Black Rose

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

As she passed through the gate, the mysterious gate keeper gazed at her suspiciously.

- What do you want Hunter? - Amaya gazed coldly at that person and showed her perfect's arm band.

- Not that it matters. I'll pass either you like it or not. - The gate keeper frowned but nodded.

- Very well, pass. - The female hunter continued in direction of the moon dorms and when she got there, she opened the door without thinking twice. This action surprised the members of the Night Class that were on the living room. When they saw her, some were angry by her presence, while others were simply surprised. Ruka frowned and got up from her seat.

- What do you want from here, hunter?! - The female hunter ignored her and gazed at the others vampires.

- Is Kaname in his room? - Ruka gazed even more angry at her and tried to attack her, only to have Black Rose pointed to her head. - Stay away from me, Souen Ruka! - The blonde vampire frowned but before she could speak, Seiren appeared and bowed at Amaya.

- Amaya-sama, Kaname-sama is in his room. Do you wish for me to show you the way? - The hunter placed her gun back on her garter belt and gazed at Seiren.

- There's no need Seiren. I know the way. Thank you anyway. - The female vampire nodded and bowed again, while Amaya went up the stairs. Meanwhile Ruka gazed at Seiren.

- How does she know the way to Kaname-sama's room?! - Seiren gazed at her emotionless.

- Stupid question. - With that she disappeared, leaving Ruka even more angry. Aido chuckled at her face.

- Haha, Seiren called you stupid! - He quickly stopped laughing when Ruka glared at him.

Meanwhile, Amaya was walking down the halls in direction of Kaname's room. When she got near his door, she knocked one time and after hearing the answer to come in, she entered the room and saw Kaname sitting on his desk, signing some papers. When he saw her, he smiled slightly.

- Amaya-chan, what can I do for you? - The female hunter approached him.

- I have a few questions to make you, Kaname. - He smirked.

- Oh, business talk, I see. Please take a seat, Amaya. - The girl sat on the chair facing him. - So what is it? - She gazed seriously at him.

- How can a pureblood enter someone's dreams to transmit messages? - The pureblood gazed seriously at her before looking at his chess board.

- You mean that Hio Shizuka contacted you? - The raven haired girl frowned.

- Answer my question, Kaname! - He gazed back at her.

- Normally, that isn't possible unless the pureblood has some blood ties with that person. Even in those situations, the vampire has to be relatively close to the person. If Hio Shizuka contacted you in this way, that means that she's close. - For a moment Amaya was deep in thought.

- But I do not have any blood ties with her. - Kuran began playing with the black knight chess piece.

- Oh, but you do, Amaya. When she drank your mother's blood, she forged a blood tie with you. She has your mother's blood running through her veins, and so do you. - She thought for a while, before she gazed at the chess piece he held on his hand.

- So, who is the black knight in your little game? - He smiled darkly.

- You, of course, Amaya. An unexpected piece that will help me reach the goal and protect Yuuki. - Amaya smirked before she grabbed the white knight.

- And this is Zero... - The powerful vampire leaned back on his chair.

- Yes, even if he doesn't realize it. In fact, you're the only one, besides Seiren, that knows about this... little game of mine. - She placed the white piece back on it's place on the board.

- Tell me something, Kaname, besides me, do you have knowledge of any other person being born of a Half-Vampire and a hunter? - He gazed at her attentively.

- I've seen some, but they never survived the birth. You're the first to have survived this long and that's why Shizuka wants you. You're special. Besides, your vampire blood is strong, coming from the Aido family. I don't know if you are aware of this but you're Aido Hanabusa's cousin. And therefore, cousin of Kain and Ruka. - She made a disgusted face.

- Please don't even say it. So, tell me, what's my next move? - She was gazing back at the chess board and Kaname smiled slightly.

- Protect Yuuki while her knight is away. - She sighed.

- I would've done that either way. She's my friend, and she seems to attract trouble. - He nodded.

- Indeed she does. She was always a troublesome child. Adorable, but troublesome. - The female hunter smiled slightly, before getting serious again.

- What about Rido? Any news? - Kaname shook his head negatively.

- Don't worry about him, for the time being. I'll call you when you're needed. By the way, I think you should train your vampire side and your vampire abilities from now on. - She rose an eyebrow at him.

- Why? - He gazed seriously at her.

- Because you would be more useful that way. Besides, your combat skills would improve if you controlled your vampire side. Ichijou will train you, starting tomorrow. I'll talk to the Headmaster, so that he can excuse you from the fencing class, since you don't need it. - She scoffed.

- You really are bossy Kaname. Fine. See you tomorrow. - She got up and went in direction to the door when his voice stopped her.

- By the way Amaya, I heard you and Kiryu broke up. I'm sorry to hear that. - She turned to look at him.

- Spying on me with your little pets, Kaname? - He smiled slightly.

- I have to make sure that my dark knight isn't harmed. - She nodded and without any other word, she left the room. When she got to the living room, the vampires gazed awkwardly at her, while Ruka frowned at her. But before the female vampire could say anything, Ichijou appeared and embraced the hunter.

- Amaya-chan! I just heard the news from Kaname! It will be great! - His overjoyed reaction, made the girl to drop the serious facade and giggle.

- Yes it will, Takuma-kun. - He embraced her even more.

- I can't wait! - She giggled again, before managing to escape from his bone crushing embrace.

- Me neither. But I have to go now. My father is waiting for me. - He nodded and both of them said goodbye to each other before Amaya returned to her bedroom.

On the next morning, Amaya walked with Yuuki to their first class, and the older female noticed that the other girl wanted to say something. After a while, Yuuki finally spoke.

- Amaya-chan... I know it's none of my business, but... are you and Zero okay? - The older girl gazed at her and sighed.

- We broke up, Yuuki-chan. - Yuuki gazed surprised at her and then her face became sad.

- Oh, I'm so sorry, Amaya-chan! Can I ask what happened? - Amaya sighed.

- We decided to get to know each other better before beginning to date again. If we begin dating again. That's the reason. We argued and then we decided that. - Yuuki gazed sadly at the ground.

- I'm sorry. I really liked to see you two together. You seemed so happy! - The hunter smiled slightly.

- Yeah, well, all I can do is wait now. - They remained in silence as they went to class. In the last class before the fencing class, there was a knock on the door and suddenly, Takuma's head poked through the door, making several girls of the class to squeal in excitement. The teacher approached the blond boy.

- What can I do for you? - Takuma smiled widely and entered the room, revealing that he wasn't wearing his normal school uniform but a blue tracksuit and sneakers, holding a gym bag in his hand.

- I apologize for interrupting the class, but the Headmaster gave me permission to take Amaya-chan for today. - The girls glared at Amaya, but the teacher gazed at the boy.

- What for? Can't it wait till the end of the class? - Takuma shook his head negatively.

- I'm sorry but no. From now on, Amaya-chan has a special class at this time with me. I'm going to tutor her. So, please, let her come with me. - The teacher nodded.

- If the Headmaster allows it, fine. - He turned to the students. - Yagari-san, you may go. - Amaya nodded and went towards Takuma who smiled widely at her.

- Come Amaya-chan. We must start our lessons right away. - She smiled back, but before she could answer him, he grabs her hand and takes her away. While they were walking down the corridors, Amaya gazed at him.

- Takuma-kun, why are you dressed like that? - He chuckled.

- To train you of course! By the way, I brought clothes for you as well. - He handed her the bag. - So go change in the bathroom. - She smiled at him.

- Are you sure that these will fit? - He nodded.

- I'm sure, I have a good eye. - She giggled before she went to change in the bathroom. When she opened the bag, she saw that he had chosen gray sweatpants, a black halter top and white sneakers. She quickly changed and realized that he really had a good eye, the clothes were perfect.

She got out of the bathroom and they both walked towards a small lake, in the school grounds. Once there, Ichijou decided to start with some concentration exercises. After a while, the girl gazed at her tutor.

- Takuma-kun, I think I can concentrate pretty well now. - He smiled slightly at her.

- First, please call me sensei, and second, to control your abilities it will be necessary a large amount of concentration. It's easier for us that use them since we are little, but with you, it will require a lot of work. - She sighed.

- Alright, sensei. - Takuma beamed at what she called him.

- Good, Amaya-chan! Now, let's try to awaken your vampire side, okay? - She gazed weirdly at him.

- How do you do that? - He placed his hand on his mouth and let his fangs pierce his skin.

- With blood. Now open your mouth. - A little reluctant, she did as he ordered and soon, she was licking the blood of his hand. Suddenly she felt something withing her beginning to stir and she pulled away. She closed her mouth and felt that her canines had grown into fangs.

- What the hell?! - Takuma smiled proudly at her.

- Very good. I thought it would take more blood than that. Nice. Now, this time, it worked with my blood, however, now that your vampire side was awakened once, for it to awaken one more time, you need your mate's blood. You might know this, but the only blood that completely satiates a vampire's thirst is that of his mate. Even for a vampire, to find his mate may take many years, but when they do, is forever, nothing can break that bond. - Amaya widened her eyes at this, as she remembered a situation with Zero.

- So, that means that if a vampire has its thirst satiated it means that he drank his destined mate's blood? - Takuma nodded.

- Yes, why? - She gazed at the ground thinking, before answering him.

- Because... after Zero drank my blood he said that he felt his thirst satiated and that he some times lusted after my blood. - The vice president of the Night Class smiled.

- It seems that you two are destined to be mates. Then, it means, that his blood will be the fuel that your vampire side need, understood? - She nodded. He suddenly became serious. - However, and I hope this doesn't happen to you, sometimes, who your vampire side chooses as mate and who you love, are completely different people. The vampire side, runs on instincts, they only wish to procreate, nothing more. Remember that. - She nodded once again.

- I understand that. - He nodded, and soon they began to make several exercises to figure out what was her vampire ability.

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