Black Rose

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Amaya rushed to her boyfriend's side while staring surprised at her father.

- Dad! Why did you hit him?! - The older hunter approached Zero, who was gazing attentively at him while touching his jaw.

- That was for breaking Amaya's heart! The next time, you're dead! - The male teenager gazed at the man and nodded.

- I deserved that. - Toga scoffed.

- Damn right you did! Now, come, I want a report of the hunt! - The younger man nodded and before following his master, he gazed at his girlfriend.

- We'll talk later, okay? - She nodded and kissed his cheek.

- Of course. I love you. - He kissed her forehead.

- I love you too. - Her boyfriend went towards the school building and her father gazed at her.

- I'll talk with you later! - After this, he also went away. Amaya sighed and walked towards the school building. Inside, she quickly found Yuuki speaking with Saori. She approached the two girls and when she saw her, Yuuki smiled.

- Ah, Amaya-chan! I saw you going out with Zero. Are you two okay again? - The older girl nodded and smiled.

- We're dating again. Can I talk with you Yuuki-chan? - The girl nodded and hurried to get closer to the raven haired girl.

- Of course, what do you want to talk about? - The female hunter sighed as she pulled Yuuki with her.

- I want to talk about Kaname-kun. Tonight, you'll go with him, but please be careful. I know the story between the two of you, but even so don't elude yourself, Yuuki-chan. - The brunette girl gazed confused at the other girl.

- What do you mean by that, Amaya-chan? - Amaya gazed sadly at the ground and then gazed fiercely at the other girl.

- It hurts me to say it, but don't forget that you are a simple human while he is the king of vampires, a pureblood! You are just a girl that he saved. - The younger girl gazed at the hunter with tears in her eyes.

- Why are you saying this to me? - The older female's gaze softened.

- It's for your own good, Yuuki-chan. - After saying this, she turned around and left, walking in the direction of the moon dorms.

Once there, she quickly went towards Kaname's room, ignoring Ruka's protests. She knocked and entered his room without waiting for a reply. Inside the room she saw the pureblood vampire sitting at his desk signing some papers. When he sensed her he looked up and stared at her.

- I heard what you said to Yuuki. You were a little harsh with her. - Amaya frowned.

- I only said that to her because you asked me to! So cut the crap, Kaname! - The vampire king chuckled slightly.

- Aggressive today, aren't we? - She glared at Kaname.

- I'm not aggressive; I'm just displeased about what you told me to do! My friendship with Yuuki might be over now! What are you planning with this, Kaname?! - He sighed as he turned to gaze at his chess board.

- You already know the goal, Amaya. What more do you need? - The female hunter approached the desk and turned her gaze to the chess board as well.

- I wonder if I know the real goal... I still don't understand why you wish to kill all of those people... Was that her wish, Kaname? - The man looked at her and suddenly the glass that was on his desk shattered.

- Don't mention her, Amaya. I've told you this before. And you know what you need to know to complete your part of the contract. - The young woman seemed unfazed by Kaname's actions and words.

- Just answer me Kaname, was that her wish, or not? - He closed his eyes.

- You already know the answer to that. - The girl nodded.

- I see... I hope that you change your mind, Kaname, or you'll loose Yuuki for good. - The pureblood picked up the black night piece from the chess board.

- Everything will go according to plan. You know your place. As soon as Rido is killed, your role will be lessened. - He looked back at her. - Now, if you're done, I believe that your father is looking for you. - She scoffed.

- Alright then, see you later. - She turned around and quickly left his room and the moon dorms. At the gate, she found her father waiting for her with a frown gracing his features.

- What were you doing in there, Amaya?! Especially alone! - The raven haired girl sighed before staring at the man.

- Dad, I just went to talk with Kaname-kun. Nothing else. - Toga mentioned for her to follow him. While walking, the male hunter gazed at his daughter.

- Ever since Zero left for the hunt that you've been spending your nights there! Care to explain?! - The teenager began to fumble with her fingers.

- I was there with Takuma-kun. I needed some company. I was hurt when Zero broke up and left. - The older hunter grumbled.

- And yet, as soon as he comes back you go on a date with him and he's lying in your bed! Yes, Cross Yuuki told me! Do you like to be hurt, Amaya?! - The teenager gazed surprised at the man.

- No! Of course not! It's just... Zero apologized and we decided to start over. I really love him, dad! - The man sighed.

- I know that! I'm not blind! Even if you love someone, when they hurt you over and over again that person doesn't deserve your love. You and Zero have known each other for a long time and I believe that you two really love each other, but maybe, you two aren't meant to be together. - Amaya shook her head violently as a few tears were spilled from her eyes.

- Don't say that! Zero and I are soul mates! Even my vampire side... - Realizing what she had said, she quickly closed her mouth. But it was too late, Toga had heard those words perfectly and was now gazing shocked at his daughter. Without giving her a chance, the man grabbed the teenager's wrist and dragged her till his bedroom, inside the school building.

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