Black Rose

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

When she opened her eyes, she saw Zero and Toga staring worriedly at her. Her boyfriend caressed her face.

- You're finally awake. – She touched his hand.

- What happened? – Her father sighed.

- Zero called me because you were crying while you sleep and he couldn't awake you. You were saying "Mama!" all over again. What were you dreaming about? – The girl sighed as she recalled the dream.

- About my mother. And it wasn't a dream, it was a communication. – Toga widened his eye in surprise.

- A communication? – The girl nodded and told the two men what Miyako had told her. In the end, Amaya was once again in tears, while Zero comforted her and Toga gazed away in sadness. Her boyfriend kissed her forehead and she snuggled closer to him.

- Zero… I miss her… - He embraced her tightly.

- I know. And if I could I would bring her back for you. – She smiled sadly at him.

- Thank you. And I'm sorry, Zero. I'm being selfish, you lost your whole family and I'm here crying… - He cut her off by kissing her tenderly.

- Don't think like that, Amaya. At least I spent some good years with them, you on the other hand… It's normal for you to be crying. – The female teenager sniffed and snuggled closer to her boyfriend, while her father approached the bed and touched Zero's shoulder.

- Zero, leave me alone with Amaya. – The male teenager nodded, before kissing his girlfriend's forehead and going out of the room.

As soon as the door closed, Toga sat on the bed next to his daughter and touched her curly hair. The teenager smiled slightly at her father.

- Dad, I… - He shook her head, cutting her off.

- It's okay, Amaya. I just… - He took a deep breath before continuing to talk. – I just want you to know that… I've never forgot your mother. All those years when I refused to speak of her and then… my engagement… It was just for your own good. I wanted you to have a somewhat normal life. – The young woman placed her hand on his shoulder.

- I know dad, and I thank you for all that you did for me. It must've been hard to raise me on your own; especially me being a girl. – Toga chuckled slightly and touched his hair.

- A little, but… I'm proud of how you turned out Amaya. At least I didn't mess up everything. – Amaya smiled and hugged the man.

- You didn't mess up anything, dad. You're the best father a girl can have! I hope that I can keep you proud of me. – A little awkwardly, Toga hugged her back.

- You will. You always did… even if I sometimes don't show it. – He pulled back to gaze at her and smiled slightly. – You really look just like your mother. – She giggled.

- Well, I think that I have your eyes; mom's were a lighter blue. – The hunter stared at her daughter and smiled before nodding.

- True. You have my eyes. And your hair is more rebel than your mother's. I guess that you got that from me as well. – Amaya couldn't help but giggle.

- Without mentioning my attitude. I think that I'm a nice mix of both. – This made her father to chuckle.

- Yeah you are. – He got up and messed with her hair. – I better let Zero come in. But behave you two! You're still my daughter and you're in his room! – She giggled.

- Don't worry, dad. – The man nodded and left the room as Zero entered. The silver haired hunter approached his bed and sat, while embracing his girlfriend.

- Is everything alright? – The girl nodded and kissed him lightly.

- Everything's fine, Zero. – The male teenager smiled slightly at her and embraced her.

Meanwhile, Yuuki was standing in front of the Moon Dorm doors, unsure if she should knock or not, when all of a sudden the door was opened to reveal a smiling Ichijou.

- Yuuki-chan, do you plan on standing there all day? – The brunette blushed slightly.

- I-Ichijou-senpai! No, I… hum… - The blond vampire chuckled.

- You're here because of your dinner with Kaname. – He opened more the door for her to enter. – Come in. He's almost done.

The female teenager entered the moon dorms and began to play with her fingers, being a little nervous. Before she could say anything, she heard footsteps approaching her. Looking up, she saw Kaname walking up to her, a tender smile on his face.

- Yuuki… you look beautiful. – The brunette girl blushed slightly.

- Thank you, Kaname-senpai. – She looked at him who was elegantly dressed in a black suit. – You look very handsome, Kaname-senpai. – Her shy voice made the pureblood to chuckle slightly.

- Thank you Yuuki. So, shall we go? Our reservation awaits us. – The girl nodded, before letting the vampire lead her to a limo, waiting outside the gates of the academy.

Once inside, the journey to the chosen restaurant didn't take long. From the car window, the brunette girl could see how fancy the place was, and that only made her even more nervous.

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