Black Rose

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

When she opened the door and finally entered, Zero widened his eyes as he recognized the face of his dear friend, of his special girl. He almost couldn't believe it how much she had grown. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but to him, she was the most beautiful thing he had seen in the whole world. Her eyes held more shine than he remembered, her hair was longer and she was no longer a little girl, but a beautiful and developed woman, that surely made men fall at her feet with ease. Meanwhile, while Zero was still in his trance, Yuuki was fussing about Amaya's clothes.

- Oh my God! These clothes are awesome! - The older girl smiled tenderly, causing Zero to gasp as he remembered her sweet smile.

- Thank you! - Her soft voice only made Zero's heart beat faster. She no longer had her high pitched childish voice; now, her voice was soft and low, almost seductive. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, Cross Kaien began with his extravagant behavior.

- Oh, Amaya-chan! You've grown so much since I last saw you! You became a beautiful woman! - The raven haired girl gazed annoyed at the man who was currently dancing around her.

- Cross-san! Why don't you behave like a headmaster for a change? - Yuuki, who was surprised by Amaya's outburst, and Kaien backed away, while Toga and Zero smirked. The silver haired male gazed at her amusingly; she still had the same feisty personality that he liked so much. She was really two opposites: in a second she could be sweet, caring and tender; while on the next second she'll be harsh, deadly and a little scary. Finally, Kaien, became serious once again and sat at his desk.

- Well, Amaya-chan, I want you to meet my daughter, Cross Yuuki. - The female guardian smiled and bowed a little while Amaya did the same, before Kaien continued. - Yuuki, this young lady is Yagari Amaya. - When Yuuki heard the other girl's last name she widened her eyes in surprise.

- Huh? Yagari? Like... in Yagari-sensei's family? - Amaya nodded.

- Yes, Yagari Toga is my father. - Yuuki widened her eyes in surprise an stayed speechless, before Kaien smiled at Zero.

- I would introduce you to Zero, but you two already know each other. - The girl smiled and nodded before she gazed at Zero. She was quite surprised at his aspect. He had become a quite handsome tall man, his amethyst colored eyes still held the same loneliness it always had, but now it seemed deeper and she knew why. She noticed the tattoo on his neck and smiled slightly, it was true that he was fighting the beast in him as best as he could. Pushing away her thoughts, she approached him and smiled.

- Hello, Zero. It's been awhile. - He continued to gaze at her blue eyes, before, on an impulse, he bent down and embraced her tightly, surprising the other occupants of the room who had never seen him act like that. Amaya, however, didn't mind the embrace and soon, she embraced him as well. As soon as she did this, she felt him relax.

- Amaya... - His deep, husky voice made a shiver run down her spine and a warm feeling gather in her chest. - I never thought I would see you again. - She smiled and pulled away before caressing his face, surprising the boy.

- Well, here I am. - He smiled slightly, making the others gasp at the unusual sight.

- Yeah. - Without any other word Zero returned to his usual stoic face, let her go and then they turned to the Headmaster. After recovering from the shock, Kaien cleared his throat and gazed at the girl.

- Well, Amaya-chan, I want to propose you a place as a guardian and perfect. I'm sure that you know what that position means, and we'll be happy to have help with that job. - Amaya nodded and thought for a while before answering, her voice now carrying a business like tone.

- I'll be happy to help and join the guardians. Especially if that means placing those vampires in the right place! - Kaien sighed.

- I see that you share Kiryu-kun's point of view and not my dream. - She shook her head negatively.

- Due to my past, I see your dream with doubtful eyes. Still, I only attack vampires if they're out of line. If they behave, I'll behave as well. - Cross smiled and nodded.

- Fair enough. - He got up and went near a closet, which he opened and took out a chest. He placed it on the desk and gazed back at the girl. - I want you to choose the anti-vampire weapon you're going to wear here. - She nodded and he opened the chest. She looked through the weapons and smiled.

- I see that Zero chose Bloody Rose. - Kaien nodded and smiled.

- Yes, it was Zero's weapon of choice. - She nodded and gazed at the weapons, her gaze stopping on a black gun, almost identical to Bloody Rose, only a little smaller. She picked it up and smiled.

- Black Rose. It's been awhile since I last held this weapon. - Kaien smiled.

- The Bloody Rose's twin. The female version. - She nodded and Zero smirked.

- Are you sure you're still able to use that, Amaya? Haven't you lost the skills? - Amaya mirrored his smirk as she gazed at him.

- Oh, you think so? Do you want to bet that I'm quicker and more effective than you at shooting? - He continued to smirk, his eyes shining in amusement.

- Like old times, huh? Sure, bring it on! There's a shooting range in the basement, let's go there! My Bloody Rose against your Black Rose! Let's see who will win! - She smiled, happy to be back by her friend's side.

- Count me in! Let's go! - She turned to her father. - I'll be back later, and then I'll see the school and try the uniform! - Before Toga could answer her, she had already left, still, before Zero could go after her, the elder hunter gazed at his former student.

- Hey, Zero. - The boy stopped to gaze at the teacher. - Take good care of her. - Zero nodded, before following Amaya out of the door.

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