Black Rose

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

He suddenly heard a male's voice behind him, startling him slightly.

- Go after her, Zero. She didn't mean any of that, she's just upset. - He turned to look at his former teacher and his loved one's father.

- I hurt her. It's my fault, I broke her heart. If she wants to stay away from me, then I'll let her. She's better without me anyway. - Toga frowned.

- I thought you loved her. - Zero frowned as well.

- And I do! More than she can imagine! - The older man shook his head negatively.

- It doesn't seem like it. Go talk to her. - Zero shook his head.

- It's better if I give her sometime. We both need to cool off. - After this the silver haired man walked away while Toga shook his head and decided to go check on his daughter.

As he approached her bedroom he could hear her cry inside and that made him even more worried. He sighed, wondering how he would act in this situation. He had always been kind of bad in this type of situations; sentimental moments always left him uncomfortable, even so he did his best when it came to his daughter.

He knocked slightly on the door and after hearing a soft answer, he entered the room. There he saw his daughter laying face down on the bed, crying hard while holding the pillow tightly. The man approached the bed slowly, before placing a hand on her shoulder.

This gesture startled the young woman, who raised her head and gazed surprised at her father with red eyes from crying.

- Dad... - Toga sighed as he petted her head.

- Hey kid. How are you feeling? - She slowly sat up on the bed and rubbed her eyes.

- Hurt. I really like Zero, dad. I really do! - The tears began to fall once again and although a little reluctant, Toga pulled her to hug.

- I know, kid. I know you do. And I also know that he likes you back. - She shook her head negatively against his chest.

- N-No he doesn't! He... - Her father cut her off.

- He said that in the heat of the moment. Believe me, some of us guys blurt out very stupid shit when we're upset. - She continued to sob.

- W-Why would he be upset?! - Her father frowned and pulled back to gaze at her.

- Did you really asked me that Amaya?! After what Kuran told us it's normal to be upset! Heck, even I was! - After gazing at her watering eyes, he sighed, calming down a little bit. - Look, what you did wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do and when Zero heard it he became angry, yes, but also worried about you. You have to understand his point of view. - The girl remained silent for a while, thinking carefully about what her father had told her. After a while she gazed at her father again.

- If that's true, then why didn't he come to talk to me? - The male hunter took a deep breath.

- Well, he said he wanted to give you some time. He knows that he hurt you and he's sorry for that. Besides, you too said some unpleasant things to him, for example that you hated him. - Amaya quickly gazed at her lap with shameful eyes.

- I didn't mean it. I was just hurt. I love him. - She gazed back at her father. - Was he really sorry? - The man nodded.

- Of course he was. He came after you when you left the office, didn't he? - She nodded slowly.

- He did. - They remained in silence for a while, before the teenager sighed, picked up the pillow and shoved her face against it. - I was a fool, wasn't I, dad? - Her father chuckled slightly.

- You weren't a fool. It was a mistake. Everyone does it. You're not perfect Amaya, you're human. And very much like your mother when it comes to being stubborn and precipitated. Like her, you jump to conclusions without hearing the whole story or the two sides of the it. - She dropped the pillow before gazing at her father with red eyes from crying.

- I guess... you're right. I'm very unfair some times. I should've listened to what Zero had to say, before judging him. - Her father nodded.

- Yes you should have. But you can't go back now. You two need to sit down and talk. - Amaya nodded while smiling slightly.

- You're right. I'm going to talk to him right now. - She hugged her father eagerly, making him a little uncomfortable. - Thank you for talking to me dad and bringing me to reason! Thank you! - The man patted her back slightly.

- Yeah... you're welcome kid. Now go, before he leaves for the hunt. - She nodded and smiled once again before giving her father a quick peck on the cheek and then dashing out of the room towards, Zero's bedroom; leaving her father stunned by her actions.

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