Black Rose

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Then, after some minutes of walking, they reached what seemed to be an abandoned mansion. Amaya had to admit that the building was amazing, even if it wasn't in its original beauty. The classical style entrance and columns were standing proud even among the dirt and decay that surrounded them; the former white paint of the walls had fallen a long time ago and what you could see now was the color of the stone beneath it; a statue of an angel that was on the side of the entrance door had dark, stray lines running from its eyes, almost like it was crying in sorrow due to the state of the building behind him.

The female hunter looked at her boyfriend and kissed him.

- This place is beautiful, Zero! - He kissing her again.

- Wait until you see the inside. - Once again, the male grabbed her hand and took her inside. There, a big staircase occupied the most of the big hall and on the wall on top of it was a multicolored big stained glass, that as the sunlight passed through it, its colors were cast towards the only two people that stood in the grand hall.

The female hunter turned to look at her boyfriend with her blue eyes shining with amazement, gratitude and love.

- This is perfect Zero! I love it! - The silver haired teenager smiled at her and kissed her tenderly.

- I knew that you would like it. You were always the kind of girl who liked this kind of stuff. Even so, I'm glad that you didn't change your tastes that much. - She giggled slightly before leaning in against his body.

- You're right. I always loved ancient places. They're always full of history and mystery as well. What was this place? - He surrounded her waist with his arms and pulled her even closer to him.

- It was a mansion belonging to a former vampire hunter family. It was like their vacation house. - She gazed up at him.

- What family? And what happened to it? - Zero sighed and squeezed her even tighter against him.

- It belonged to your family, Amaya; the Anrui family. - The girl pulled away from his arms to stare at him with doubt in her eyes.

- The Anrui family?! But... why is it like this then?! What happened?! - He touched her face and kissed her.

- This house was where your mother was born and grew up. I thought that you might like to see it. The truth is that the Anrui family fell in disgrace after your mother's birth and then yours. The Hunter Association took their assets away. - The raven haired girl looked down at the floor.

- Oh... - She then looked back at him, a smile on her face. - Thank you for bringing me here. I really love it Zero. It's truly a special place. - He touched her face tenderly.

- I'm glad that you liked it. As you wanted, this is a place that's just for us. People here think it's hunted, vampire hunters avoid this place and vampires don't like it here, so... It's only for us. - She smiled again and kissed him.

- Good. So, can we explore this place? - He nodded and smiled at her.

- Sure. - The young woman kissed his cheek before running towards the big staircase, climbed it up and then gazing over at her boyfriend who was still standing at the bottom of the stairs.

- Look Zero! Doesn't this house remind you of those period movies? Can you imagine us inside one of those love stories of Victorian times? - She giggled before twirling around. - Me in one of those long dresses and you in an elegant tuxedo! And then I come from my room and greet you, my beloved, who comes from a war! - Zero smiled at her before chuckling quietly.

- You have quite an imagination Amaya. But I can imagine you as an aristocrat. Beautiful in those long and luxurious dresses and your hair styled in one of those ridiculous hair fashion. While I'm here waiting for you to come to see me with your dad by my side threatening me that if I touch you, he'd kill me. - This only made the girl laugh out loud, before gazing lovingly at him.

- So, my beloved, are you coming to me, or do I have to go to you? - The male hunter couldn't help but smirk slightly at her words as he felt Kage surface. He began to climb up the stairs with slow but steady steps. It didn't took long for him to reach her and when he did, he kissed her passionately.

- I'll always come to you. - She gazed breathless at him and let herself get lost in the amethyst pools that were his eyes.

- My knight... I love you. - Zero smiled tenderly at her, before kissing her again.

- You're beautiful. I love you too. - She smiled at him and touched his face tenderly.

- Thank you. So, what should we do now? - He touched her lips tenderly.

- What about we go eat something? - She nodded happily.

- Sure! - He grabbed her hand and then took her to a small restaurant where he usually went to eat when he was in town. As soon as they entered, the man behind the counter gazed at Zero and smiled.

- Ah, Kiryu-kun! The usual? - Then he noticed Amaya and winked at the silver haired teenager. - Oh, a lady? Well, then what will be for the lovely couple? - Zero blushed slightly, while Amaya smiled at the man, before looking at her boyfriend.

- What will you want Zero? - The male hunter gazed at the owner of the shop.

- Ramen with salt broth for me. - He looked at his girlfriend. - What about you Amaya? - The young woman smiled.

- Just ramen is fine for me. - The owner smiled and nodded.

- Alright then, please sit anywhere you like. - The couple did just that and sat down in a small table. Once seated, Zero looked at the female hunter.

- I hope you don't mind eating here. I come here sometimes when I'm alone. - The girl smiled at him.

- Of course I don't mind. I love it. - He nodded relived and soon, they were both eating. After the meal, they returned to Cross Academy. While walking, the male hunter gazed at his girlfriend.

- So... did you like our date? - The girl made them stop before kissing him passionately.

- I loved it! Thank you Zero. - He caressed her face tenderly.

- I'm glad that you liked it. But you don't need to thank me. - She smiled.

- Well, it was wonderful. Now, as soon as we get to school I have to help Yuuki-chan to get ready for her date and then I'll go training with Takuma-kun. - Her boyfriend sighed.

- Why do you have to go help her now? It's still soon. - Amaya giggled.

- Zero, girls like to prepare everything with detail. Get used to that. - He chuckled slightly.

- Alright, I'll keep that in mind. - And they continued their walk back to the academy and once they reached the gates, they saw Toga waiting for them; a deep frown on his face.

- Zero, you're back. - The younger male nodded.

- Yes. - Suddenly, before they could prevent it, Toga punched Zero hard on the face, making him stumble backwards a little.

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