Black Rose

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Some time later, Kaname entered the office and smiled slightly at the hunters, before looking at Kaien.

- Headmaster, you wanted to talk with me? – Cross nodded and the pureblood entered the room. Zero couldn't help but frown at the vampire.

- Where's Yuuki? – The Night Class president looked at the silver haired hunter.

- She's back at dorm; safe and sound, of course. – The Kiryu male continued to frown.

- Yeah right! Why did you let that Kurenai girl come here?! – The older vampire faked confusion.

- What do you mean? She's just like any other vampire who applied to come here and share Headmaster's Cross pacifism. – Zero clenched his fists.

- Don't give me that shit, Kuran! Who are you trying to fool?! – Kaname shook his head as a small smile graced his lips.

- Always the foul mouthed, aren't you Kiryu-kun; and always so suspicious as well? – Before the male hunter could answer him, the vampire king gazed at Amaya. – Amaya-chan, come with me. – The female Yagari sighed and nodded, but before she could follow him, her boyfriend grabbed her arm.

- She isn't going anywhere with you! If you want to speak with her, you can do so in front of us! – Kaname's eyes glowed slightly red.

- Don't push your luck Kiryu-kun. You're still alive because both Yuuki and Amaya-chan requested so! Do not take that for granted! – Amaya frowned and gazed between the two boys.

- Will both of you quit it?! – She turned to look at Zero and pecked his lips. – I won't take long; I'll just listen to him, okay? – The silver haired hunter stared at the side.

- Do as you wish! – The raven haired girl sighed, before following Kaname out of the room. Once they both were at a distance where no one could hear either of them, Amaya frowned.

- Tell me, Kaname, what are you planning with Kurenai Maria? – He smiled slightly.

- You know that it's Shizuka that I'm interested in. Besides, Maria will come accompanied by someone that you will find interesting. – The female hunter gazed suspiciously at the vampire.

- Who? – The pureblood vampire looked straight at her eyes.

- Are you sure that you're ready to know, Amaya? – The girl nodded firmly.

- Yes, tell me. – He closed his eyes.

- Very well. It's Kiryu-kun's brother. – The female hunter widened her eyes in shock and disbelief.

- Ichiru?! B-But that's impossible! – The man shook his head.

- No it isn't. He serves Shizuka. – Shock continued to linger in the female blue eyes.

- Why?! Why would he do something like that?! – Kaname approached her and touched her face.

- Think Amaya; remember what you know about the night when the Kiryu's were attacked. – The female hunter did just that. She reviewed everything that she knew from the attack, specially the information that she got from Kaname. In the end she gasped.

- He was the one… He led her to the Kiryu's household! – The pureblood nodded.

- Exactly. From what I know, the boy seems to be in love with her. He does everything that she commands. He even drinks her blood. – The young woman clenched her fists and looked down.

- Ichiru… how could you? – Before the vampire could say another thing, Zero appeared behind his girlfriend.

- Are you done, Kuran?! Amaya and I need to do our job! – The Night class president smiled slightly.

- We are finished for now. Have a good night. – With that he went away and the silver haired hunter turned to his girlfriend.

- Let's go? – The female hunter realized that he was upset and turned to look at him.

- Zero, don't be upset. It was just… talking about Shizuka. – The man continued to frown.

- If it was just that, why couldn't you speak in front of us?! – She sighed.

- Because there are things that shouldn't be known at this point; Things that only Kaname-kun and I know. – This only made the silver haired hunter angrier.

- Is that supposed to make me feel better Amaya?! You and Kuran always have secrets with each other! You two look like lovers! – She stared shocked at him.

- Zero! How can you say that?! It's because of the Blood Contract and you know it! Don't so jealous, Zero! Didn't I prove to you how much I love you?! What more do I need to do?! – Without giving him a chance to speak, she turned around and started walking. – I'm going to the rounds inside! – Without she went away, and the male hunter sighed while looking at the starry sky.

- Shit… - Suddenly, Kage's voice echoed in his head.

- Why do keep fucking things up, Hunter? – Zero frowned once again.

- Shut up Kage! – The inner vampire scoffed.

- You damn idiot! Don't be such an ass with the female! Yes, she is ours, but you can't continue making her angry! Make her submit to you! Do it! – Zero closed his eyes and shook his head.

- Shut it! – Kage growled.

- Either you make her submit, or I will! – Without another word Kage took over Zero's body and smirked, before going to look for Amaya. – This will be fun!

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