Black Rose

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Outside of the office, he found the girl waiting for him, leaning against the wall. He smiled slightly at her as they began to walk side by side.

- You know Amaya, it is really good to see you. - She smiled kindly at him.

- It's really good to see too Zero. I really missed you during these years, but father never let me go see you. He said that you were in a place where people loved you and took good care of you. I really hope that it was the case. I always... hoped that you would be alright. - He gazed at her with sadness in his amethyst eyes.

- Yeah... they took care of me. I'm... good. - The raven haired girl noticed the sad tone of his voice and gazed worriedly at him.

- Zero... I... know that I've been out of your life for many years, but... I want you to know that you can count with me for everything, like on the old days. - He smiled a little.

- I know Amaya. And thank you. - They remained in silence for a while before Zero spoke again. - Do you know about... my condition? - She nodded.

- I do. Father told me. - The silver haired hunter looked away in shame.

- And aren't you disgusted by what I've become? - She stopped on her tracks, making Zero stop as well and gaze back at her, surprised when he saw an upset look on her face.

- How can you say that? No matter what happens, Zero is Zero! The nature of who you are might have changed, but not your heart and soul! You're still Zero! And I promise you that in the day that you stop being Zero, I'll be the one to kill the beast that took over your body! - Without knowing what to say, Zero approached the girl and embraced her tightly, pressing their bodies as close as possible, making her rest her head on his shoulder.

- Thank you Amaya! I was... really needing you! I know that I can trust you with my life, and that's what I'm doing. - She closed her eyes and smiled.

- You're welcome Zero. But I really do hope that I won't have to kill you. - He nodded and pulled away, before they continued to walk. After a little while in silence, Amaya talked again. - Hey, Zero, I know it's none of my business but, can I ask you something personal? - He nodded.

- Go ahead. I won't hide anything from you. - She got a little blushed at that but quickly dismiss it.

- Thanks. Hum... Are you drinking Cross-san's blood? - The question shocked him but after a while he nodded.

- Yeah... I can't keep the blood tablets down. - She nodded in understanding.

- It's understandable. You have to quench the thirst in some way. - She paused for a moment before continuing. - You know Zero, if you want to and if you like its smell, you can drink my blood. I don't mind. - This made Zero look once again shocked and this time he stopped. When she noticed his shocked expression she smiled sadly. - I see. You don't like my smell. You prefer Cross Yuuki's. - Once again he was surprised by her reaction. He would never expected her to assume that and be disappointed by that fact, even... if it wasn't true. Quickly, before giving it a second thought, he approached her and embraced her tightly from behind, before nuzzling her neck.

- That isn't true! I... love your smell! - At this comment, he heard her sigh in contentment, surprising him even further. - I just... don't want to hurt you. I already hurt Yuuki, I don't want to hurt you too! Not you, who is the only good thing from my childhood that is left! - He let her turn around on his embrace so that she was facing him. When she looked him in the eyes she smiled and caressed his face.

- I appreciate your concern Zero, but I want to help you. You don't know how much it pained me to be away and know that you were here suffering! Knowing that I couldn't do a thing to help you, hurt me badly! So please, if I can help you in any way, even if it's through my blood, let me help you! Please! - He gazed at her blue eyes and saw nothing but determination. At this he sighed.

- I'll think about it. - She smiled and on an impulse, got on her tiptoes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, surprising him, before they resumed their walk in direction of the shooting range.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, a group of Day Class girls that were near that place had seen the exchange of embraces and tender gestures. It goes without saying that they quickly began to wonder who the mysterious girl was and why was Kiryu Zero so tender with her. Was the girl his girlfriend or his lover? The Cross academy had a new rumor, soon, almost the entire school knew about the tender scene that had happened between the bad tempered Kiryu Zero and the mysterious raven haired girl.

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