Black Rose

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

After sometime, they were standing in front of the door of the classroom and Yuuki gazed at the other girl.

- Amaya-san, we'll introduce you to the class, okay? - The raven haired girl smiled and nodded before they all entered the room. As soon as they did the teacher said in an angry voice.

- Cross, Kiryu, you're late! Again! - Once he turned around he saw a new face. - Oh? A new student? - Yuuki smiled.

- Yes, sensei. She's Yagari Amaya. She's a transferred student and the third perfect. - The teacher gazed surprised at the three teenagers.

- Yagari? Any relation with Yagari Toga? - Amaya smiled and nodded.

- Yes, sensei, he's my father. - The man nodded. Meanwhile, everyone in the classroom was gazing at the raven haired girl and whispering, recognizing her as the mysterious girl of the rumor. The teacher gazed at Zero and Yuuki.

- You two can go sit on your places. I'll introduce Yagari-san to the class. - The two perfects did as they were told and the teacher gazed at Amaya. - Yagari-san, why don't you tell the class a little about yourself? - The girl turned to the class and smiled.

- Hello everyone, I'm Yagari Amaya. I'm 17 years old and I'm Japanese. I've spent these last three years in a boarding school overseas and returned to Japan only yesterday. I hope I can become friends with all of you. - She bowed, the teacher approached her and turned to look at the class.

- Class, any questions to Yagari-san? - Several hands were raised in the air and the teacher pointed to a girl with long straight brown hair, who immediately got up.

- Yagari-san, is it true that you're Kiryu-kun's girlfriend? - At this Amaya became deeply flushed and the ones who gazed at Zero saw a light pink adorning his pale cheeks. The raven haired girl opened her mouth to answer only to be cut off by Zero's voice.

- It's none of your damn business! - He huffed. - Damn nosy girls! Don't bother Amaya with that kind of questions! - His answer and the fact that he called her only by her first name just made the rumors and whispers grow even more. Then, the teacher chose another girl who got up.

- Yagari-san, in which country were you studying? And how was the school? - Amaya cleared her throat before answering her.

- I was studying in England in an all-girl school. It was a very strict school, run by nuns. - Another girl got up.

- Wasn't an all-girl school kind of boring? I mean, there were no guys to look to! - The female hunter smiled.

- Well, I never thought of it that way. I always thought the guys over there to be a little immature. - Before any girls could make anymore questions, the teacher turned to gaze at Amaya.

- Yagari-san, please choose a seat to be your permanent one. - The girl looked around the classroom and then smiled.

- Can I sit next to Zero? - The teacher gazed surprised at her.

- Next to Kiryu-kun? Are you sure? He doesn't pay attention to class and I don't want a new student to follow his path. By the way, can I see the sheet with your grades? - The girl smiled, went to her pocket and took a piece of paper that handed to the teacher.

- Here it is sensei. And don't worry, I'm never influenced by my surroundings. - He nodded and then looked at the paper. As soon as he took a look at her grades he widened his eyes in surprise.

- Y-Your grades are great! Above average! Not the maximum, but still, high! And by the report here, you're a good student. - He gazed at her. - Are you sure that you want to sit next to Kiryu? - She nodded and smiled.

- Yes please. - The man sighed.

- Very well, go on ahead. - The girl smiled before practically skipping her way to the seat next to Zero. The silver haired hunter smiled slightly at her, while the teacher continued the lesson and the other students were glancing at the new girl and the male perfect. When he saw that she was completely settled in her seat, Zero rested his head on his hand while facing her and spoke on a low tone.

- Why did you insist in sitting here? - She gazed a little surprised at him.

- Eh? Why? You don't want me here? - He adverted his gaze from her.

- I didn't say that. I just asked. You could've sat anywhere. Why here? - She smiled widely at him, causing him to blush slightly.

- Because I want to be by your side! Besides, you're the only one I know in here. - Her first remark only made Zero even more embarrassed but he quickly recovered.

- Now you also know Yuuki. You could sit beside her. - Amaya gazed at her hands, shook her head and when she spoke her voice came low and less cheerful.

- I don't want to. - He looked confused at her.

- Why? - She sighed.

- I know that... you care for her, and I'm sure that she's a wonderful girl, but... I don't... feel like... connecting with her so soon. You know me Zero, I don't open up with, nor I trust everyone. I have to know them for a while. - He nodded and sighed.

- I know that. I'm also like that. But you don't trust her at all, do you Amaya? - She smiled slightly and shook her head negatively.

- No I don't. You know me too well Zero. - The boy sighed.

- Why don't you? She's harmless, you know? - She looked at her hands again.

- Zero... can we leave the class? I'm not feeling well. - He frowned as worry appeared in his light colored eyes and he bent forward, placing his forehead against hers, causing several of their classmates to gasp at the scene. Pleased that she hadn't temperature, he pulled back and saw the plea in her eyes. Without a second thought, he got up and gazed at the teacher.

- Sensei! - The older man gazed at him.

- What is it Kiryu? - Zero helped the girl to get up before answering.

- Amaya is not feeling well. I'm taking her to the infirmary. - The man nodded.

- Very well. - Without giving the girl a chance to speak, Zero picked her up, bridal style, surprising her and their classmates, before leaving the classroom.

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