Black Rose

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

- What did you mean by that Amaya?! What have you been doing?! - The female hunter sat on her father's bed and sighed.

- Dad, I know that you're upset, but please listen to me. - The man gazed upset at her.

- I don't want to hear any excuses Amaya! I just want to know what the fuck happened?! - The teenager flinched slightly at the harshness in his voice.

- Please, dad, let me explain. My vampire side is something that was born with me. I inherited that from my mother. I just awakened it! Takuma-kun has been training my vampire side. - The man began pacing the room, a frown in his face.

- What have you been doing in that training? - She took a deep breath.

- I've been learning how to control my vampire side and to exercise my abilities. - Toga raised his eyebrow in curiosity.

- What abilities? - The girl smiled slightly.

- I have vampire abilities! Like the aristocrats! Isn't it great? I have the ability to control plants! - The man sighed.

- Why is it that important for you to have these abilities? - She gazed sadly at her father.

- Because this way, I'm stronger. And can fulfill my part of the contract. - He frowned.

- That contract again?! Damn it! Who is the one that you have to kill?! - Amaya shook her head negatively.

- I can't say, dad. I'm sorry. But please trust me when I say, that it's a bad vampire. - The man sighed as he passed a hand through his waved black hair.

- You are just like your mother. Fine, if you don't want to, don't say it. So, what do you have to do to awake your vampire side? - She began to fumble with her fingers.

- I have to... drink Zero's blood. - The man widened his eyes.

- What?! - He clenched his fists. - For crying out loud, Amaya! Drinking blood?! Not even your mother did that! - The young hunter stared at her lap.

- I... I'm sorry dad. I can't help it. I'm sorry for being like this... - She sniffed lightly and Toga sighed, before approaching her and placing his hand on her shoulder.

- Don't say that. You're my daughter and I love you just the way you are. Sorry for saying that. - She nodded and smiled slightly.

- It's okay dad. Just please accept that I can't change who I am. - The man nodded.

- I know that. And about Zero... if he hurts you once again, I won't forgive him! - The teenage girl smiled, before getting up and embracing him.

- Thank you dad. And don't worry, Zero and I will be alright. - He sighed and patted her back.

- Alright. Now go. I bet that he's looking for you. - She nodded and left quickly, leaving Toga alone in his room, sitting on the bed while looking at Miyako's picture. - She's too much like you...

Amaya ran through the school building looking for her boyfriend when she suddenly heard the Day Class girls squealing like crazy. To her, it was obvious that with that amount of shouting, it only meant that a Night Class student was walking through campus. So, without a second thought, she went to see what was going on.

After a while running, she saw a crowd of Day Class girls surrounding Ichijou. Smiling, she approached the crowd and after a while managed to get near Ichijou. When he saw her, he smiled, while she turned to the group of girls.

- Come on, girls, there's nothing for you to see here. Go on, go back to whatever you were doing. - Some of the girls glared at her and one of them stepped forward.

- That's not fair! You and Cross get all the Night Class guys! - The raven haired hunter was about to answer the other girl, when suddenly, Zero was standing right beside her.

- Didn't you hear her?! Go away! - It only took a glare from the male perfect, for the crowd to go away. The female hunter turned to her boyfriend to thank him, but once again, he cut her off, when he looked at Ichijou while frowning. - What are you doing here, Ichijou-senpai?! You know that it's against the rules! - Ichijou scratched the back of his head.

- I know that, Kiryu-kun. I just came here to look for Amaya-chan. - At this, Zero frowned even more.

- Why?! - Takuma saw the jealousy in the hunter's eyes and shook his head, dismissing it.

- It's not like that. It's just time for our training. Do you want to come with us, Kiryu-kun? - The silver haired teenager scoffed.

- Of course I'll go with you! As if I would let you two alone! - Amaya sighed, before kissing her boyfriend.

- Alright then, boys. Get going, I'll go get changed. - The two of them nodded and left, while she hurried to get changed into her training clothes.

After changing, she quickly went to the usual spot that they used for training. Once there, she saw Ichijou sitting on the grass while Zero was leaning against a tree. When he saw her, Ichijou got up and smiled at the female hunter.

- Amaya-chan, ready for training? - She nodded and smiled.

- Always. - The blond vampire nodded before gazing at Zero.

- Good. Kiryu-kun, she'll need your help today. Please let her drink your blood. Her vampire side needs to be fully awakened. - The male hunter gazed a little suspicious at the aristocrat before gazing at her girlfriend.

- Do you want that, Amaya? - The girl nodded shyly.

- If you don't mind, Zero. - He sighed, before bringing his wrist to his mouth, let his fangs grow and bit down, piercing his skin and letting the blood slide down his arm. He then gazed at her.

- Come, drink Amaya. - His girlfriend approached him, grabbed his wrist tenderly and gently licked the blood. The moment his blood was absorbed by her system, her eyes began to glow red and her vampire fangs grew. Zero couldn't help but let Kage surface at that time and caress her face tenderly. - My mate... You're finally awake! - She smiled.

- Kage... - He smirked and leaned down, so that his neck close to her mouth.

- Drink. Or else you won't be completely awakened. - The female licked his neck before biting and beginning to drink. After a while, she pulled back and Kage kissed her. - Good girl. Now, what's your name? Do you have one? - She nodded.

- You can call me Yugure. - He chuckled.

- Yugure? A beautiful name. Dusk... I think that it fits mine perfectly. Don't you? - She nodded.

- It does. Like we fit perfectly as well. My mate... - She kissed him, before Takuma interrupted them by clearing his throat.

- Sorry to bother, but can you two go back to normal? I need Zero and Amaya. - Both of them nodded before they kissed again. When they pulled away, they had returned to normal.

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