Black Rose

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

- When they pulled away, Zero widened his eyes before looking around.

- What the hell?! How did I...?! - Amaya smiled slightly.

- Kage took over. - The male gazed surprised at her.

- Kage? He...?! - He then frowned. - Did he do anything to you?! - She shook her head.

- No. He just brought me here. - The hunter arched an eyebrow.

- What do you mean? Where were you? - At this the girl blushed slightly.

- In Takuma-kun's room, in his bed. - Without managing to control himself, he clenched his fists and frowned; jealousy began arising in his soul.

- Oh really? In his bed?! So, is he good?! - She stared surprised at him.

- What are you talking about, Zero?! I just slept there! Nothing else! Takuma-kun and I are friends! Besides, I love you! I thought you trusted me! - He sighed and sat next to her on the bed, his face on his hands.

- I know, I'm sorry. I just... I'm tired. - The girl smiled slightly and began caressing his back, trying to make him relax.

- Did you get any sleep? - He shook his head negatively.

- No. Courtesy of Kage. - She smiled again and kissed his neck, making him feel a shiver down his spine.

- Then you should get some sleep. I'm sure he won't bother you now. - He nodded, but still didn't move an inch. Seeing that she decided to continue to speak. - I see that the hunt was hard. Did you get hurt? - He shrugged.

- Some scratches. I'm healed now. But if Kage didn't take over at one point... I wouldn't be here. - These words made her mind race to the image that Shizuka showed her in her dream, of Zero's dead body. Without a second thought, she embraced him.

- I'm glad he took over then. I couldn't be without you in my life! - The hunter gazed at her and embraced her as well.

- Relax, I'm fine. I'm here. - She pulled back and touched his face.

- I missed you. - He smiled slightly.

- I wasn't away for that long. - She kissed his cheek.

- It doesn't matter. I still missed you. - His embrace tightened and he placed his face on the crook of her neck.

- I missed you too. - He sniffed. - You have their smell in you. - She touched his hair.

- Sorry. - He smiled slightly.

- It isn't your fault Amaya. - He began to sniff at her neck and then licked, surprising her.

- Do you want to drink? - He suddenly pulled away and shook his head.

- No. I can't. - She touched his face, before taking off her choker and the thin wool jacket that she was wearing.

- Drink, Zero. I know you want to. - He gazed at her neck and slowly approached her, before licking her neck and then biting her. Immersed in the moment, he surrounded her waist with his arms and slowly made her lay down on the bed. In her blood he could feel every emotion within her soul and also, her vampire side. When he pulled back, he licked her skin until it healed and then gazed directly at her eyes.

- So, you have vampire abilities? - Amaya widened her eyes.

- How do you know that? - He licked his lips.

- Kage told me and so did your blood. - She looked at the side.

- Well, yes, I do. I can control plants. However, my vampire abilities are only active when my vampire side is awaken. - He touched her hair.

- And when does that happen? - She took a deep breath.

- When I drink your blood. As my blood awoken Kage, your blood awakes my vampire side. - He caressed her face, his eyes locked on hers.

- Why do you need this abilities? Why do you want to awaken your vampire blood? - Amaya cupped his face and kissed him lightly, surprising him and tasting her blood in his lips.

- Because I have to. To make me stronger, so that I can fulfill my part of the Blood Contract. - At the mention of said contract, Zero frowned and pulled away from her; sitting up on the bed.

- That damned contract again! What the hell did you agree to do anyway?! - The girl sighed and gazed at him from her place on the bed.

- I... have to kill one of Kaname-kun's enemies. - He gazed at her for over his shoulder, a frown still in his features.

- Do you at least know who the punk is, or you'll keep on killing everyone he orders you to?! - Amaya sighed once again before answering him.

- Yes, I know who he is. It's his parents' murderer. - Zero stared surprised at her.

- Murderer? But the Kurans killed themselves! It's in the records! - She bit her lower lip and sat up.

- That's what the Senate wanted everyone to think. After all, it was them who ordered the killing. - The male hunter gazed shocked at her, while she got closer to him and touched his face. - You have to promise me that you won't tell this to anyone. Not even my dad, Yuuki-chan or... Kaname-kun! Please! - He gazed at her blue eyes intently before nodding.

- Alright. You have my word. But tell me, why does this have to be a secret? - She looked away.

- Because I wasn't supposed to tell this to anyone. - She gazed back at him. - But I trust you, Zero. I know that I can trust you with everything. - He pulled her to an embrace.

- You can. I won't tell anyone. Just tell me something. If Kuran found out that you had told me, would he hurt you? - The female Hunter got closer to him in his embrace.

- Probably. After all, I broke one of the conditions of the Contract. - He embraced her tightly, while resting his head on the crook of her neck.

- Then, I'll definitely be silent about it. - She touched his hair tenderly.

- Thank you. - She could feel him relax in their embrace and smiled. - Maybe you should get some sleep now, Zero. You're tired and need to rest. - He nodded and pulled away from her, before caressing her face lovingly.

- Kage told me that you have been spending a lot of your time with Ichijou-senpai. Can you tell me why? - The girl smiled at him.

- Of course. He's been training me in my vampire abilities and also... helping me to keep my mind away of... things. - He gazed at her with pain in his eyes.

- Of me. - She shook her head negatively.

- Of our breaking up. - She saw the pain in his eyes and touched his face. - Don't worry. I said I'll wait until you're ready, and I meant it. - He nodded while tracing her lips with his thumb.

- I hurt you that night... - Amaya kissed his hand.

- A lot of stupid things came out of our mouths that night. We hurt each other without meaning it. - Zero shifted his gaze to her lips.

- Yeah, but then I hurt you even more when I broke up with you. You were ready to throw that stupid fight into the past, and I broke your heart. Kage's right, I fucked up big time. - The girl shook her head negatively.

- Don't say that. You did what you thought was right for you. If you didn't feel comfortable dating with me, or didn't feel like it was the right time for you, it's normal for you to... - The male hunter frowned before kissing her passionately. At first she was surprised but then quickly responded to the kiss.

Me: "So, everyone that's for this chapter. Please wait till the next Monday for another one." :)

Zero: "So, does this mean I'm together with Amaya again?"

Me: "Zero, did you even read it?! You'll only found out next Monday! For now, you'll have to wait, like everyone else!"

Zero: *Pouts*

Kage: "Come on, Zero, don't be such a whiny bitch! Besides, it isn't you who is being haunted down by some maniac woman called Demonic Angel 7 and a creature called Ice! They'll torture me!"

Me: *Trows Kage away* "That conversation isn't for this room, Kage! You'll give your godmother a bad impression...

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