Black Rose

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Zero stared at her blue eyes while caressing her face.

- So, now you're vampire side is awakened. - She nodded.

- Yes. She's like Kage. - She turned to Takuma. - Takuma-kun, what happens now? - The Night Class vice president smiled.

- Well, now, your training is done. There's nothing more that I can teach you. Yugure will teach you everything that you need to know. Just be aware that while Kage can surface without any stimuli, Yugure needs Zero's blood to surface. She can't appear on her own accord. - Both Amaya and Zero nodded, while the male hunter pulled her closer to himself.

- What about drinking? Does she have to drink blood like any vampire? - Ichijou shook his head.

- No. She's just like any human in that point. She should only drink your blood when she needs to use her abilities or... in other situations... - The blond vampire cleared his throat and Amaya raised her eyebrow.

- What situations? - The vampire smiled sheepishly.

- During mating. - At this, both hunters blushed slightly and they could feel how both of their vampire sides were pleased with the idea. The aristocratic vampire cleared his throat. - Well, I'll get going... Kaname is probably waiting for me. - Without another word, the vampire left the couple alone and returned to the Moon dorms.

Zero caressed his girlfriend's face tenderly, feeling her soft skin under his fingertips, while admiring her blue, shining eyes.

- So, what do you want to do now? – She smiled before widening her eyes.

- Oh crap! I forgot about Yuuki! – Without another word she ran towards the female day dorms.

Once she got there, she found Yuuki pacing outside Amaya's room. When she saw the black haired girl, she frowned slightly.

- Amaya-chan, are you in a better humor now? – The female hunter sighed and nodded.

- I'm sorry for saying that to you Yuuki-chan. I was just… Please forget it. – The brunette girl nodded slowly.

- Okay. I really should get ready for the dinner. – Amaya stared at the ground.

- If you want to, I can still help you get ready. – Yuuki simply nodded and the two girls entered Yuuki's room.

Once inside, the female hunter helped the younger girl get dressed and did her hair in an elegant way. In the end, Yuuki was dressed with simple beige dress that went till her knees and simple beige sandals.

The brunette girl went near the full body mirror and smiled as she looked at herself.

- Wow! Thank you, Amaya-chan! Do you think that Kaname-senpai will like this? – The raven haired girl smiled warmly at her.

- I know he will. He will be charmed. – Yuuki opened her mouth to answer, when there was a knock on the door and Zero entered. When he saw the brunette guardian dressed like that he frowned slightly.

- Are you really going to have dinner with Kuran?! – His girlfriend sighed while the younger girl frowned at him.

- Yes! Stop being a bugger Zero! – The silver haired teenager scowled.

- If he hurts you, don't come back crying! – This time it was Amaya who frowned at him.

- Zero! Come on, she'll be fine! – Zero stared at the wall.

- Tsk… Whatever! – At this, the female hunter rolled her eyes, before looking at the other girl.

- Yuuki-chan, sorry about him. I'll take him away. Have fun on your date! – She smiled before dragging Zero away.

Amaya took them to Zero's room, in the male dorm. Once there, the girl sat on his bed, while her boyfriend stared at her.

- Master won't be happy if he saw you here. – She giggled before getting up and kissing him.

- Oh, Zero… Don't worry that much about my father. He knows that I love you. – The silver haired teenager nodded while caressing her face.

- And I love you Amaya. – The female hunter smiled widely, before snuggling against his chest.

- Zero… I'm feeling a little tired. Can I sleep here for a while? – The male hunter kissed her forehead.

- Of course. – She smiled once again, before going to his bed and laying down; soon drifting to sleep. Meanwhile Zero sat by her side, merely watching her sleep.

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