Black Rose

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

When she finished getting dressed she looked at herself in the mirror. She had dressed her usual clothes she normally used when she went hunting: a cut-out front black skirt, the longest part in the back, reaching her calves; a black tank top and black over knee high boots with a medium heel. She pulled her hair on to a high ponytail before picking up her backpack with supplies and the Japanese katana that she hid under her bed. She could fight both with her gun or with a katana, although being better with the sword, and for this mission she decided to use both, this way to practice fighting with the gun.

The girl gazed at the sword she had in her hands and smiled. Her father had given it to her at her 15th birthday and told her that it had belonged to her mother. Due to this and to the beauty of the sword itself, the female hunter cherished the weapon. The weapon's handle was dark red, the long and elegant blade was shiny and black, something unusual for a katana; but to her, one of the most beautiful things about the sword was its sheath. It was as black as the blade and had several sakura petals drawn through its surface. The whole weapon was a beautiful and rare sample of a hunter weapon.

Tearing her mind away from the thoughts, she sighed and prepared herself to the mission, before she left the room. She went towards the Headmaster's office, knowing that Kaien wanted to talk to both of them once more before they leave.

Once she got there, she saw that Zero was already there, alongside with Kaien and her father, however, what surprised her, was to see that Kuran Kaname was also in the room. She approached the pureblood who smiled at her.

- Kaname-kun? - In the background she heard her father mumble something about how she called Kaname while her boyfriend scoffed, obviously displeased by the way she treated the other man. Kaname just ignored them and smiled even more.

- Amaya-chan, I heard that you are going on this hunt as well. - She nodded and he continued. - I see. I brought you something that it will help you. - Before she could answer, Zero approached them and frowned at the pureblood.

- What could a beast like you do to help us?! It was one of you beasts that did this! - Kaname gazed at the silver haired hunter.

- Kiryu-kun, it is of my interest to help Amaya-chan in this hunt. - Zero frowned even more.

- And why is that Kuran?! - Kaname looked at the girl that was now staring at the ground.

- Because, Amaya-chan and I have an agreement. And if she got hurt I would be breaking my part of the deal. - Before the young hunter could speak again, Toga cut him off.

- What the hell are you talking about?! What kind of agreement do you have with my daughter?! - The pureblood gazed at the older hunter before looking back at Amaya.

- Shall I tell him or you will? - Realizing that she wasn't going to speak, Kaname once again gazed at Toga. - Very well. The agreement that I made with her some years ago is quite simple: when the time comes, she will kill someone unwanted for me, and in return I will kill Hio Shizuka in her behalf. - This revelation shocked the male hunters in the room but before they could recover, Kaname continued. - So, it's natural that until she accomplishes her part of the plan, I'll help her and protect her as I can. After all, she can't kill my target if she's dead, now can she? - The sudden silence in the room was abruptly interrupted when Zero punched the table.

- Damn it, Amaya! What were you thinking?! Accepting to be his lap dog just for him to kill that woman?! Hell, I'll kill her and then you won't have to do what he wants! - She gazed surprised at him.

- Zero... I... - Before she could finish, Kaname cut her off.

- Unfortunately, that's not possible. Our contract cannot be broken. - The silver haired hunter glared at him.

- And why is that?! - The pureblood smiled slightly.

- I'm sure that as a Hunter you are aware of the so called "Blood Contracts" that a vampire does with a human, are you not? - The three male hunters widened their eyes in shock, before Toga stared at his daughter.

- Amaya, what the hell did you do?! This is the stupidest thing you've done till now! A Blood Contract?! Do you realize that there's no way for the contract to be dissolved?! Fuck! I thought you knew better than this! I thought you were smart, god damn it! - The girl that was now crying, gazed at her father.

- I did this for my mother! For Zero! For Ichiru! For the Kiryu's family! For my family! That woman deserves to die! I know that it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it's done! And what's the big deal?! All I have to do is kill some vampire! It seemed a low price to pay for that woman's death! - Her boyfriend gazed at her.

- Do you even know who this vampire is?! Or are you just going to kill whoever this guy tells you to?! Where's your honor, Amaya?! And besides, I never asked you to do this for me or my family, so don't act like a martyr! - As soon as the last words came out of his mouth he regret them. The pain he saw in the girl's eyes ignited his guilt and self loath. - Amaya... - She cut him off by slapping him hard as she gazed at him with tears running down her cheeks.

- Don't! Just don't! - After this she ran out of the office with Zero right behind her. It didn't took him long to catch her before he grabbed her arm and turned her around, for her to gaze at him.

- Amaya, wait! - She gaze directly at him, the pain and heartbreak in her blue eyes like daggers piercing his heart.

- What? - He went to touch her face, only for her to pull away, and he couldn't blame her.

- I didn't mean to say that. - She gazed at him again, more tears falling from her eyes.

- Yes you did. You meant exactly that! My father is right, I am stupid. Stupid for loving you too much! I loved you no matter what; supported you with an open mind, not caring that you had become a vampire and began to drink Cross Yuuki's blood! It broke my heart seeing the photos of the two of you together that Cross-san send me frequently! Through all this, my love for you didn't waver! I've made that contract thinking that maybe, if that woman was dead, then you would return to your former self and recognize that I was somehow useful! - She sobbed uncontrollably while Zero was staring in shock at her, the pain sobs, more daggers stabbing in his already bleeding heart. However before he could speak, she continued. - But no! What do you do when you found out about what I did? You said you didn't need or want my help! I'm done, Zero! I did everything I could for you and still isn't enough! I'm through with this! I don't care anymore! Go to Yuuki! She makes you happy, so go! She's more useful than me! I'm going to pack my things and I'll leave! Don't worry, I won't come back to bother your happy life! I'll take care of that hunt, you stay here with the one that you love! - He opened his mouth to speak but she didn't let him. - Don't! I don't want to hear you again! I don't want to see you again! Everything you did was cause me heartbreak! I hate you Zero!

These words were the final blow to his heart. He suddenly let go of her arm and watched, frozen, the girl he loved run away from his sight and life, perhaps forever. And he had no one to blame but himself, his big mouth and short temper.

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