Black Rose

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Zero, or more correctly, Kage wandered through the halls looking for Amaya, a smirk on his face.

After a while, he found her. She was sitting on a balcony railing, watching the starry sky. Slowly, he approached her, while admiring her body; a wide smile on his lips.

Sensing his presence, the woman turned around; only to gasp at his shining red eyes.

- K-Kage…? – The man simply smirked.

- Yes, my lovely hunter. – He reached forward to touch a strand of her hair. – You see, Zero is an idiot when it comes to you. – He approached her and, startling her, grabbed her arm; pulling her to her feet and closer to him. – He should have taken you a long time ago! – This simply made Amaya blush deeply.

- Kage, Zero and I decided to wait. There are still so many holes in our relationship. – Kage growled slightly, while cupping her face.

- He's an idiot! He keeps fucking up instead of fucking you! – The female hunter gasped at his words. Zero would have never said those words. Kage was definitely a wilder and harsher side of Zero. The silver haired hunter would never be as brash and forward as his vampire side. And strangely, she liked this side of him. The thought of a wilder Zero was not displeasing to her.

- K-Kage… - She was cut off when the man flushed her against the wall and began caressing her body sensually; causing her to release a soft moan. The sound that escaped her lips only made the male to smirk even more.

- Don't restrain yourself, my lovely Amaya. I know that you want this! – The woman looked away.

- I-I want Zero! – This just made him growl.

- I am him! He just doesn't know how to make you submit! But tonight… - A smirk found its way back to his lips. – Tonight, my love, I'll make you submit! – He placed his lips on her neck and began lick her skin slowly, eliciting small sounds of pleasure to part from the female's lips.

This simply made him smirk even more, while she did her best to wriggle from his strong grasp. That was futile however; his grip on her body was too strong for her to break, it was a passionate and possessive hold that slowly she realized she didn't want to break from.

Strangely to her mind, her body seemed to cooperate with every touch of his and to respond to his every whim.

Sensing that she was melting in his arms, Kage smirked even more and let his fangs scratch the skin of her neck, causing her to moan slightly at the sensation.

- I-I submit! K-Kage… - The man nibbled on her neck skin and smirked, before pulling away to look into her eyes.

- You know, dear Amaya, next time I will really make you mine. – He groped her bottom, causing her to squeak in surprise and blush madly; while he chuckled lightly. – For now, I'm content with the sounds you made. Just remember… - His eyes glinted even more. – You are mine. No other man can touch you like this! And any male that even thinks of touching will die by my hands! – The female hunter stared slightly shocked at him. His voice was so serious. Still, she nodded.

- Can I have Zero back? – Kage chuckled once again.

- Sure, I don't see why not. He's been trying to surface since the very beginning. – With this, he approached his face to hers and kissed her passionately. When he finally pulled back, his eyes were back to its amethyst shade. Amaya smiled at him and caressed his cheek.

- Zero… - The male hunter suddenly widened his eyes at her messy hair, jacket and shirt, realizing what had happened. He was still pinning her against the wall. All that made him gasp and step back.

- A-Amaya… What have I done?! – She smiled sweetly at him, while composing herself.

- Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong, Zero. – The man frowned.

- It was Kage! He took over! I… - She got closer to him and pecked his lips.

- Zero, he didn't hurt me. Nor did he make love to me. – Seeing the blush on his face and the tormented look on his eyes, she snuggled closer to him. – I'm only yours to take, Zero. I wouldn't let any other man take me. Not even Kage. – The male guardian gasped and widened his eyes at her words and at the sincerity in her blue eyes that he loved so much. Without hesitation, he pulled her to a loving embrace.

- Amaya… I… I'm sorry, for what I said a while ago, about Kuran. I know that you can't tell me everything. Sorry. – She smiled once again.

- It's okay, Zero. I know. – He caressed her face.

- You're too kind to me. I don't deserve this many chances. – Amaya frowned slightly.

- Stop with that nonsense! – Her gaze softened. – By the way, I'm sorry for what happened awhile ago. I…! – Zero cut her off by kissing her passionately.

- You don't have to apologize. I do. I acted like an idiot! – She shook her head.

- No. I should have known by now how my… relationship with Kuran affects you. I can only say that I really want to reveal everything to you, but… I can't. The Blood contract's magic is too strong. – He kissed her again.

- I know that. I acted as a fool. Forgive me. – She smiled and pecked his lips.

- Always, Zero! I love you. – He gave her a tiny smile, before embracing her.

- And I love you, Amaya. – The raven haired teenager snuggled in her boyfriend's embrace, feeling safe and at home.

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