Black Rose

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

On the next morning, he decided that he would travel during the day and night, this way, to reach Cross Academy as soon as he could. He didn't want to listen to Kage's ranting again. While walking, his curiosity took the best of him and he began speaking with his vampire side.

- So, Kage, how do you know so much about what Amaya does? - His vampire side seemed amused.

- Well, you see hunter, when a vampire tastes his soul mate's blood, he grows a connection with his mate. - Zero sighed.

- She's isn't my mate yet. - Kage continued to be amused and Zero could almost see him smirk.

- Why do you ask this all of a sudden? Do you, by any chance, want to know what she's doing right now? - The hunter frowned.

- No, I don't! At this time of the day she's probably in class. - His vampire side chuckled.

- Ah, you think so? Well, you're wrong. Right now, the female Yagari is sleeping by Ichijou's side... in his bed! - At this the silver haired boy stopped in his tracks, a frown in his face.

- You're lying! She'll never lay with him! She... - His vampire side cut him off.

- I'm not lying hunter. She's been spending her nights with him, ever since you left. But don't worry, she didn't gave herself to him. She continues pure... waiting for us! - The hunter closed his eyes and began walking again. Even if Kage had said that she hadn't given herself to Ichijou, the jealousy was still present in Zero's mind and he couldn't help but wonder about something.

- What has she been doing in his room then? - Kage sighed.

- Nothing big. Reading stupid manga, talking about you... There is however, something different about her that pleases me. - Zero frowned. If it pleased Kage, he was wary of what it was.

- What is it? - The voice chuckled.

- Somehow, she has awaken as a vampire. - The Kiryu hunter stopped once again dead in his tracks, his eyes wide open as he felt rage take over him.

- What?! How?! That... Kuran bit her?! - His vampire side seemed to be pondering.

- No, she wasn't bitten. Her awakening happened after she drank Ichijou's blood. That however, only happened once. Her vampire presence never appeared again, and she continues with her normal routine. - Zero became a little confused.

- I don't understand! How can that be?! - Kage sighed once again.

- You see, hunter, the female is a very rare species. She's a hunter but also has vampire blood. Not like you, but since birth. As you know, her blood is special as well as exquisite. It was thanks to her blood that I was awaken. It seems that even though she isn't a "vampire" so to speak, she can turn herself into one and even has vampire abilities, like the nobles. That's what I know, but she'll explain it you once you get your ass back to Cross Academy! - The hunter growled.

- Shut up! If you're in such a hurry why don't you make me move faster?! - His vampire side took that statement as a challenge.

- I thought you never asked, Kiryu Zero! - Before Zero could stop him, Kage took over his body and began to speed towards Cross Academy.

Meanwhile, in Cross Academy, Moon Dorm, Ichijou was trying to wake the teenage girl lying next to him on the bed.

- Amaya-chan, please wake up. You're going to be late for classes. - The girl however rolled over and continued to sleep.

- Five... more minutes... - The blond vampire sighed and Shiki poked to look at Ichijou's bed from his side of the room.

- So, the hunter is still here? - Ichijou gazed at Shiki and smiled.

- Ah, Shiki! Yes, Amaya-chan is still here. Why? Do you want something? - Senri shook his head.

- No. Why is she here every night, anyway? - The Night Class vice-president sighed.

- Because she's my friend, and she needs my support right now. Besides, Kaname wants to have her protected while Kiryu-kun isn't back. - The model leaned against one of the bookcases.

- Hum... protect her by placing her among vampires? Stupid. - Takuma smiled slightly.

- Well, at least here she's with a friend. - Shiki gazed at the girl.

- When Kiryu returns, he will try to kill you for touching her. He beat the crap out of Aido and Kain just because they tried to attack her. - Before the blond vampire could answer him, the female hunter began to stir.

- Hum... Takuma-kun... - Ichijou gazed at the girl and smiled.

- Wake up Amaya-chan! It's time for classes! - She opened her eyes and gazed at him, before staring sadly at the pillow.

- I don't want to go. What's the point in going anyway...? - Ichijou sighed and touched her face.

- I know you are a little depressed Amaya-chan, but you have to go to school. - She sighed, while Shiki went back to sleep.

- Takuma-kun, can't I stay here instead? I promise I won't be a bother. - The vampire touched her hair tenderly.

- You miss Zero, don't you? You never talked about what happened and I respected your privacy, but now I'm worried about you. I'm your friend and I don't like to see you so sad! I've never seen you so sad! So tell me, what happened between you two? - Amaya gazed at him and closed her eyes.

- Kaname-kun told Cross-san, my dad and Zero that I had made a Blood Contract with him. Zero was upset and we argued. Long story short, he hurt me with his words, I hurt him with mine, and so on. I said I hated him and for him to go to Yuuki. It was foolish, I know. Me and my dad had a talk and when I went to apologize to Zero, he said that it was best if we didn't date anymore. He said he still loved me, but that we went too fast with the relationship. That we shouldn't be dating so soon, that he wanted to get me to know better. I said I'd wait for him, and I will. - Takuma listened to everything patiently and in the end brushed her hair out of her face.

- But you doubt his words. Right? - She let a tear fall from her eyes.

- I don't want to, but... yes I do. I'm afraid Takuma-kun. - He gazed curiously at her.

- Afraid of what? - Amaya sat on the bed and gazed at her lap.

- Afraid that... he has a change of heart. Afraid that as the time passes by he doesn't love me anymore. Afraid that when he founds out that I can turn myself in to a vampire, in to the very thing he hates more than anything... he stops loving me. - Ichijou sat up beside her.

- Well, I don't think that that will happen. He does love you and nothing will change that. And about you having vampire abilities, I'm sure he won't hate you for that. After all, he is a vampire, either he like it or not, and you accepted him for it. I'm sure he will accept you as well. - The girl smiled slightly and hugged her friend.

- Thank you Takuma-kun! - He smiled and hugged her as well, but before he could reply, the door of the bedroom burst open to reveal a frowning Zero with glowing red eyes. Both Takuma and Amaya gazed surprised at the male hunter. Zero, or more correctly, Kage growled at Takuma.

- Stay away from my mate Ichijou Takuma! She's mine! - Takuma smiled while backing away and Amaya gazed surprised at the silver haired hunter.

- Zero? No, you're his vampire side. - Kage smiled.

- Yes, little hunter, I am. You can call me Kage. You see, Zero was worried about you but he's too stubborn to admit it, so I took over and came here. I knew you were here with him, so I came to take you away. - She gazed surprised at him.

- H-How did you know that I was here? - He smirked.

- You see, little mate, after I, or Zero, if you wish, drank your blood, a connection formed between us. I always know what you're doing, with whom and where. And so do you after your vampire side is fully awaken. Now, come, my little hunter. I'll take you to your room, where you and the hunter can talk. - Without hesitation, Amaya grabbed his hand, who pulled her on to his arms and rushed towards her room in the female dorms of the Day Class. Once there, he placed her on her bed and she looked up at him.

- So, your name is Kage? - He nodded.

- Yeah, I named myself. It fits, doesn't it? - She nodded.

- It does. Now, can I talk to Zero? We'll speak later Kage, okay? - The male nodded before getting close to her and kissing her passionately. The girl, although surprised enjoyed the kiss, and soon kissed him back.

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