Black Rose

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After a while he stopped and pulled away from her, adverting his gaze in shame.

- I'm sorry Amaya! - She put the choker back on, concealing the bite mark, and dressed her jacket before touching his face and making him look at her.

- Don't apologize Zero. I said that it was okay. I don't mind you feeding of me. I've told you that before. - He nodded.

- Even so... What I did to you... I've hurt you! - She shook her head.

- No you didn't! I'm fine, see? - She smiled widely at him, causing a small smile to appear on his lips.

- Don't you feel dizzy? Didn't I took too much blood? - She shook her head once again.

- No. I'm fine Zero. What about you? Did you get enough blood? You seem to have drank so little. - Zero touched her face slightly.

- I'm fine. The blood I got from you was enough. Strangely it satiated my hunger for blood. It had never happened before with... Yuuki's. - Amaya smiled again.

- That's good right? - He nodded. - So, did you like its taste? - The boy touched the side of her neck where he had bit her.

- Your blood has... an unique taste. It's sweeter and more delicious than anything that I've ever tasted. It's like a rare wine that you can't get enough from it, not matter how much you drink it. I think that I might become addicted to it. - All this had contributed to a deep blush appear on her face, and what he said next, only caused her to become even redder. - And the feelings that I can taste in your blood are very appealing to me.

- F-Feelings? You can taste feelings in blood? - He nodded.

- Yeah, every vampire can know the emotions and memories of the person they are drinking blood from just from their blood. - She gazed at the side.

- Oh, I didn't know that. - She turned to gaze back at him, the blush now nothing more than a light pink shade on her cheeks, and smiled. - I'm glad that you liked its taste. - He cleared his throat.

- Yeah, well we should go to do our perfect duties, or else, Yuuki will kill us. She's a pain in the ass sometimes. - Amaya giggled and nodded.

- Alright, let's go. - They began to walk out the stables in the direction of the gates to the moon dorm. When they got there and the raven haired girl saw the crowd of screaming girls she stepped back and gazed surprised at the male perfect. - W-What the hell? - Zero smirked.

- Welcome to Cross Academy, where the day Class girls act like crazy fan girls towards the Night Class. - She sighed.

- No wonder, they all have an unusual beauty. So, our job is to keep them away from the Night class. - He nodded.

- Yup. - She sighed.

- Great. - Suddenly Yuuki approached them running.

- Zero! Amaya-san! - The two hunters gazed at her and Amaya smiled widely, this time a truthful smile.

- Hello Yuuki-san. You can stop calling me "-san". - Yuuki gazed surprised at her and then smiled.

- Alright, Amaya-chan. You can stop calling "-san" as well. - The older girl nodded.

- Sure Yuuki-chan. - Yuuki's smile widened.

- Are you feeling better now Amaya-chan? - The raven haired girl nodded.

- Yes, I'm fine now Yuuki-chan. I guess I was still a little tired from the trip. - The other girl nodded.

- I'm glad that you're alright now. So, let's go keep these girls in place. It's almost time for the Night Class to come. - The hunters nodded and followed the cheerful girl to their posts where they began to push the girls back. Well, mostly Amaya and Yuuki, because to Zero the only thing he had to do to keep them away was to glare at the girls.

Then, suddenly the gates were opened and girls became even more crazy and hysteric, surprising the inexperienced Amaya. Little by little the Night Class got out of the gates and girls began screaming their favorite's names. As usual Aido Hanabusa, was very cheerful towards the girls, when suddenly he saw the new female perfect. In a matter of seconds he approached her and pulled her closer to him, surprising the girl.

- Oh my, a new face! What's your...? - Before he could finish his question, Zero grabbed his arm and pulled him away with a frown in his face.

- Don't touch her Aido-senpai! - Aido got up straight and gazed at the silver haired hunter with an expressionless face.

- You're scary Kiryu Zero. I just wanted to welcome the new member of Disciplinary Comity. - Zero huffed.

- Yeah right! Keep your hands off of her! - The blond vampire opened his mouth to speak when they heard an strong and demanding voice behind them.

- Aido! - The blond noble turned around in a haste.

- Kaname-sama! - Kuran Kaname sighed and gazed at Amaya.

- Amaya-chan I'm sorry for the inconvenient that Aido caused you. - The girl bowed respectfully, while the girls behind her glared at her.

- Thank you Kaname-kun. But do not worry, he didn't bother me. Zero stopped him in time. - Kaname nodded.

- I'm glad that Kiryu-kun was present then. By the way, welcome to Cross Academy Amaya-chan. - She bowed again.

- Thank you Kaname-kun. - He smiled, causing the girls of the Day Class and Aido to gasp at the unusual scene.

- I look forward to work with you again Amaya-chan. Thank you for helping Yuuki and Kiryu-kun in perfect duty. - She nodded.

- It's my pleasure. By the way, Kaname-kun, do you by any chance have the information that I requested? - He nodded and smiled again.

- Always straight to business aren't you? Yes, I do. Actually, I had requested Ichijou to send it to you. - He looked at the side. - Ichijou. - Immediately a blond boy with emerald eyes and a wide smile approached them.

- Yes Kaname? - He then noticed Amaya and smiled even more. - Ah, Amaya-chan! You're a perfect now! Welcome to Cross Academy! - The girl smiled and bowed.

- Thank you Takuma-kun. - Kaname gazed at Ichijou.

- Ichijou give her the envelope. There's no reason to send it to her if she's here. - The vice president of the Night Class nodded and give the girl a big brown envelope that she took eagerly. Ichijou said goodbye and went away while Kaname gazed seriously at the girl. - Amaya-chan, I know that you're eager to know what is inside that envelope, but please think carefully if you're prepared to read it. The truth may be gratifying but also painful. Sometimes is better if we leave the things as they are. - She nodded and the Night Class went away.

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