Black Rose

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Meanwhile, Zero had stopped on a small village on his way to the hunt, and decided to stop to rest for a while in a inn.

As he laid on the bed for a little rest he heard his vampire side.

- You really are an idiot Hunter! Such an idiot! - The young male frowned.

- What the hell do you want?! Let me rest! - His vampire side growled.

- You asshole! Why did you break up with the female?! After that incident you should have made her submit to you and not leave her! Idiot brat! - Zero glared furiously at the ceiling.

- Who the fuck are you to say what I should do or not?! You don't even have a name! - The voice snickered.

- Who said I didn't? You can call me Kage. - The hunter smirked.

- "Shadow"? Really? - Kage seemed a little amused.

- Why, yes, after all I am your shadow. You can never get away from your shadow, and you can never get away from me. I'm part of you. - The male sighed.

- Whatever. Just don't bother me and let me rest. - Kage chuckled.

- You really have a one focus mind, hunter. Tell me, are you not concerned about the other males around our mate? Those vampires... Ichijou Takuma and Kuran Kaname... They have strong ties with her. Doesn't that worry you? - The hunter turned on the bed as he sighed in frustration.

- Leave me alone Kage! I'm tired! And for your information, no, I'm not worried. She loves me. I know that. - The male voice seemed even more amused.

- You say that and yet, you aren't convinced yourself. Besides, after you breaking up with her, do you really think that she will wait for you forever? Even more than she already has? If you have confused feelings, it's your problem, not hers. She'll probably move on if you take too long in dwelling with your feelings! Go to her, Kiryu Zero! Go! Some stupid Level E's can wait! She can't! - Zero grabbed his head.

- Shut the fuck up! I don't have confused feelings! I love her! But we weren't ready to be together! Now shut up! I have to rest, so that I can kill those beasts tomorrow! - Kage chuckled again.

- Very well, hunter. You've decided your own fate... Good dreams... - With this, Kage disappeared from Zero's mind. The male teenager rolled over, so that he was gazing at the ceiling.

- Stupid Kage! - He closed his eyes before drifting to a restless sleep, filled with images of Amaya with Ichijou, Kaname and even Kaito.

A few hours later, he got up and decided to continue his journey to the hunt. As he continued his walk he felt Kage's presence on his mind. After a while, his vampire side decided to speak, a hint of sarcasm on his voice.

- So, did you sleep well? Had good dreams? - Zero scoffed.

- You bastard! You did it on purpose! It was you who showed me those images! Even if you know that they aren't real! - Kage chuckled.

- I just showed what could happen. You're the one that chooses to believe in it or not. - The hunter scoffed.

- Yeah right. - He continued to argue with Kage as he walked through the dirt road.

Meanwhile, back at Cross Academy, at the end of the day, Takuma and Amaya were sitting, rather exhausted, on the grass by the lake. The noble vampire gazed at her, while she watched the sunset.

- So, the power to control plants. A rather unusual ability, I have to say. Specially to someone who's not even a full vampire. Amazing. If I would guess, I would say that this power was inherited from your mother. - She rested her head on her hand and sighed.

- Maybe. Who knows? The only thing I know right now, is that I'm exhausted. - He chuckled.

- Agreed, me too. It's normal, we used a lot of energy. - They stayed in silence for a while, before he spoke again. - So, I'm not going to classes today. Want to come to the dorm to read some manga? I know you like it. And I have your favourite... - He said the last sentence in a singing tone, causing Amaya to giggle.

- "Code Geass"? - He nodded while smiling and she nodded back.

- Alright. Just let me get a shower first, okay? - He smiled.

- Sure, I'll head back to take a shower myself and then, I come back to pick you up, okay? - She nodded.

- Okay, fine by me. - They both got up and went separate ways to take showers and change. As she was getting out of the female dorms, she found Takuma waiting there for her, smiling at her.

- Are you ready, Amaya-chan? - She smiled back at him.

- Yeah. - They began walking towards the moon dorm and she gazed at him. - Thank you Takuma-kun. For helping me to keep my mind off things. - He smiled once again at her.

- No problem. That's what friends are for. Tonight I don't want you to think about bad things. Only happy thoughts! A night for you to be a normal teenage girl. - She giggled and nodded.

- Yeah. You're right. - They continued to talk while they walked and soon, they were standing in front of Takuma's room in the Moon dorm. The blond vampire turned to the female hunter and smiled a little.

- I share the room with Shiki, so there must be candy everywhere. Sorry. - She smiled back.

- It's okay, don't worry. - The vampire opened the door and the two of them went to Takuma's side of the room and sat on his bed while reading some manga.

The days passed by and the lessons with Ichijou became routine for Amaya, as well as patrolling followed by reading manga in Takuma's room. With Zero, he had a difficult time slaying all the Level E's but in the end he came out victorious and began his trip back to Cross Academy. When he stopped for the night, Kage spoke to him once again.

- So, hunter, what do you think the female Yagari is doing? - Zero sighed as he closed his eyes.

- I don't know Kage. I just want to sleep. - Kage scoffed.

- Aren't you even worried that another male might stole her from you?! - The hunter clenched his fists.

- Will you let me sleep?! And no! I'm not worried! I trust Amaya! Now shut the fuck up! - His vampire side chuckled slightly.

- You say you trust her, but you still worry about her proximity to that noble vampire. What's his name...? Ah, yes, Ichijou Takuma. She does seem very close to him, doesn't she? Maybe too close? Who knows what that vampire did to her now that you're not around? Perhaps, he made her his, already... - Zero clenched his jaw shout. Even if he denied what Kage was implying, those thoughts had passed through his mind several times.

- Will you shut up! I'm not worried! I know how she feels for me! She would never give herself to a vampire! Never! - Kage sounded amused.

- It seems that you're trying to convince yourself of that. You doubt your own words. But you know, this is your fault. If you hadn't broken up with her, she had come with you and therefore, you wouldn't worry. - Zero punched the bad angrily.

- What do I have to do for you to shut up, Kage?! - The voice chuckled slightly.

- Go to her and make her yours. Quite simple. - The silver haired teenager turned around in the bed.

- Forget it! - Kage sighed.

- Fine! Sleep away! - Finally at peace, Zero fell asleep.

Kage: "So, I finally got named in this story! It about damned time!

Me: "Now, now, Kage you should be thanking your godmother, who did the amazing job of naming you."

Kage: "You're right. Thank you Lady Island Rose for naming me!"

Zero: "It isn't that big a thing... It's just a stupid name!"

Me: "Zero! Be nice! She's your fan, a big supporter and a good friend! Now as punishment you'll do the final announcement!"

Zero: *Glares* "What if I don't do it?!"

Me: *Evil smile* "I'll make Amaya end up with Aido!"

Zero: O.O "No! Fine, I'll do it!"

(Suddenly, a short man with a big nose enters the room and both me and Zero stare at him.)

Me: "Igor? What are you doing here?"

Igor: "I am here to assist you in your weekly announcement." *Clears throat* "This is it for this chapter. My master will post another one next Monday. Till then... farewell."

(Leaves room and Zero gazes at me)

Zero: -.- "You're playing too much Persona 3"

Me: -.-' "Maybe you're right..."

Kage: "Whatever... Now, people don't forget to leave a nice review and to continue to read the fanfic! Or else... " *Evil grin as he licks his lips* "I'll be tasting your blood!" ^_~

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