Black Rose

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

As he helped her get out of the car, Kaname couldn't help but smile at Yuuki's face. She was both stunned and nervous and that amused him to no end. With her delicate hand on his, he led her to the restaurant, where the waiter led them to a secluded area.

Once they were seated and after having ordered their dinner, Yuuki gazed shyly at the pureblood vampire.

- Kaname-senpai, can I… ask you something? – The man smiled slightly, his eyes fixed on the teenage girl in front of him.

- Of course, Yuuki. If I can answer, I will. – The female bit her lower lip in hesitation, before finally, speaking her mind.

- You and Amaya-chan are very close, aren't you? – Kaname didn't hesitate a second, before answering her question.

- We're friends. We've worked together and I respect her as the good hunter that she is. Why do you ask, Yuuki? – The brunette girl played with her fingers.

- Oh, it's just… Zero is always upset about how close she is to you. He said something about her working for you. – The vampire sighed.

- And she does. Amaya-chan and I have an agreement. We're equals. – At the sight of Yuuki's confused face, Kaname smiled slightly. – Now, let's stop talking about other people. It's our date. – This only made the girl to blush, before she finally concentrated on the dinner that had just arrived.

Meanwhile, on Cross Academy, Kaien had summoned both Zero and Amaya to his office.

When they got there, they were surprised to see Kaien with a very serious expression on his face and Toga gazing worriedly at the ground. The male guardian was the first to speak, a frown on his face.

- What's wrong? – The Headmaster looked at him and placed a file on top of the desk, facing the two guardians. The two teenage hunters approached the desk to read the file. In the file, there was a student application form and a picture of a girl with silver hair and a serene look. Zero widened his eyes, while Amaya frowned slightly, before gazing at Cross.

- Are you letting her in?! – Toga stared at his daughter.

- She's a noble vampire, connected… - The young woman cut him off.

- I know who she is! She's Kurenai Maria, Hio Shizuka's relative! – The three men looked surprised at her; Zero however was for a different reason than the other two.

- She is… related to that woman?! – Amaya nodded and Kaien closed his eyes.

- How did you know, Amaya-chan? – The female hunter sighed while touching her hair.

- Kaname-kun told me about her. – She frowned even more and whispered absentminded. – What the hell are you planning Kaname?! – Her boyfriend gazed suspiciously at her.

- What else did he tell you? – She shook her head.

- Nothing else. Still, I wonder why she asked to come here. – She frowned. – I don't like this. – Zero continued to frown.

- Me neither. And what is worse is that Kuran allowed her to come! – Amaya touched his arm.

- As soon as he returns, I'll go speak with him. – Zero shook his head and pulled her into a hug.

- Oh, no you won't! Not without me, at least! – His girlfriend looked at him and smiled slightly.

- Zero, he won't talk with you there. – The male hunter kissed her forehead.

- I don't care. I won't let you alone with him. – The girl sighed, knowing that there was no use in arguing with him. Then, Toga caught the attention of the room occupants.

- We have to be extra careful with her. Her connection to that woman might not be a coincidence. – Kaien looked at his friend.

- Still, I don't want the two of you treating her like a criminal. As long as she follows the academy rules, I want you to treat her like any other student. Understood? – Amaya nodded and the headmaster gazed at Zero. – What about you, Zero? – The silver haired hunter looked at the ground before a little forcefully nodding.

- Alright! But I'll keep watching her! – The older hunters sighed, knowing that it was the best agreement they could get from the Kiryu hunter. The academy headmaster nodded.

- Fine, just don't act harshly. – The older man stared at the female hunter. – I'm counting on you to keep him in track, Amaya-chan. – The girl nodded and they continued to talk for a little while.

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