him.

- Of course Zero. You can tell me everything. - He caressed her face.

- Remember that time in your room when I froze for a moment? - She nodded. - What happened was that, for the first time, I heard my vampire side talk to me. - The girl widened her eyes.

- Your vampire side? - He nodded.

- Yeah, a more reckless and primitive side of me. He has spoken to me ever since. He was the one who warned me that you were not well last night. - She caressed his face and rested her forehead against his.

- Did he said anything else? - Zero nodded and gazed away.

- He said... that he wanted to mate with you. - He got deeply blushed. - And that... you were my soul mate. - She blushed slightly as well, before biting her lower lip.

- Really? Do you also think like that? That I'm your soul mate? - He nodded and pulled her closer to him.

- I do. He's right with most of the things he says, I just don't like the way he talks. He treats you like a female that he wants to mate. - Her eyes shone and she smiled.

- I guess it's just his way of showing his love. - He grunted.

- Yeah, right. - The woman kissed his cheek.

- I guess that he's happy for us being together then. - Zero nodded and Amaya smiled. - Good then. - She sat back in her previous position and they were once again in silence. After a while, the male hunter broke the silence again.

- Thank you Amaya. - She gazed surprised at him.

- Why are you thanking me, Zero? - He smiled slightly.

- Because you came back and changed me so much in only two days. And for loving me, when I don't deserve it. - She frowned.

- Zero, you don't have to thank me for loving you! And of course that you deserve to be loved! Never say that again, please! - He kissed her forehead.

- Sorry. - Amaya caressed his face tenderly.

- It's okay. Zero... You know that... I'm yours, right? My heart, soul and body belongs to you. - The silver haired man blushed slightly and cleared his throat.

- Yeah, I know. As I'm yours as well. I belong to you. - She smiled and then realized that he was constantly gazing at her lips.

- Zero, you can kiss me if you want. - At this he let go the breath he didn't know he was holding and cradled her face with his hands, before leaning forward, brushing his lips on hers softly before finally kissing her. When their lips fully met both of them felt a warm feeling overtake their bodies and souls.

The chaste kiss, soon became a passionate one as Zero began to lick her bottom lip, requesting entrance. A request that Amaya gladly obliged as she parted her lips and they deepened the kiss.

Almost unconsciously, the man made her lay on her back on top of the grass with him on top of her, as he continued to kiss her and explore every corner of her mouth hungrily. Amaya herself was exploring his mouth daringly when suddenly her tongue touched his fangs lightly, not hard enough to draw blood, and the man over her groaned deeply in pleasure making her moan in response. After continuing to explore for a little while, Zero realized that both of them need to breathe and broke the kiss.

He gazed down at her who was blushing slightly and trying to catch her breath. He had to admit that the sight of her laying under him, with her hair spread on the grass and with her blue eyes darkened with desire was a very pleasant sight. However, no matter how appealing the sight was, Zero knew how to control his own desire. He knew that that wasn't the right time or place. The woman smiled at him and reached up to caress his face.

- Zero... I love you. - His amethyst eyes shone as he bent down and kissed her softly. In that moment he felt unable to repeat those words to her, although he felt the same; maybe in the future, he would be able. He got on his knees, before getting up and helping her up. Once back on their feet, he gave her a quick peck on the lips.

- You're beautiful. - She smiled widely.

- Thank you. And you're a great kisser. I wonder how many girls you've kissed. - He frowned.

- You're the only woman I've kissed. - Amaya giggled and surrounded his waist with her arms.

- I was joking, Zero. - He embraced her back.

- I know. Now, should we get going, before Yuuki or your father starts looking for us like hunting dogs? - She laughed at this and he smiled slightly. When she calmed down, she answered him.

- Sure. Let's go. - They held each others' hands and went in the direction of the school building. As they were walking, the president of the male dorm approached them.

- Kiryu! Headmaster Cross is looking for you and Yagari-san! He said for you two to go to his office. - The male perfect nodded and as they got away from the other student he sighed.

- Here we go. The drama begins. - Amaya smiled and squeezed his hand slightly.

- It will be fine, Zero. We can handle this, we're hunters. - He chuckled slightly.

- Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about that. I think that now we're the prey. - She giggled at this.

- Come on Zero, it won't be that bad. - He gazed at her.

- Do you want to bet that your father is there and is going to freak out? - She smirked.

- Let's bet then! What does the winner get? - He smirked as well.

- Let's see... if I win, you'll have to do everything I order you, for a week; if you win, and your father isn't there, I'll do everything you order for a week. - She nodded.

- Agreed! - They shook hands and continued walking towards the Headmaster's office.

Meanwhile, in Kaien Cross' office, Yagari Toga was pacing around the room with an angry look on his face, while Kaien sat at his desk and Yuuki was leaning on the wall. After a while watching the younger male, Kaien finally spoke.

- Toga, please stop pacing. I'm sure that they did nothing of what you're thinking. They're responsible. - Toga gazed angrily at him.

- Responsible? They skipped a class! My class! And they're teenagers! We all know that teenagers have their hormones jumping! - Yuuki sighed, now regretting answering the teacher's question of where Amaya was. He had been upset ever since she said that the last time she had seen her, was when she left riding class with Zero. After a while she decided to try and sooth the teacher as well.

- Yagari-sensei, Amaya-chan and Zero know how to behave. - She frowned. - Besides, what's the big deal? It's obvious that they love each other! The way that they look at each other... I'm glad that Zero has found someone as wonderful as Amaya-chan! I don't know her for long, but I can see that she's a wonderful girl! You should trust more in your daughter, Sensei! - The teacher gazed at the female perfect.

- I trust Amaya! But I also know how teenagers act when they're in love! They don't think of consequences to their actions! - Before Toga could continue, there was a knock on the door. Kaien gave permission to enter and Zero and Amaya, still holding hands, entered the office. When Zero saw Toga there he gazed at Amaya and smirked.

- I won the bet! - She smiled.

- You were lucky! - The silver haired hunter squeezed her hand lightly before gazing at the Headmaster.

- You called us, Headmaster? - Cross smiled and nodded.

- I did. Toga was worried because you two skipped his class. Can you please explain why you did it? - Before Zero could answer, Amaya gazed at her father and then back at Kaien.

- I was the one who asked Zero to skip class. I didn't feel like going. - Toga gazed disapprovingly at her.

- What were you thinking Amaya? It doesn't matter if it was my class or not, it was still a class! You shouldn't be skipping classes! Specially on your second day here! - The girl gazed seriously at her father, making him widen his eyes a little at how much she looked like her mother at that time.

- Dad, I've always been a good student and always had good grades. As you know, I was one of the best students at my school. I worked hard so that you would be proud of me! I didn't go out with my classmates, because I had to be in the school, studying or doing an extra essay to raise my grades! At the same time, I had to follow the Hunters Association's orders and hunt vampires at night! Many times I went to classes without sleeping at all! All of this, to make you proud and to show you that I could be a good hunter and a good student at the same time! After a while there, none of the girls wanted to be my friends, they said that I was boring and that it was useless to be my friends, because I didn't have time for them! Eventually, due to students' requests, I was moved to a room where I was going to be alone. No one wanted to be by my side. This happened in the first year I was there. After a while, during my hunts, I met five boys, around my age, who became my friends. Being hunters themselves, they understood me. They were my company during the years I stayed there. So, know that I've returned home; after all of the work I had, you want to deny me a little time to relax and to be with the one I love? - When she finished the girl had tears falling down her eyes while the other occupants of the room were gazing surprised at her. First, because of her aggressive tone; second, due to her story and then because she had said out loud that she loved Zero. Of course that the male perfect wasn't surprised by this last part. When he saw that she was crying, Zero pulled her closer to him and embraced her.

- It's alright, Amaya. You're not alone anymore. I'm here. - She smiled at him.

- I know Zero. Thank you. - He cleaned her eyes and not caring about the others, he leaned down and kissed her lovingly. This gesture, surprised everyone else in the room, while Amaya leaned closer to him and kissed him back. Yuuki blushed and smiled a little; happy to see her long time friend happy and in love. After a while he pulled away and caressed her face.

- You don't have to thank me, I'll always be here for you. - She smiled again and nuzzled in his embrace. Finally, after a while, Toga recovered and gazed at his daughter.

- I didn't know that you felt lonely there. Why didn't you tell me? - She gazed at her father.

- Because I didn't want to have you worried. Besides, I wanted to show you that I was mature enough to deal with my problems alone. I've always tried to be the perfect daughter for you, a daughter that you would be proud of. Never creating problems, being independent, a great student, a great hunter, never bothering you with childish things like fears or nightmares, always being mature, no time for immature feelings like loneliness and sadness. I did my best to grow stronger every day, so that one day, I could be as good of a hunter as you are; as I always imagined my mother was. I wonder, if I failed in all of this... I'm sorry if I'm not the daughter you wanted. - Toga was gazing shocked at her, however, he recovered a little after.

- Idiot! - His daughter gazed surprised at him but let him continue. - No matter what, you're my daughter! I would always be proud of you! Even if you didn't have the potential to become a hunter! Even if you were a terrible student! You're my daughter! I don't care about anything else! I say that you should go to classes because I want the best for you! You can be anything you want! You don't have necessarily to be a hunter! I never forced you on that! And you are more than a perfect daughter! - He took a deep breath. - You're more like your mother than you think. I'm sorry if I ever did or said something to make you feel that you had to act like this. - She smiled at him and letting go of Zero for a while, she approached her father and hugged him, surprising him.

- Thank you dad. And no, you didn't do anything. It was just me thinking. - He patted her back awkwardly and Amaya let go of him and went near her boyfriend who grabbed her hand again. Toga cleared his throat.

- Well, what about you two? - Zero squeezed the girl's hand and gazed seriously at her father.

- Sensei, we're together. Awhile ago, I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she accepted, so... we're together now. - The n.º1 hunter gazed seriously at his former student.

- Do you love her? And I mean truly loving her. - Amaya gazed a little expectant at her boyfriend, she knew that he wasn't very good with words, so she wondered what he would answer. After a while struggling within his own mind, Zero spoke.

- Yes, I do. I... love Amaya! - The raven haired girl smiled widely, her heart beating slightly faster at those words. She knew that this was a rare occasion and that it might be a long time since she hears these words coming from him again. Her father seemed convinced by his words and nodded.

- Take good care of her Zero. If you ever hurt her, consider yourself dead! - Zero nodded.

- I would never hurt her. Ever! - Toga nodded once again and Kaien smiled.

- Well this is truly a happy occasion! Kiryu-kun and Amaya-chan are dating! We have to celebrate! Why don't all of you come to my house to have dinner? - Without a second thought, the four of them answered at the same time.

- No! - Kaien sat back again and Amaya remembered something.

- Oh, by the way, following our Literature teacher's orders, Zero and I are writing and then representing an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, under our point of view! Zero and I are going to be Romeo and Juliet, Yuuki-chan is going to be Angelica and Takuma-kun is going to be Benvolio. Our teacher only lets these characters to appear on the play. - Kaien smiled.

- Oh it will be great to see my dear daughter in a play! Alongside with a Night Class student! Wonderful! - Zero sighed and gazed at his girlfriend.

- Let's go Amaya, before I punch him! - She smiled and waved the others goodbye before they left. Outside the office, she gazed at him again before making him stop and kissing him lightly.

- Thank you for what you said in there to my father. - He smiled slightly at her and caressed her face.

- I only said the truth. You don't have to thank me. - She smiled widely again.

- So, you won the bet. What do you want me to do? Clean your room? - The man shook his head and smiled slightly.

- No, my room is tidy. - She frowned a little.

- Then what? - He smirked slightly.

- Don't know yet. - She huffed.

- You're planing something perverted. - He got a little blushed.

- No, I'm not! I just... don't know what to ask. - She giggled as they began walking again.

- Ask the first thing that comes to your mind. After all, I'm at your orders for the rest of the week. - He sighed as he thought of something.

- Well... what if you cook me something? Tomorrow's lunch. - The raven haired girl smiled at her boyfriend.

- You mean like a bento box? - He nodded and got a little blushed. - Alright. I'll make your lunch tomorrow. Although I wonder how I'm going to put ramen with salt broth in a bento box. - Her boyfriend gazed a little surprised at her.

- You don't need to do that. I eat other things, you know. - Amaya pouted a little.

- But, that's one of your favourite foods. I want you to be happy with your bento box! - Zero sighed before leaning closer to her and giving her a quick peck on the lips.

- And I will. Anything made by you will be fine. - She got a little blushed.

- T-Thank you Zero. I'll do my best. - He nodded.

- I know you will. - She smiled and thought about what she could do.

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