Black Rose

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Amaya went as quickly as possible to the male dormitory and then to Zero's bedroom. When she got to her destination she saw Zero packing his things, preparing to go on the hunt. Almost as if sensing her, the silver haired hunter gazed at her, who was standing by the door, looking breathless.

- Amaya... what do you want? Did you came to bash me some more?! - The female hunter gazed sadly at the ground before gazing back at him.

- No, I... came to apologize. - He gazed at her by the corner of his eye and sighed.

- Whatever... - She frowned slightly as she entered and sat on his bed, preventing him from continue to pack.

- You could at least hear me out! - He frowned as he gazed at her.

- What, like you heard me awhile ago?! - She looked down at her lap, ashamed of herself.

- I know I was wrong to act the way I did, Zero. I'm sorry. I know I've hurt you with what I said. I'm sorry. - He turned away from her and went near the closet.

- Yeah... you did. - The girl got up and approached him, placing a hand on his back.

- Do you forgive me? - The male hunter took a deep breath before nodding.

- Yeah... - At this a smile appeared on her lips as she embraced his waist from behind.

- Thank you Zero! I... - But before she could finish, the male teenager cut her off.

- However, I think it's better if we don't continue dating. - This surprised Amaya, who stepped back to let him turn around to look at her.

- What? Why? I... - He silenced her by caressing her cheek tenderly.

- What I feel for you didn't change. I just think that we rushed things up when it came to this relationship. We haven't seen each other in years! Maybe it's better if we can get to know each other a little better before we begin dating again. Who knows, maybe as time passes by you'll forget about me and fall in love with another guy. - She shook her head violently, the tears coming back to her eyes.

- I will never love any other guy! If you think it's better to give sometime to our relationship, so be it. I'll wait until you think that we're ready to date again or until you say that you don't love me. I just want you to know that I'll be here for you, either as a friend or girlfriend. - Zero gazed a little surprised at her before leaning down and kissing her tenderly. When he pulled back he caressed her face again.

- Okay. I'll be here for you as well. - She nodded slightly. - I'll see you when I come back from the hunt. - She nodded once again but before she could speak, Zero kissed her again. When he pulled back again, he smirked slightly at her blushed face. - I just wanted one more kiss, for us to remember.

After that, he just left and Amaya thought that it was best if she went back to her bedroom.

There, she found her father, still sitting on her bed, looking intently at a picture that was on his hand, while smoking. The girl smiled slightly, realizing that it was her mother's photograph that he was holding. She slowly entered the room.

- You know, dad, smoking is bad for you. - Her voice made Toga advert his gaze from the picture to look at his daughter who was standing in front of him. He chuckled slightly at her remark.

- Worried about me, kid? - She smiled as she sat by his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

- Always dad. - He smiled slightly.

- So, how did you conversation with Zero go? Are you two together again? - She shook her head.

- No. We agreed to take our relationship slowly. To know each other better, and if at the end, we still like each other, we begin dating again. - He glanced at her from the corner of his eye.

- Was it your decision, or his? - She sighed, realizing what was going on in her father's head.

- It was his, but I agreed with it. Don't blame him dad. He has a certain point, we did rushed things when we began dating after being so many years apart. - Toga threw his cigar through the open window.

- Why didn't he think about that before you two began dating?! When he returns, I... - The female hunter sat up straight on the bed and gazed at her father.

- Dad, please, don't do anything to Zero! It was a mutual decision! - The man frowned.

- Are you telling me that it didn't broke your heart when he decided that?! - Amaya sighed as she gazed at her lap.

- No, it didn't. - Her father frowned even more.

- Yagari Amaya, don't lie to me, dammit! - She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

- Yes, it hurt to hear him say that we shouldn't date anymore. But... I understand the reasons. I love him and I just want him to be happy. - He sighed.

- But he broke your heart! He... - She silenced him by raising her hand.

- Dad, please, forget about it. I'm fine with this decision. - He took a deep breath and leaned against the wall.

- Alright. But if he dares to hurt you, I'll... - Amaya smiled.

- I know dad. Thank you. - After a while in silence, she spoke again. - Dad? - He gazed at her.

- Hum? - She smiled as she leaned her head against his shoulder again.

- How was mom like? - Toga gazed a little surprised at his daughter before sighing deeply.

- Why this now, kid? You know that... - His daughter cut him off with a smile.

- I know that you don't like to talk about her and that it's painful for you, but... I really liked to know more about my mother. - He sighed again.

- Alright. What do you want to know? - She smiled even more.

- Everything that you can tell me. - The man went silent for a while, thinking, before he spoke again.

- Well, Miyako was a very stubborn woman, who always held her ground and never admitted defeat or that she was wrong. At the same time she had a soft side that came up every time she saw children or people in need. She was destined to become a mother. When she found out that she was pregnant, she was thrilled and couldn't wait to hold you in her arms. - He paused in that moment and Amaya realized that he was reliving the whole scene in his mind and felt kind of bad that she had asked him to relive those painful memories. But before she could say anything, he continued. - Your mother was... a wonderful woman that... I miss everyday and that I see in you more often than you imagine. - He sighed. - She constantly had a smile on her lips, even if she was breaking inside. She was a good hunter, I never saw a hunter being so graceful and deadly. Miyako was... amazing. - He sighed again, before gazing at his daughter. - Satisfied? - Amaya, cleaned the few tears that were falling from her eyes.

- Yeah... thanks dad. - Toga gazed at his daughter and sighed again.

- Why are you crying? - She giggled slightly.

- Sorry. It's just... Mom sounded, really amazing. I wish that I would had the chance to know her. - Her father stared at her, before patting her head awkwardly.

- I know kid. For you growing up without your mother, you have only me to blame. - The female hunter gazed surprised at him.

- Dad! Why do you say that?! It wasn't your fault! - Toga sighed as he gazed at his daughter.

- Yes it was. If I was there when that pureblood came for your mother, she would probably be here, by your side. - Amaya gasped as she embraced her father, surprising him.

- Don't say that! It wasn't your fault! It was that woman's fault! She killed her! - He sighed and patted her back.

- Yeah... Now changing the subject, you should get some sleep. It's late and you have school early in the morning. - The man got up, and the young girl giggled.

- And there you go to "father mode"! - He arched an eyebrow at her.

- "Father mode"? - She smiled.

- Yeah, when you suddenly act as a father, instead of your usual self. - He frowned at this.

- What do you mean with that? I always act as a father. - She smiled.

- Well, sometimes more than others. But you're my dad and I like you just the way you are. Grouchy and all. - The man scoffed.

- I'm not grouchy! Now go to bed, I don't want you to be late for your first class. - She sighed.

- Dad... - He frowned.

- Yagari Amaya, do as I say! Since you've been dismissed from your guardian duties, go to bed earlier! - Amaya sighed again and nodded.

- Alright dad. But before, just let me do something, okay? - He gazed questionably at her.

- Do what? - She got up and made puppy eyes at her dad, which rarely worked, but she still tried.

- Please trust me dad, I'll be quick. - The older hunter sighed.

- Alright. But be careful! - She nodded before she quickly left her room, and without a second thought went towards the Moon dorms.

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