Black Rose

Chapter 4

Half an hour later, Zero and Amaya returned to the Headmaster's office where Yuuki and Toga were still waiting for them. When Kaien saw them he smiled.

- So, who won the bet? - The raven haired girl gazed at the silver haired hunter who was a little upset for not having won their match and smiled.

- We are tied. - Kaien smiled and handed her the Day Class uniform and the armband that symbolized her as a guardian. She took it gladly and smiled, before Kaien spoke again.

- Why don't you go dress the uniform in the bathroom? - The man pointed to a door inside the office and she nodded before entering the door. A little after she came back and Yuuki smiled widely.

- Ah, Amaya-san, you look good in the uniform too! - Amaya smiled at the younger girl.

- Thank you Yuuki-san. - She turned to gaze at the Headmaster. - This one fits me well. - He nodded before noticing something and gaze at her neck, smiling.

- I see that you still wear that choker. I've always seen you with it. - She smiled slightly and touched the piece of jewelry on her neck.

- Yeah, it's my lucky charm. - Yuuki gazed at the girl's neck, to see what they were talking about and saw a wide black lace choker with a medium size shiny red glass rose in the middle, from the rose dropped a small chain with a little silver cross on it. To the younger girl, the piece was simply beautiful.

- Wow, it's amazing Amaya-san! - The raven haired girl smiled once again, her blue eyes shining.

- Thank you Yuuki-san. It was a present from a dear friend of mine many years ago. It belonged to his mother, it was part of his family inheritance. It's very ancient and I treasure it very much. It never leaves my side. - Yuuki smiled.

- He must really liked you Amaya-san! To give you such a treasure! - The girl giggled.

- You can ask him yourself Yuuki-san! - She turned to gaze at Zero, who was gazing intently at her. - Right Zero? - Yuuki gazed surprised at the boy.

- Eh? It was you, Zero? - He nodded.

- It was on the second birthday I spent with her. - He approached Amaya and touched the choker on her neck. - This choker was in the Kiryu family for generations. That red rose is made of the crystallized blood of one of the first vampires, a pureblood; and the cross is made of anti-vampiric metal. All this makes this choker vampire proof. It protects her neck from vampires. - He touched the small cross of the choker and Amaya smiled at him, before Yuuki spoke again.

- But why doesn't it affect you? You just touched it and nothing happened. - Zero opened his mouth to answer her, but Amaya cut him off as she gazed at the other girl.

- He is immune at its effects because he has Kiryu blood flowing through him. I don't know if you know it, but the Kiryu family was one of the first vampire hunter families that existed. They had direct contact with the ancestors. - The brunette girl gazed surprised at Amaya.

- Oh, I didn't know that. - Before she could ask anything else Amaya gazed at Kaien once again.

- Headmaster, I would like to know who the main vampires of the Night Class are. I want to know with what I'm dealing with. - Kaien smiled.

- Zero will update you on that. I hope you like your stay here, Amaya-chan. - She nodded and smiled.

- Thank you Cross-san. - The Headmaster gazed at Zero.

- Kiryu-kun, since you already knew Amaya-chan, I trust you to take care of her and show her how the things work around here. - The male teenager nodded and Kaien smiled. - Well, you can go now. - They all nodded and the three teenagers prepared to leave when Toga gazed at his daughter.

- Amaya don't worry about your bags, I'll take them to your room later. Now be careful. - She smiled at her father.

- Thank you dad. And don't worry, I'll be fine! - After this the three of them left the office and began walking around the halls. A while later, Yuuki smiled at Amaya.

- Amaya-san, can I ask you something? - The elder girl gazed at her.

- Of course Yuuki-san. Ask whatever you want. - Yuuki gazed at the ground a little embarrassed.

- In the Headmaster's office you said that something happened in your past that involved vampires. What was it? - Amaya stopped on her tracks and Zero gazed sadly at her before caressing her face.

- Amaya... - She smiled at him and touched his hand that was on her face before gazing at Yuuki.

- My mother was brutally killed by a pureblood, two days after I was born. The ones who found me and took care of me, till my dad returned from his trip, were Zero's parents. In a wicked coincidence, the same pureblood that killed my mother was the same that attacked the Kiryu household and bit Zero. - The brunette girl was gazing in shock at the older girl.

- I-I'm so sorry Amaya-san, I didn't know it was that horrible. - The raven haired girl smiled sadly.

- At least I know about my past Yuuki-san. It must be horrible to not know where we came from. - Cross Yuuki gazed surprised at her.

- H-How do you know about that? - Amaya smiled again.

- I know that you don't remember but, I was in Cross-san's house when Kuran Kaname took you there. I was there that night. - This left Yuuki very surprised while Zero frowned.

- That means that you already met him. What do you think of him? - The raven haired girl gazed seriously at her childhood friend.

- The Hunter Association sent me to work with him several times. Kuran Kaname is a very strong pureblood that plans everything till the last detail. He is someone that we should be aware off. He is not someone I would like to have as my enemy, because he stops at nothing to eliminate who is in his way. Still, if you're on his good side, he will do nothing against you. He cares deeply for Yuuki-san and anyone who dares to hurt her is as good as dead. - The boy gazed surprised at her.

- How do you know that? - Amaya smiled at him and gazed at Yuuki who was still with a surprised face.

- Because, everytime he went on a mission with me, he hurried to go back to Cross-san's house to see Yuuki-san. One day I asked about his intentions towards her and he answered that she was his precious girl. - She sighed. - I heard that he is the Dorm President of the Night Class. It suits him; the king of vampires, as their leader here. - Zero frowned as he gazed at her.

- So, you admire him? - She shook her head negatively.

- No. No matter what, he's a pureblood. I could never admire someone of that kind. Besides, he isn't someone you can trust blindly. He plans everything like a chess game and he manipulates people for his purposes like they are chess pieces. How could I admire someone like that? I don't admire vampires, Zero. In fact, the only vampire I admire and respect is you. But before being a vampire, you're a Vampire Hunter. Never forget that. - Zero gazed surprised at her. The shine in her blue eyes assuring him that she meant every word she had said. After a while in silence, he nodded.

- Thanks. - She nodded before they continued to walk towards the classroom.

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