Black Rose

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Then, suddenly, before they could continue to talk, someone knocked on the door and a voice soon followed.

- Amaya-chan! Amaya-chan, are you in there?! Please open the door! - The female hunter giggled and gave Zero a peck on the lips, before approaching the door.

- I'm coming Yuuki-chan. Hold on. - She opened the door and an excited Yuuki entered the room, not noticing Zero who was still laying on the bed.

- Amaya-chan you won't believe what happened! Kaname-senpai asked me to have dinner with him! - Amaya smiled while Zero made an annoyed sound with his tongue, finally getting Yuuki's attention, who gazed shocked at him. - Ah! Zero, you're back! And on Amaya-chan's... bed... - She suddenly blushed. - Oh my! I'm so sorry for interrupting! - Zero realized what she was thinking and sighed.

- Take your mind of pervert things. You should worry more about Kuran. You're not going out with him. - She frowned.

- Yes I am! - The male hunter glared at her, while Amaya sighed.

- Zero, let her go. Kaname-kun won't hurt her and they are going to have dinner on a restaurant full of people. - He gazed at her.

- How do you know that? - Yuuki also gazed at the other female, curious to know how she had that information. Amaya, smiled at them.

- Easy, I was the one to tell Kaname-kun about the restaurant and made the reservations myself. - Zero frowned.

- Did you do that because you wanted or because he forced you to? - His girlfriend gazed a little angry at him.

- Because I wanted! I knew how important this was to both of them! Come on, Zero, they deserve to have a date! - The male scoffed and turned away from the girls who were chatting happily about the date. After Amaya agreed in helping Yuuki choose the clothes for the date, the younger girl left and Zero finally gazed at his girlfriend, an unsure gaze on his face.

- Amaya... it's normal for a boyfriend and girlfriend to go on dates once in a while, right? - She gazed a little surprised at him, before sitting on the bed while smiling.

- Of course. But why do you ask Zero? If it's because Yuuki-chan and Kaname-kun, just relax. She will be fine. - He sat up on the bed and touched her face tenderly.

- No... it's not because of them... I... just... - He sighed and frowned before talking again. - Do you want to go out with me? - The girl gazed surprised at him before smiling widely and kissing him tenderly.

- I would love to, Zero! - He smiled relieved and kissed her again.

- Good. - She caressed his face as a question arose in her mind.

- You're not doing this as an obligation, are you? - He gazed at her and frowned.

- Of course not! I told you that I wanted to get to know you better and to have a normal relationship with you! - She nodded and kissed his cheek.

- Alright, I get it. I just asked. - He embraced her tenderly and began to kiss her neck, making her melt in his arms. The man smiled at her reaction, before pulling away form her neck to gaze at her slightly blushed face.

- So, let's go out? - Amaya gazed a little surprised at him.

- Now? But don't you have to go and report about the hunt? - The male hunter touched her face tenderly.

- You don't want to go? - She widened her eyes slightly before kissing him.

- I do! I just thought that you had things to do. - He shook his head.

- I can do them later. Let's go. - The girl got slightly blushed.

- Z-Zero let me at least change my clothes! - He frowned as he gazed at how she was dressed. She was currently wearing dark blue jeans and a simple light blue t-shirt.

- You look fine, why do you want to change? - She pouted slightly.

- Because I want to look good in our date. It's our first date and I want to look pretty! - The man chuckled slightly and kissed her.

- You're beautiful in everything you wear. You look just fine like this. - His girlfriend blushed again.

- T-Thank you, Zero. Even so, I would like to change to something else. - He sighed, finally relenting to his girlfriend's request as he got up and kissed her forehead.

- Alright then. I'll be outside of the room, waiting for you. - She nodded and he left the room, before she rushed to her closet to look for something to wear. After searching through her clothes, she decided on a simple black corset dress with black lace details that stopped a little before her knees and knee high black boots. She then brushed her hair, put her choker back on and finally opened the door, revealing herself to Zero, who was leaning against the wall.

- So, what do you think? - He gazed at her and she could see a red glint in his eyes as a small smile appeared on his lips.

- Perfect. - The girl got slightly flushed at the comment, especially when she realized that it was also Kage's opinion. He smiled again at her flushed face. - Why are you blushing? - She cleared her throat.

- Well... was that your opinion or Kage's? - He took a step forward and caressed her face.

- Both. Now let's go. - She smiled at him before letting him grab her hand and drag her off to town. Although students were forbidden to go out of school grounds, both Zero and Amaya had the Headmaster's authorization, since they were both hunters.

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