Black Rose

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

After a while the only ones remaining near the gates to the moon dorm were the perfects. Amaya stood there simply gazing at the envelope in her hands when suddenly Zero approached her.

- So, you seem very friendly with Kuran-senpai and Ichijou-senpai just now. - She gazed surprised at him and saw that he was frowning.

- I've told you that I've worked with Kaname-kun and in association, I worked with Takuma-kun. - Yuuki approached them.

- What's in that envelope Amaya-chan? - Amaya sighed.

- Some months ago I asked Kaname-kun to help me found information about my mother. Since he has more access to records and information, I asked him. My father never told me anything about my mother and he stopped all my efforts to know about her. I don't even know her name. And now, here it is. - Zero placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

- I can be with you when you open it, if you want to. - She nodded and smiled.

- Thank you Zero, I would appreciate that. - He nodded. - Well, I should put this in my bedroom before we go patrolling. - Yuuki smiled.

- We'll go with you Amaya-chan. - The other girl nodded and smiled, before they went on the direction of the sun dorms. Once there, they got to her designated bedroom, Yuuki and Zero stayed outside, while Amaya went to hide the envelope for the prying eyes of her father. While waiting, Zero noticed that Yuuki was staring at him like she wanted to ask him something.

- What is it Yuuki? - She smiled.

- Zero, why didn't you deny when that girl in class said that Amaya-chan was your girlfriend? Is it because it's the truth? - At this a faint blush appeared in his cheeks.

- N-No, she's not. - The brunette noticed the disappointment in his voice.

- But you like her, don't you? I mean, you want her to be your girlfriend, right? - He opened his mouth to answer her but before he could, Amaya got out of the bedroom. When she noticed Zero's embarrassment she bit her lower lip.

- Sorry, did I interrupt something? - The male hunter immediately realized what she meant and forgetting about Yuuki's presence, he got closer to Amaya, touched her face and kissed her forehead tenderly while grabbing her hand, causing the raven haired girl blush deeply due to the display of affection.

- No, you didn't. - He pulled back a little, remembering that Yuuki was there beside them, and saw the brunette looking away with a light blush in her cheeks. - Let's begin patrolling. Yuuki you stay inside, Amaya and I will go outside. - Yuuki nodded and smiled at the two other perfects.

- Sure. - As she began to go away, she turned around to gaze at them again. - Behave you two! I don't want to catch you two making out behind the bushes! - This remark only made the two hunters to blush even more, before Zero glared at her.

- Damn girl! - Amaya cleared her throat and when she saw how blushed the male perfect was, she couldn't help but giggle. When he heard her giggle he gazed at her with his eyebrow raised. - What's so funny? - She smiled at him.

- I... I've never seen you so blushed! - He smirked.

- Oh? Look who's talking. You look like a tomato! - He got closer to her and touched her face while smirking, causing her to blush even more and his smirk to widen. - A very cute tomato, but still... - The girl gazed away a little embarrassed and Zero chuckled lightly before he pulled away from her. - Well, let's go patrolling. - She nodded and they began walking outside the school building. After a while walking and with Zero showing her the school grounds, they sat near the fountain. The girl gazed up at the night sky before gazing at her friend.

- You really look like your father Zero. - The boy gazed surprised at her before looking at the ground.

- Really? You think so? - She nodded and smiled.

- Yeah I do. Not only in looks but also in personality. - He shook his head negatively.

- I disagree about the personality. My father was... a better person. - The female perfect frowned and approached him, caressing his face tenderly.

- Zero, you're a good person! You're parents would be proud of you! - He looked seriously at her.

- Why would they? Why would they be proud of a beast like me? - Amaya gazed angrily at him.

- Never say that Zero! You're not a beast! The simple fact that you're fighting the transition with everything you have is a great sign! If you didn't have hunter blood, probably you would've fallen to Level E by now! - He gazed directly at her eyes and sighed.

- You're right, I'm sorry. - She nodded and they remained in silence for a while before Zero broke it. - Have you ever thought about what you would do if you ever met that woman again? - The girl gazed at the stars.

- I would want to know why she killed my mother and then, I would kill her for what she did to her, to your family and to you. - Zero gazed at her.

- I want to kill her myself. I don't need you to kill her for me. - She nodded.

- Hio Shizuka, a pureblood that went berserk... - There was a moment of silent before she continued to speak. - Zero, why do you think that my father never told me anything about my mother? - He looked sadly at her and grabbed her hand tenderly for reassurance.

- I don't know. Maybe there was something about her that could be dangerous if you knew and he's trying to keep you safe. - She grasped his hand tightly and rested her head on his shoulder.

- If that's the case, he could've at least tell me her name. - He began to caress the back of her hand.

- Do you want to go open that envelope? - She got even closer to him.

- I'm kind of scared to do that, actually. What if there's something horrible? Maybe I'm better not knowing. - He sighed.

- No you aren't. And remember, no matter who your mother was, that doesn't change who you are. Besides, I'll always be here for you. - The girl smiled.

- Thank you Zero. - He nodded.

- Look, why don't we try asking your father first? - She sighed.

- Why bother? He won't answer me anyway. - Zero got up and dragged her with him.

- Let's try and see. - Without giving her a chance to argue, Zero dragged her through the halls until they found Toga getting out of a classroom.

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