Black Rose

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Outside, he took her to the stables where he knew that neither of them would be bothered. Once there, he placed her on her feet and finally gazed at her.

- Are you feeling better here? - She nodded without looking at him. - Then, can you explain me why you wanted to get out of class? - Realizing that she wasn't going to look back at him, or even answer his question, the boy cupped her chin and forced her to gaze at him. When she finally did, she became furiously blushed due to the proximity of their faces, still, she didn't say a word and he frowned. - Answer me Amaya! Why did you want to get out of the class? - The raven haired girl adverted her gaze and sighed.

- I was... becoming bothered by your questions. - He looked at her in confusion before realizing what she meant.

- You mean my question about the reason why you don't trust Yuuki? - She nodded. - Well, I'm still waiting for the answer. You only met her today, so what could you have against her? - She shook her head negatively.

- It's not... against her... personally. It's against... her feelings. - Zero gazed confused at her once again.

- What do you mean with that? - Amaya gazed directly at his eyes.

- Her love for Kuran Kaname! I know that she loves him, and that you love her! She's hurting you! And that's why I can't trust her! - Her words made him gaze surprised and shocked at the girl in front of him, whose eyes were filled with tears. After a while gazing at each other, Zero's gaze softened as he cleaned her tears, closed the distance between them and kissed her forehead tenderly, while embracing her, surprising the girl.

- Amaya, first off, I don't love Yuuki in that way. I love her like a younger sister. Yes, there was a time when I was beginning to have a crush on her, but... it's over now. Second, even if I did love her romantically, it wouldn't be her fault if I got hurt only because she loves another. Don't shun her just because of who she loves. - Amaya pulled back a little to look at him, incredibility in her eyes.

- You don't love her like that then? - He smiled slightly and shook his head.

- No, I don't. Why did you think that I did, by the way? - At this her cheeks became tainted with light pink.

- My dad told me that you were in love with her. And by the way you looked at her when I got here... I'm sorry for my assumption. - He nodded.

- It's alright. - She opened her mouth to speak but stayed silent when she felt something tugging on her hair. She turned around and saw a white horse chewing on her hair. She jumped startled and Zero chuckled slightly, petting the horse, till it let go of her hair. - It seems that White Lily likes you. She does that when she likes someone or wants to be brushed. - Amaya took a deep breath and smiled before petting the horse as well.

- Really? She's a beautiful horse. She seems to be very kind. - He shook his head.

- Not normally. Till this day the only one whom she let to be close to her is me. Now it seems that she likes you as well. - Amaya's smile widened.

- Why do you think that she likes me? - He shook his head negatively.

- I don't know. She scares everyone else that approaches her. Maybe she knows that you are special to me and that you aren't scared of her. - His remark caused a light pink to appear on the girl's cheeks, but she quickly dismissed the sensation. After a while in silence, during which they brushed the horse, Amaya spoke again.

- Zero, can I ask you something? - He nodded.

- Sure. You don't have to keep asking permission. - The girl nodded.

- Did my father tell you what Kaito did? - Zero stopped what he was doing and gazed surprised at her.

- Kaito? I don't hear that name in five years. Why? What did he do? - She sighed and gazed at the floor.

- He went to talk with the Hunter Association and now they're forcing me to marry him. - This made Zero look shocked at her and then frowned as anger and something else she couldn't recognize appeared in his eyes.

- What? Why the hell did they do that? And why did Kaito go to them? - She sighed.

- They say that's for the Hunter Society's well being. That the union of the two hunter families will elevate the hunter blood to another degree. As of why he went there, I don't know. I don't talk with him since I went to study in England. My father was enraged when they gave him the news. - Zero continued to frown.

- It's normal to be! The hell...? - He took a deep calming breath. - Do you... want to do it? Do you want to marry him? - Amaya gazed shocked at him.

- No! Of course not! How can you think that? I don't love him! No matter what, I won't marry him! - He nodded and looked away.

- Sorry. And don't worry, I'll help you with that. I won't let them force you to do it. - She smiled slightly.

- Thank you Zero. - He nodded before suddenly widening his eyes and grasp his neck. Seeing him like that Amaya approached him with worry on her eyes. - Zero? What's wrong? - He shook his head.

- G-Go... away! - She frowned and ignored his order, approaching him and making him look at her. She gasped in surprise as she saw his eyes glowing red and quickly understood what was going on.

- You're hungry. - Without giving him the chance to reply, she took off her jacket, unclasped the choker and approached him even more, till she was leaning against his body. - Zero, drink. - The male hunter shook his head, trying to fight the off urge.

- N-No! I-I can't A-Amaya! - She smiled slightly and caressed his silver hair.

- It's okay Zero. I don't mind. I want to help you. - After a while, he couldn't fight it anymore and surrounded her body with his arms pulling her even closer as he began to lick her neck. As soon as she felt him do this, she smiled and took a deep breath. - Zero... - Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her neck and she realized that he had pierced her skin.

- The sound of him drinking her blood was something new to her, and unlike what she expected, she wasn't frightened by it. Strange enough she felt safe like that, like she belonged there. In her mind she justified that by the simple reason that it was Zero doing it. To her, if it was Zero, then it was alright.

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