Black Rose

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

They remained like that for a while before they were suddenly awakened by the Headmaster's voice coming from the speakers around the school grounds.

- Kiryu-kun, Amaya-chan please come to my office immediately. - The two startled lovers, got up and went in direction of the school building. Once there they went to the Headmaster's office and Amaya knocked on the door.

- Cross-san? It's us. - They entered the office after he send them in and saw that Toga was also there. Unusually, Kaien had a serious expression. Seeing this Zero frowned.

- What's wrong? - Kaien sighed.

- I received a letter from the Hunter Association asking for the two of you to go on a hunt. - The two hunters nodded and Amaya spoke first, her voice carrying a business tone.

- Alright, we'll do it. - Toga sighed.

- It's not easy. It's a three day journey just to get there and this hunt might be harder than both of you are used to. They're testing Zero, to see if he can control his blood thirst. By sending you with him is to tempt him with human blood, your blood specially. - Amaya and Zero frowned, the male hunter grabbing his girlfriend's hand.

- Let them test me! I'll prove that I'm as good as a Hunter as I always was! - Kaien gazed seriously at the couple.

- The truth is Kiryu-kun, that we are a little fearful to let you go. We know that you have been feeding of Yuuki's blood. But without it, we're afraid that you might loose your control. - At this Amaya clenched her fist and slammed it on the desk.

- How can you even think that, Cross-san?! Have faith in Zero! He won't loose his mind! He won't fall to Level E! He's stronger than...! - Her boyfriend cut her off by embracing her.

- It's alright, Amaya. Calm down. - She took a deep breath and Zero gazed at his former teacher and to Kaien. - That won't happen. I can control my blood lust now. I don't have to drink Yuuki's blood anymore. - The two older men stared surprised at him and Toga gazed doubtfully at him.

- How can you control blood lust? - The silver haired teenager gazed at him.

- I now manage to keep the blood tablets down. They are enough for me. - Kaien gazed surprised at him, but Toga, looked at him with disbelief and threw him a box of tablets.

- Prove it! - Zero sighed, picked up the box, dropped a pill on a glass full of water, waited until the liquid was completely red and than drank it till the end. When he was finished, Kaien and Toga were gazing surprised at him; it was the first time that they have seen Zero tolerate the blood tablets. Cross smiled slightly.

- Amazing. It seems that you really managed to take control of your body. Very well, we're allowing you two to go on this hunt. - The two younger hunters nodded and Amaya gazed seriously at Cross.

- Cross-san, what's our mission? - Kaien gazed at her and then at Zero.

- There was a village that was attacked by a pureblood, in consequence of that, all the inhabitants were turned into Level E's. Your mission is to eliminate all of them. - The female hunter was staring at Cross with a shocked expression.

- You mean... that even children were...? - Kaien nodded sadly.

- I'm afraid so. That's why I said that it's going to be difficult. We understand if you don't want to go. - The girl gazed at the ground with worry clearly showing in her features.

She knew that as a hunter she had to forget that the Level E's she killed were once human beings and do the job. However, she had never been sent to hunt Level E children and now that she was given that task, she was a little fearful of how she would react.

Her boyfriend noticed the concern in her features and embraced her tightly, trying to comfort her a little. He understood why she felt like this; he wasn't comfortable killing children himself, even if they had became a Level E. In his mind they were a reflection of Ichiru or even himself. Still, that was a job he should do, so he placed his emotions aside and did it.

But Amaya wasn't like him, and he knew it. Although she was an amazing hunter, she wasn't as cold as him, she was a warm person who saw the best in people and he knew that if she saw a way to not kill the vampire she was sent to eliminate, she would do everything she could to pursue it.

Amaya looked up at Zero and saw empathy in his eyes. He knew what she was feeling and understood why. She reached up and caressed his face tenderly. He smiled slightly at her.

- It's okay if you don't want to go. I can take care of this. - She shook her head negatively.

- No, it's fine Zero. I can do it. I'm your partner. - He nodded and gazed at the Headmaster.

- Count us in. - The veteran hunter nodded.

- Alright. Go get ready, you two are leaving in one hour. - Both of them nodded and left the office. As they walked through the halls, Zero gazed at the girl.

- Amaya if you don't feel comfortable in going, I can take care of it by myself. - She shook her head negatively.

- No. I'm your partner and I'm a hunter! I have to do what they order me to. I have to forget that they're... children. - Tears began to fall from her eyes and her boyfriend didn't think twice before embracing her.

- It's okay. I understand. - She began to sob against his chest.

- S-Sorry. I'm always crying. - He chuckled slightly before kissing the crown of her head.

- Yeah, you're a crybaby. But... I love you like that. - Amaya widened her eyes in surprise. It was the first time that he said directly that he loved her. She gazed at him, more tears falling from her eyes.

- Zero... - He smiled slightly at her before kissing her.

- There's no reason for crying. Mataku, you really are a crybaby. - She pouted and gazed the other way.

- Well, sorry if I'm sensitive. - He kissed her.

- Didn't I tell you that I love you just like the way you are? - His girlfriend turned to gaze at him before kissing him.

- I love you too. Stubborn and all. - He raised his eyebrow gazing surprised at her.

- You're calling me stubborn? - She giggled and began walking again.

- Why? Are you saying that you're not? - He smirked and followed her, who when she saw that he was after her, smiled and began to run towards her room in the dorms. His smirk got wider when he saw this before he began to run after her. He wasn't at his full speed because he knew that she wasn't a good athlete. Since they were little that she always lost against Zero and even Ichiru when they made speed contests.

When she reached her bedroom, she was almost breathless and could see Zero close behind her. She entered the room and Zero soon followed before closing the door. The man smirked even more.

- You little minx. You think I'm stubborn? I'll make you pay for that. - He locked the door and walked towards her. Amaya raised her hands in the air.

- I'm sorry Zero, but it's true. I surrender. - He chuckled and his eyes glinted in red.

- There's no where to run, little hunter. You'll pay for that. - He got near her and without giving her a chance of speaking, he kissed her passionately and made her walk backwards until her legs touched her bed. Without hesitation, she let herself fall on to the bed with his body on top of hers. When their bodies hit the mattress, he began kissing her neck tenderly, causing her to moan slightly.

- Zero... - Suddenly she remembered what Zero had said previously that day, and made him stop kissing her neck. When he gazed at her, she saw the red coloration in his eyes and understood. - You're his vampire side... - The man smirked.

- Very clever. Do you want me to let the hunter take control? - She nodded.

- Yes. - He kissed her again and when he pulled away, his eyes had returned to normal.

- Amaya... I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. - He began to get up when the girl surrounded his neck with her arms.

- It's okay Zero. You didn't do anything wrong. - He touched her face tenderly.

- Yes I did. I broke my own word when I said I wanted to go slow! I pushed you and... - She silenced him with a kiss.

- It's alright Zero. I understood that you weren't in control of yourself. - She caressed his face and he kissed her gratefully. His girlfriend smiled at him. - Besides, even if you had changed your mind, I wouldn't mind. - He kissed her again.

- Thank you, but even so I apologize. I shouldn't have let my vampire side control me. - Amaya touched his face once again.

- I don't mind. He didn't hurt me. He's you. - Zero nodded before he realized that he was still on top of her, pining her on to the bed. He quickly pulled away and got up.

- I'm sorry! I didn't realize that I was on top of you. - She gazed at him and saw the pink coloration on his cheeks. Amaya smiled as she got up and placed her hands on his chest.

- It's alright Zero. I kind of enjoyed it. - After she said this, she walked towards her closet and began to pick some clothes to change to. Her boyfriend turned to look at her and smirked slightly before he approached and touched her hair.

- You're teasing me Amaya? - The girl looked at him and smiled.

- Maybe. Now, are you going to stay here while I change? - The embarrassment appeared on his face once again as he pulled away and cleared his throat.

- I'll go get ready as well. - After he left the room, Amaya finally chose some clothes and began to get ready.

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