Black Rose

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Meanwhile, they continued to walk through the halls. Every student that passed through them, kept staring at the couple, surprised to see them holding hands. Suddenly, a male student approached them and smiled at Amaya.

- Ah, Yagari-san! - The raven haired girl gazed surprised at the student while Zero frowned. She noticed his expression but just squeezed his hand gently, assuring him.

- Oh, you're Yagama-san, right? You were helping the instructor in the riding class. - The male student smiled and nodded.

- Yes, that's right! I never thought that you would remember me, Yagari-san. - Amaya smiled slightly.

- Is there anything I can do for you Yagama-san? - The boy looked at the other side before gazing back at her.

- I j-just wanted to ask something. Is it true that you and Kiryu-kun are dating? - She opened her mouth to answer, but before she could, Zero cut her off.

- Yes it is Yagama! She's my girlfriend! Have any problem with that? - Yagama gazed a little fearful at the male perfect.

- N-No! O-Of course not! I j-just wanted to make sure that Y-Yagari-san's reputation wasn't being stained! I-I'm happy for both of you! R-Really happy! - After this he ran away and Amaya gazed at her boyfriend, a frown on her features.

- Zero, you didn't need to be that harsh. He was just asking. - The male hunter scoffed.

- He was hitting on you! He was just asking that to see if you were available! - She gazed a little surprised at him.

- You think that he was hitting on me? - He rose his eyebrow.

- Didn't you notice? - She shook her head negatively.

- No. I never payed much attention to boys. I was always friendly with them but nothing more. I never thought that a boy would be interested in me like that. - He frowned.

- How can you say that? You're beautiful! Didn't you notice how some guys look at you? They gazed at you lustfully; they... - She reached up, cradled his face with her hands and kissed him lovingly. Although a little surprised at first, Zero quickly recovered, surrounded her waist with his arms, pulling her closer while he kissed her back. The other students in the hall all stopped to look at the couple. After a while, they pulled away from each other and Amaya smiled at his slightly flushed face.

- I never cared about the other guys. The only one that matters to me is you. - He rested his forehead against hers.

- Even so, I won't let other guys hit on you. - She smiled.

- Thank you Zero. - He nodded before they continued to walk.

The rest of the day went as normal as possible. Zero glared at some guys who were trying to flirt with Amaya and during the perfect duties he glared at the girls as usual. Then when it was time to patrol, the Headmaster requested for them to patrol separately, so that Amaya began to explore the school on her own; a request that Zero didn't agree with. It wasn't that he thought that she wasn't capable of defending herself if something happened, he knew that she was a great and deadly hunter, he just didn't want her to be alone. Even so, he respected her wish to do patrol alone as well. So, they decided that Zero and Yuuki would be patrolling the outside, while Amaya patrolled inside the school building.

While walking through the dark halls of the school, Amaya thought about what had happened that day and smiled. To her it was the best day of her life; being kissed by the one you truly love made you feel like that. She was suddenly pulled out of her happy thoughts by a presence that she felt nearby. In a split of second, she was ready to attack whoever it was; her body was tense and ready for battle. In the second that she heard two pairs of footsteps getting near her from behind, she took out Black Rose and quickly turned around, pointed the gun to the ones who were behind her. And those were Aido Hanabusa and Kain Akatsuki; Aido was smiling at her while Kain seemed bored. The blond noble approached her even more and she frowned.

- What do you want Aido-senpai? You two should be in class. - Aido chuckled.

- Well, we just came to see you. That agility... You really are Yagari's daughter. You know, it's the first time that I see a female hunter. - Amaya frowned even more.

- If you give another step, it will be the last one you see! - Aido was about to open his mouth when a deeper voice came from behind her.

- That won't be necessary, Amaya-chan. - Aido and Kain froze on the spot when they saw Kaname standing behind Amaya. She lowered her gun and sighed.

- Kaname-kun, please control them better. The next time he does something like this I will shoot him. - Kaname smiled slightly at her.

- I wouldn't blame you if you did. I'm sorry for the inconvenience they've caused you. - She looked at him.

- Kain-senpai didn't do a thing. There's no need to punish him for something he didn't do, don't you think Kaname-kun? - Before he could answer, Souen Ruka appeared behind Kain and glared at Amaya.

- How dare you speak like that to Kaname-sama? Treating him like you're close to him...! Who do you think you are? - The Kuran pureblood gazed at the blonde vampire.

- Ruka, that's enough! Amaya-chan and I are old acquaintances. We have an agreement on how to treat each other. You three might not understand, but Amaya-chan knows me better than anyone else. She gives me support when I need it, and I got her back every time she needs it. Now, I appreciate if all of you would be nice and leave her alone. - The three of them nodded and bowed a little.

-Yes, Kaname-sama. - He turned to look at the female hunter.

- Ah, by the way, Amaya-chan, I heard about you and Kiryu-kun. Congratulations! - She smiled widely.

- Thank you Kaname-kun! - Then she remembered something and went to take something from her pocket. - By the way, Yuuki-chan asked me to give something to you if I happened to find you. - Kaname smiled slightly.

- Yuuki, huh? What is it? - She took a letter from her pocket and gave it to him. He smiled again. - Thank you, Amaya-chan. Please thank Yuuki for me. - The raven haired girl nodded and prepared to leave, when Kaname spoke to her again. - By the way Amaya-chan, you can go rest. I'll keep the Night Class in order. - She nodded again.

- Thank you Kaname-kun. - She left and went outside to look for Zero. Even so, the one she found first, was Yuuki. When the brunette saw her, she smiled.

- Oh Amaya-chan! Is everything alright? - The female hunter nodded.

- Everything's fine. I gave your letter to Kaname-kun, he seemed pleased with it and asked me to thank you. - Yuuki blushed deeply.

- H-He did? Thank you for doing that Amaya-chan. - Amaya smiled.

- You're welcome. Now, are you done patrolling? - Yuuki nodded.

- Yeah. And you? - The other girl nodded as well.

- Me too. Did you see Zero? - Yuuki shook her head negatively.

- No. But... - Before she could finish, Zero approached them and Yuuki smiled. - Oh, here he is! - Amaya turned around and smiled at Zero.

- Oh, hey! I was looking for you! - He smiled slightly.

- You were? - She nodded.

- Yeah, we're done with patrolling. What about you? - He sighed.

- Me too. - Yuuki yawned.

- Well, guys, I'm tired. I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow! - Yuuki went away and Zero approached his girlfriend before embracing her from behind. However as soon as he did this he frowned and let go of her. She turned around to look surprised at him.

- What's wrong, Zero? - He clenched his fists in anger.

- You have the smell of those beasts lingering on you! Did they do anything to you? Did they attack you? - She widened her eyes in surprise.

- No! I mean... Aido-senpai and Kain-senpai approached me and Aido-senpai tried to attack me, but Kaname-kun appeared and stopped them. Even if he hasn't appeared, I had my gun pointed at Aido-senpai. I would be alright. - She looked at the ground. - I'm sorry for their smell being on me. I'll take a shower as soon as I can! I promise! Sorry... - He gazed a little surprised at her before sighing and embracing her tightly.

- You don't need to apologize. I was just worried that they had attacked you. And apparently, they tried! I'll talk to Aido-senpai the next time I see him! Now... - He pulled away so that he could look at her in the eyes. - If you really want to have a shower that badly you can do it in the Headmaster's quarters. I go there all the time, since the bathrooms in the dorms are only open in the morning. Let's go. - She got a little blushed.

- B-But, I don't have anything to wear after the shower. - He smiled slightly.

- You can wear one of my t-shirts that I keep there. Come on. - She blushed even more but nodded before following her boyfriend to the Headmaster's quarters where he led her to the bathroom. There he went to a closet where he took a black t-shirt and a pair of boxers that he handed to her. She gazed at it and the light red color graced her cheeks once again.

- Z-Zero, why the boxers? - He cleared his throat, visibly embarrassed himself.

- B-Because you don't have any underwear here for you to wear after the shower. I thought you should wear at least something. - She smiled slightly.

- Thank you Zero. - He nodded.

- It's okay. I'll be outside if you need me. The shower is behind that door over there. - He pointed to a cut glass door that was behind her. She turned to look and nodded.

- Alright. - He turned to leave when suddenly she grabbed his arm. He gazed back at her.

- What's wrong Amaya? - She got a little flushed.

- C-Can you stay in here, while I take a shower? Since I'll be inside there, it will be fine. You can stay here. Please? - Zero gazed a little surprised at her.

- A-Are you sure? I-I mean... - She nodded.

- Yes, please. If you don't mind of course. - He caressed her face.

- I don't mind. As long as you're okay with it. - She nodded and smiled.

- I'm fine. - After she said this she went to the shower, where she undressed herself before taking a shower.

Meanwhile, outside, Zero couldn't help but swallow hard as he saw Amaya's naked silhouette through the cut glass. He couldn't see much, of course, but what he saw was enough to stir his imagination and perverted thoughts. In that moment his vampire side decided to spoke with him again.

- You like what you see, don't you Hunter? She's your woman now. Why don't you mate with her? It's within your reach. - Zero frowned.

- You again? Go away! - The vampire in him chuckled.

- Why are you so upset Hunter? The female seemed to accept me. She doesn't mind my presence, so why do you? - The hunter grunted.

- Because you treat her like she's someone that you have to mate! She's special! - The vampire sighed.

- I know that, idiot! You don't seem to know this, but vampires only mate with the ones they love. For now, I'll leave you alone to enjoy the sight. - After this his vampire side disappeared from his mind and Zero once again gazed at the door of the shower.

In his mind he began to imagine the drops of water go down her naked body, caressing every inch of her body, every curve... His own imagination was driving him crazy! Having her so close and not touching her was a temptation that he was fighting with everything he could. They had began dating on that day, for crying out loud! It was too soon for such an important step and he knew it. He would never force her on this only for satisfying his selfish desires! He had to keep a good control of his emotions.

Soon, he heard the water being turned off and after some time the door opened to show Amaya dressed in his big T-shirt that looked like a mini-dress on her and in his black boxers. She smiled at him before beginning to dry her long hair with a towel.

- I'm sorry for asking you to stay here Zero. - He smiled slightly.

- It's okay. I don't mind. - She pulled her hair in to a low ponytail and approached her boyfriend, smiling widely.

- Even so, you should use this time to be resting. - He touched her face and kissed her softly.

- Don't worry. I never sleep an entire night, anyway. - She frowned as she rested her hands on his chest, feeling his muscles through the uniform.

- Why is that? Is it thirst? - Zero sighed.

- Sometimes. Other times I just can't stop thinking about my past and future. Although that my thoughts about the future changed drastically now that you're here. For the better of course. - She smiled and kissed him.

- I'm glad that I managed to help you. By the way, do I still have their smell? - He embraced her and snuggled on her neck.

- No. Now you smell of lavender and... well, me. - His girlfriend smiled at the pleased tone on his voice when he said the last part.

- I'm happy then. That's a warning for the other vampires to know that I'm yours. - He widened his eyes slightly, before kissing her bare neck.

- You do know that I would never treat you like a possession, right? When I say in front of other guys that you're "mine", I just mean that you're my girlfriend. - Amaya smiled again and began to touch his silver hair.

- I know Zero. But it's alright if you do. I am yours. I've told you before; my heart, body and soul belongs to you and to no one else. - He pulled back to look at her and caressed her face before kissing her.

- I'm yours as well Amaya. You know that. You can do with me whatever you wish. I just meant that no matter what, I would never force you to do anything. - The girl caressed his face.

- I know that. I trust you Zero. I love you. - He kissed her again.

- It's late. I should take you back to your room so that you can rest. - She got a little blushed.

- I can go alone, Zero. You don't need to bother yourself any longer. - He frowned.

- You don't bother me. I want to take you to your room. That way I know that you're safe. - She smiled at him before he took her to her bedroom. After saying goodnight to each other, Zero went to his room and Amaya fell asleep peacefully.

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