Black Rose

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

As they walked towards the town, the female hunter gazed at her boyfriend, who had his normal stoic expression and was looking straight ahead.

- Zero? - He gazed at her from the corner of the eye, before returning his gaze back to the road in front of them.

- Hum? - She bit her lower lip, a little unsure of what to say.

- Is everything alright? You've been awfully quiet since we left school grounds. - He sighed and squeezed her hand slightly.

- Yeah... everything's fine. - The young woman pouted as she stopped walking, making her boyfriend to stop as well and to look over at her.

- Don't lie to me Zero! You said that we should stop with the secrets between us, so, whatever is worrying you, tell me! - Zero sighed and approached his girlfriend, before kissing her slightly.

- I'm just thinking about some things, nothing else. - Amaya caressed his face.

- What are you thinking about? - The male hunter gazed directly at her blue eyes, before sighing.

- I was thinking about your proximity with Kuran and Ichijou-senpai. I don't like it. - She gazed a little surprised at him.

- You're jealous? - He frowned and gazed away.

- I'm not jealous! I just... don't like how close Ichijou-senpai is to you! You slept in his bed! - The girl frowned slightly.

- Zero, that doesn't mean a thing. You slept in my bed just now! - He gazed a little upset at her.

- That's different! We're a couple! - Amaya frowned even more.

- And he's my friend! He never tried anything immoral, Zero! He knows that I love you! - The male hunter scoffed and began to walk again, towards the town.

- Whatever... - The female clenched her fists, trying her best to control her temper.

- Zero... wait, please. - The male hunter stopped and turned to gaze at his girlfriend. - I'm sorry for making you feel bad about my friendship with Takuma-kun. - Zero's upset expression changed to a sad one when he realized that he had hurt her. He approached her and without letting her speak again, he kissed her passionately.

- I'm the one who should apologize. I shouldn't have brought this up on our first date. I'm sorry. Besides, I trust you and I have no right to make you stay away from your friends. - She caressed his face tenderly.

- It's okay Zero. I just want you to be sure that I love you and that I don't care about any other man. - He kissed her nose.

- I know that. Sorry. - Amaya smiled as she kissed him.

- It's okay. We're both new at this dating thing, so... But I want you to know that I'm trying my best. - Zero embraced her tightly.

- I know. Since the very beginning that you're trying your best. I should've understood that sooner. I'm sorry Amaya. - The girl smiled brightly and the male hunter could feel himself blush slightly.

- It's alright, Zero. Now, shall we go? - He nodded and they resumed their walking; the male hunter holding his girlfriend's hand tightly in his. After a while walking, they finally reached town and Zero gazed at the girl.

- So, where do you want to go? - She gazed at him and then at the stores around them, her eyes landing on a small ice-cream shop.

- What about there? - The man looked at where she was pointing at and sighed.

- Sure. Let's go. - She gazed funny at him.

- If you don't want to go there... - He shook his head.

- I want to. It's just that it's the same place Yuuki always drags me to, everytime we come to town. - The female hunter's face fell when she heard this.

- Oh... Then I don't want to go there! Let's look for another place! - He gazed surprised at her.

- Why? - He suddenly frowned. - Don't tell me that you're still jealous of Yuuki?! - It was her time to frown.

- Of course not! I just want to go with you to some place where you didn't go with anyone else! - She stared at the ground. - Somewhere that's just for us... - Zero looked at the young woman beside him with love in his eyes, before leaning down and kissing her.

- Alright, let's go then. I know of a place that you'll like. - As he said this he began to drag her to a secluded area. After a while walking between abandoned buildings, Amaya gazed intrigued at him.

- Where are we going Zero? - He looked back at her and smiled, making her blush slightly.

- Just wait and you'll see. - After this, she remained silent and let him take her, wherever he wished.

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