Black Rose

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

It didn't take long though, before Amaya's dreams became filled with dark images and memories.

/In the dream/

Amaya found herself on a garden filled with black and dead roses. In front of her, inside a gazebo, stood a woman with long curled hair that ended on her waist, and dressed in a long, light blue dress. Since her back was turned to her, the female teenager couldn't see who the woman was. Slowly, she approached the gazebo.

When she was about to reach it, the woman turned around and gazed at her with a smile on her lips. Amaya gasped at the sight. She recognized the woman. The bright blue eyes that stared at her were familiar and she couldn't help but to cry slightly.

- Mother… - The woman smiled even more and approached her.

- Yes, sweetheart. I'm your mother. My dear Amaya… How you've grown. – The girl sobbed as she tentatively reached forward to touch Miyako; afraid that she would be an illusion. Her mother smiled at her and reached forward, grabbing her hand. At this, Amaya cried even more and lunged forward, hugging the woman tightly.

- Mama! I miss you! – Miyako smiled tenderly at her daughter, whilst cleaning her tears.

- I miss you too Amaya. More than you can think. You and your father are always in my heart. I'm sorry for not being there while you grew up. – The younger hunter shook her head negatively.

- It's not your fault Mama! It's Shizuka's! And she'll pay for what she did to you! – The older woman stared sadly at her daughter while shaking her head.

- My dear, revenge doesn't change a thing. Besides, Shizuka Hio didn't do it by herself. The Senate made her come after you. I just couldn't allow her or the Senate to hurt my child. – Amaya widened her eyes in surprise at the new information.

- The Senate? – She frowned with rage in her eyes. – Then, they are my new target! – Her mother shook her head once again.

- No, my child. Revenge is not the answer. – She caressed the teenager's face. – I didn't came here to hear you speak of revenge. – Amaya looked intrigued at her mother.

- I can't help but ask why did you appear to me only now Mama? – Miyako hugged her daughter.

- Because, my dear, only now did your vampire side has awakened. I'm here thanks to the vampire blood that has finally awakened in your body. – The younger female pondered for awhile, before nodding.

- I see… - The woman smiled once again.

- My dear Amaya, I can't be here much longer. I just want you to know that I'll always be watching you, dear. And that I love you and your father. Be sure to tell him that I continue to love him as much as I did when I first met him and that I'm watching over him. Also, my dear child, know that I'm so proud of you. You turned out to be a wonderful young woman! – The teenager couldn't help the tears that fell from her eyes as her mother faded away.

- Mama! Don't go, please! Mama! – Amaya could only watch as the image of her mother disappeared in front of her.

/End of dream/

Amaya was suddenly awake by someone shaking her violently.

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