Black Rose

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

When he saw them he was surprised.

- What's going on? - The silver haired hunter gazed at the girl before looking at his teacher.

- Sensei, can we go to a private place to talk? - The older man gazed seriously at them before frowning as he noticed that they were holding hands.

- About what? - Zero gazed directly at his teacher's eyes.

- A personal matter. - Toga nodded a little wary, before leading them to a small office where they could talk privately. As soon as the door was closed he gazed at his daughter and former student.

- So, what is it? - The male perfect gazed at the raven haired girl.

- Amaya, go on. I'm here, don't worry. - She gave his hand a squeeze and smiled, before gazing at her dad.

- Dad... I want to ask you something. - Toga gazed intrigued at her.

- About what? - She took a deep breath.

- About my mother. - At this, her father widened his eyes before sighing and looking away.

- Amaya, why this again? I thought that you understood that that is a subject that I won't talk about! - She let go of Zero's hand and approached her father.

- And I did understand! But it's hard for me not to know a thing about her! At least tell me her name! If not her family name, just hers then! - Toga gazed at the teenager before sighing in defeat.

- Her name was Miyako. And that's all you need to know! - The girl nodded, realizing that she wouldn't get anything about her mother from the man. Still, she had one more question that had been haunting her thoughts for a long time.

- Alright, can I just ask something else? It's not about my mother, it's about you and me. - The man nodded reluctantly and the girl continued. - Was I wanted? Or was I an accident and you felt obligated to take care of me? - The man widened his eyes in surprise.

- What the hell are you saying Amaya? Of course you were wanted! Even if it was by a short period of time, your mother loved you deeply! You were very important to her as you are to me! - The girl smiled.

- Did you love her? - Toga closed his eyes before speaking again.

- Amaya... please stop with the questions. - She frowned, determined.

- Who was the one that named me? It was you or my mother? - The man clenched his fists.

- Your mother did! Now it's enough! I won't answer anything else! See you tomorrow, good night! - After this, he left the small office, leaving the two perfects alone. Amaya smiled at Zero.

- Well, at least I know her name and that my mother loved me. - Zero nodded and approached her.

- Yeah. Miyako is a pretty name. - She nodded and he continued. - So, what do you want to do now? - She took a deep breath.

- Now more than ever, I want to know what's inside that envelope. Will you come with me to open it? - He nodded.

- Of course, let's go. - She smiled and they walked towards her bedroom. Once they got there, Zero closed the door while the girl went to get the envelope.

When she got it, they sat on her bed and she opened the envelope. Inside, there were several photographs and several sheets filled with information. Amaya picked the photo of a smiling, beautiful woman with long curly black hair and deep blue eyes. The girl caressed the photo, before turning it around and read what was written on it: "Anrui Miyako". Her eyes filled with tears as she gazed at the picture of her mother once again.

- Mother... - Zero touched her shoulder, reassuring her.

- It's alright Amaya. You know, the Anrui family is an ancient hunter family. - She nodded.

- I know. Still, I don't understand why my father didn't tell me. Maybe the answer is in these papers. - He nodded and they continued to see the papers and photos.

Several photos were of the woman alone, but one caught Amaya's attention: a photo of Miyako standing beside Toga. They were both smiling and looked very happy. The way Toga was embracing the smiling Miyako, showed her and Zero, that they loved each other very much.

After the photos, Amaya picked up the papers and began reading it when suddenly, something she read shocked her. In the place where it was described the race of the person in question, instead of reading "Human" as she expected, she was shocked to read "Half-Vampire". At this she gazed shocked at Zero, who was gazing wide eyed at the paper.

- Zero... my mother... was a half-vampire! - At the sound of her voice, he recovered from his initial shock and embraced her tightly.

- It's alright Amaya. That doesn't matter a thing. - She gazed at him with her eyes full of tears.

- Don't you hate me? - He looked surprised at her before caressing her face.

- Don't say such stupid things Amaya! Why would I hate you? This doesn't change who you are! - At his words the girl didn't think twice and threw herself on to his arms.

- Thank you Zero! Thank you! - He began touching her hair, trying to sooth her.

- You don't have to thank me. Now let's see the rest. - She nodded and looked back at the papers.

They were surprised to see that most of the text was covered in black ink. There were only bits and pieces of readable text, like: "affair with Yagari Toga"; "pregnant with Yagari's child"; "disinherited"; "child's name: Amaya"; "killed at the hands of the pureblood Hio Shizuka while protecting her child". At this Amaya stopped reading and realizing that she was about to cry, Zero hold her again. In his arms she began to sob.

- Z-Zero, she died... b-because of me! P-Protecting me! - He embraced her tightly.

- That only shows how much she cared for you. She gave her life for you. Now, let's read the rest. - She nodded and cleaned the tears before gazing at the papers once again.

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