Black Rose

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

On the next morning Zero woke up with Yuuki knocking on the door, something unusual for her, since she always barged in without knocking. He sat straight on the bed, just on time to hear Yuuki calling him.

- Zero! Come on answer me! Is Amaya-chan in there? - He gazed confused at the door; why would she be in his room?

- No. Why? - Yuuki gasped on the other side and opened the door. Zero saw her worried look and frowned. - What happened? - The girl bit her lower lip.

- Amaya-chan wasn't in her bedroom so I thought that she was with you. - This made the hunter get up in a haste.

- What? I took her to her room last night! She should be there! - He quickly dressed his uniform and ran off his room, closely followed by Yuuki. They were running towards the female dorms when suddenly Zero saw Amaya coming out from the school building with her books and a bag on her arms. The two perfects approached her and Yuuki sighed in relief when she saw the other girl.

- Amaya-chan! - The raven haired girl gazed surprised at her boyfriend and the other female guardian.

- Zero! Yuuki-chan! What's wrong? - Zero passed a hand through his face.

- Yuuki said that you weren't in your room. I got worried. Is everything alright? - She smiled again.

- Everything's fine. Sorry to have you worried. - Her boyfriend approached her and kissed her lightly.

- It's okay. But what were you doing out of your room so early? - She smiled.

- Your aiso bento! - Yuuki widened her eyes at her while Zero gazed surprised at her.

- Ah! Amaya-chan! You made Zero's lunch? - She hit Zero on the back. - How lucky, Zero! You're girlfriend made you lunch! The other guys will be jealous! - She hugged Amaya. - Amaya-chan! That's so cute! I wish I could cook as well. - Amaya smiled at the girl.

- I'm sure you can cook pretty well Yuuki-chan. - Zero snorted.

- Her? Pray that you don't have to taste what she makes! - Yuuki hit him again.

- Hey Zero! I'm not that bad! - Zero's girlfriend giggled.

- Guys, if we don't hurry up, we'll be late for class. - The other two guardians nodded before they all went to class.

Classes went normally, if you count with everyone looking at Zero and Amaya as normal. When lunch time came, the Headmaster made an announcement through the speakers.

- Dear students, since the cafeteria is resolving a problem, it will be impossible to serve lunch. However, the school will offer lunch and promote a picnic! Since it's sunny outside, please enjoy this occasion! All of you must reunite in the are near the fountain for a mega picnic! Have fun! - When the students heard this, most of them were excited while Zero frowned and sighed.

- That idiot, what is he thinking? - He gazed at his girlfriend and noticed that she wasn't surprised by the announcement. - You don't seem surprised Amaya. - She smiled at him.

- That's because I'm not. Cross-san saw me making your bento and said that he would do this. - Yuuki gazed surprised at her.

- Eh? Really? Did he say why? - The older girl shook her head negatively.

- No. But I think it's a great idea! I love to eat outside! - Zero sighed.

- It's not like we have much of a choice, is it? - The three headed towards the fountain where most of the students were gathered. They were all carrying a simple bento with them, the same Yuuki was given. It had very general things, so that it would please more students. When Yuuki saw Yori she went near her friend leaving Zero and Amaya alone. The raven haired girl gazed at her boyfriend.

- Zero? - He looked at her.

- What is it Amaya? - She was a little blushed.

- W-Where do you want to sit? Since Cross-san warned me about this, I brought a blanket with me. - The male hunter gazed at her a little flushed.

He had always been taught that a boy sitting alone with a girl on a blanket to have lunch was a very intimate act, something reserved to couples or lovers. He knew that she had been taught the same thing, so he was a little surprised to hear her say that.

However, he soon pushed that thought aside; there was no reason for he to be embarrassed, they were a couple. He had even kissed her in front of other students, so why was he so troubled by sitting with her and have lunch, specially when she had made it?

He smiled slightly at her and kissed her cheek tenderly.

- Wherever you want to. - Amaya smiled widely, her blue eyes shining brightly. She had been a little afraid that he wouldn't want to sit by her side, so she was pleasantly surprised when he accepted.

- What about there? - She pointed to a place near a tree and a little withdrew from the other students. They would still be visible to others, but at least wouldn't be in the middle of the crowd and confusion, a decision that Zero gladly accepted.

He nodded, grabbed her hand and took her to the place they had chosen. There, Amaya unfolded the blanket and placed it on the ground before sitting on it and telling Zero to do the same. As soon as he did, the couple felt several gazes on them. Sure enough almost every student was gazing surprised at them. The silver haired hunter glared at them.

- What are all of you looking at? - They all turned away startled by Zero's glare while Amaya giggled. He gazed at her and just the happy expression on her face made him smile slightly. Without a second thought, he leaned in and kissed her, she smiled against his lips and kissed him back.

- Zero... I love you. - He kissed her again and she smiled. She then grabbed a bento wrapped in a deep blue cloth and gave it to him. - Here, your aiso bento! Hope you like it! - Zero smiled slightly and took it from her. He took of the cloth and when he opened the bento box, he was surprised to see besides rice, chicken teriyaki, tamagoyaki and several onigiri. He gazed at her with wide eyes.

- Wow! This is a feast! You must had a lot of work doing this! - Amaya smiled kindly at him.

- That's the whole purpose of an aiso bento, Zero. As long as you enjoy it, the work is rewarded. Besides, that's a form to express my love for you. - He gazed tenderly at the bento before picking up the chopsticks.

- Itadakimasu! - As soon as he placed a piece of food in his mouth he widened his eyes. It was very nice. He gazed at his girlfriend who had began eating her own bento, also prepared by her. She noticed him staring and gazed expectantly at him.

- Is it... good? - He smiled lightly, his eyes shining slightly.

- It's wonderful! I knew that you were a good cooker, but I never thought that you were this good! - Amaya got a little flushed at the compliment.

- T-Thank you Zero! I'm glad that you like it! - He bent forward to kiss her before they continued eating. In the end, Zero closed the bento box.

- Gochisōsama-deshita! - Amaya soon did the same and smiled kindly at the boy.

- I'm really happy that you liked the food. - He nodded.

- I did. Thank you Amaya! - She smiled again and after placing the empty bento boxes on her bag, she kissed him.

- You're welcome. So, what's your next request, Zero-sama? - He gazed confused at her.

- What? - She poked his nose playfully.

- During a week I'll do everything you want, remember? - The male hunter widened his eyes as he recalled that bet. For a moment he felt his vampire side trying to surface as he spoke in his mind.

- Hunter, this is a one time chance! She's submitting herself to you! Take her! - Zero closed his eyes and frowned.

- Leave me alone! I won't take advantage of her! Go away! - The vampire growled.

- Idiot! If you don't do it, I'll do it! - This only made Zero even more angry.

- Never! I won't let you! - The vampire disappeared from his mind and he opened his eyes only to find Amaya gazing worriedly at him.

- Zero, is everything alright? - He gazed at the side.

- Yeah... can we go somewhere else? - She nodded.

- Sure, let's go. - They got up, the girl placed the blanket on the bag as well before they went to a more secluded place. There, they sat down and Amaya gazed at Zero, concern still in her features. - Zero, are you sure everything's fine? - He sighed and pulled her to his arms.

- Awhile ago, my vampire side spoke to me again. - She gazed a little surprised at him.

- About what? - He kissed her.

- He's seeing this thing from the bet like a proof of submission from you. He... wants to take you! Actually he's telling me to do it! But he's threatening that if I won't do it, he will! - The female hunter caressed his face.

- What do you want Zero? - He gazed a little surprised at her.

- W-What do you mean? - Amaya got on her knees and slowly began to undo his tie, before beginning to open his vest.

- Do you want to take me as well? Or is just your vampire side that desires me? - He got shocked at her bold question and didn't know what to answer. Meanwhile, the girl had already opened his vest and was now working on his shirt. Realizing that he wasn't going to answer, she began to kiss his neck. - Answer me Zero. - Once she had opened his shirt she ran her hands through his slightly muscular chest, causing the man to groan at the sensation.

- Amaya... s-stop it. - She pulled back a little to gaze at him and notice his eyes darkened with desire. Inwardly she smirked pleased with the effect she was having on him. Taking another bolder step, she took her bow off and began opening her jacket.

- Why don't you answer me Zero? - He gazed wide eyed at her as she took off her jacket and then began to open her shirt. Although part of him wanted to make her stop what she was doing and to stop with the dangerous game; a bigger part of him, his desire, had taken control of his body and he could only watch in silence as her lacy white bra slowly became exposed as she finally had her shirt fully opened.

- A-Amaya... God! - She smiled at him, before approaching him and pressing her chest against his, making both of them to gasp and moan in pleasure.

- Tell me Zero. Do you want me? - Although she asked this, she already knew the answer. The want in his eyes and his physical reaction was enough of an answer. Since she was practically straddling his waist, it would be hard for her not to notice how much she was affecting him. Zero, however, had enough of that game. Before she could react, he kissed her passionately, surrounded her waist with his arms and pressed her even more against him.

- Yes... Amaya, I want you too! - This words alongside with him rubbing his hips against hers, made her moan deeply.

- Z-Zero! - He slid his hands inside her open shirt to caress her stomach while kissing her again. When she pulled away, she cradled his face with her hands. - Then why are you so upset about your other side wanting to take me? - He kissed her lightly as he felt his reasonable side take control again.

- Because that's a big step and it's too soon. We began dating yesterday. Don't get the wrong idea, I desire you, more than you imagine, but, I want this to be a normal relationship, I want to take it slow. - She gazed embarrassed at the side while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

- I'm sorry Zero. Now you think that I'm shameless. I'm not... I've never done something like this! - He saw the tears beginning to fall from her eyes and gazed surprised at her, before embracing her and kissing her passionately.

- I would never think that of you. I understand why you did it. - She gazed at him and kissed his lips tenderly.

- I just... I know it's soon but... I really want you to take me. Besides, it's not like we only met each other some days ago. We've known each other for all our lives. - He traced her lips with his finger.

- I know, but we're only in this relationship for two days. And even if I have to control this maddening desire in me, I want to go slow. I want to learn every inch of your soul. - He caressed her face. - Please don't be sad. - She smiled slightly at him.

- I'm not sad Zero. I understand. I'm sorry for wanting to rush things. - The girl got away from his lap and began to close up her shirt before dressing her jacket. He dressed himself as well before gazing at her again.

- It's okay, Amaya. I understand why you did want that. - She bit her lower lip when she looked at him.

- I... left you in a difficult state. I'm sorry. - He got a little flushed when he realized what she meant but quickly dismissed it and pulled her back to him, kissing the girl lovingly.

- Don't worry about it. I'll be fine in a while. - His girlfriend kissed him again.

- Are you sure? I can... - He silenced her with another kiss.

- I'm sure. Just relax now. - She nodded and let herself relax on his arms. After some time she was asleep in his arms and it didn't take long for Zero to follow her to that state.

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