There's Something About Molly

Chapter 14

Sherlock had been shot towards the end of June. It was now the end of July and he hadn’t seen Molly since before the first time he left the hospital. In his mind this was unacceptable, if he were to do something like that surely Dr. Watson would call him out for being not good. Sherlock had been released from the hospital but was not allowed to be involved in any cases unless he solved them from his couch in 221 B. John was again residing with Sherlock but their relationship had an uneasy tension that remained since the night Sherlock took Mrs. Watson’s case.

Sherlock had waited for Molly to give in and come to check on him but he waited in vain. He realized she must have been angrier than he thought she would be when she discovered his dangerous behavior. She normally didn’t seem to mind his antics but when he was so close to death she must have taken it as a personal insult for him to behave in such a manner.

He was bored, as usual. He could find no solace in his mind palace as Molly’s doppelganger had taken to following him from room from room listing all the things they needed to talk about. Throughout the month he gave in to talking to her on occasion, but every time he emerged from his mind palace he was exhausted. He had gained some ideas and insights he hadn’t had before but sometimes left conversations early because he was afraid to reach the conclusions that mind Molly was leading him to. He had a habit of forgetting that mind palace Molly was part of him and not an extension of the real Molly.

Deciding that enough was enough he finally made his way to the hospital. He didn’t heed the warnings of mind palace Molly to wait and think things through more thoroughly and thought that his solution was best. He missed Molly and was tired of waiting. He would go to the hospital, Molly would see that he was alive and getting well, he would charm her and all would be right in that area of his life. It was important that he was getting well and not fully healed because he could use her natural sympathy to bypass any lingering anger she may be harboring. If things went better than he expected he could possibly even be able to bring home a body part or two to experiment on. Maybe he could entice her to experiment with him. Despite all his plans he knew it was imperative for him to talk with Molly, for the case if nothing more. There was something he was missing where Molly was concerned in this case and he wanted to be sure of her safety.

It was with the thoughts of having victory over his pathologist in his head that he entered the morgue. With his ready-made deduction, based on Molly’s absence, on his lips he ruffled his hair and addressed Molly.

“You’re angry with me.”

Molly looked up from her lab work to take in the detective whom she had not seen for a month. The month had been good for her. She could think and re-evaluate her life. After the epic Sunday dinner at her mum’s she decided not to experience another and only stayed until Saturday. This gave her enough time to spend with each of her brother’s and their families. They extracted a promise that she would return for Christmas in an exchange of a promise that Aunt Cecilia would wear a muzzle. She didn’t believe they would actually keep their promise but she would keep hers. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed them and it was truly good to have a family.

When Molly had returned she decided to continue as she always had, wait for Sherlock to show up in his time. She bypassed seeing him in the hospital but heard of his two trips outside of the hospital bounds. John was the only one Sherlock saw as a friend so she decided to let Sherlock be his problem. Sherlock would come see her when he needed something, and so he did.

She took in his simple deduction and gave a small frown and creased her eyebrows together. Then sighing she laid down her tools and lifted her goggles so her eyes wouldn’t be obstructed before responding.

“I’m not angry with you.”

Sherlock placed his hands behind his back and smiled his ‘I’m right and your wrong and I’m about to prove it smile.’ He stepped closer to Molly and leaned in so that there faces at eye level. “Then why haven’t you been to see me?”

Molly backed up a pace and gave him a side eye. “Sherlock, we don’t really have that kind of relationship. Our relationship consists of you coming to me when you need or want something. I try not to bother you.”

It was Sherlock’s turn to step back as his mouth opened to say something. He wracked his brain for instance when Molly had come to him. “You came to the Christmas party.”

“John invited me. You can’t use invitations they don’t count.” She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow while giving him a half smile, “Besides don’t you think that would have been a bad example anyways.”

Sherlock frowned, she had a point, “Well, I was injured! Friends come to see one another when they’re injured! Very not good Molly, very not good!”

“I came to see you. You told me to visit family, which I did. You left the hospital twice, I assume if you left the hospital you must have been in okay condition. You certainly didn’t call me to tell me otherwise. And since when have you considered me a friend? I thought John was the only one who reached that accomplishment.”

Sherlock blinked at her a couple times and swallowed before responding. “I told you that you count Molly Hooper.”

She shook her head, “I don’t know what that means.”

“NEITHER DO I!” he bellowed shocking the both of them. His eyes got wide with the admission and he turned away from the pathologist to hide his face as he ran his hands through his hair.

Sherlock had been loud enough to bring Mike Stamford to come check on Molly. He poked his head in the lab, “I thought I heard you Sherlock, everything ok?” Mike smiled his friendly smile but his eyebrows were raised.

Sherlock covered his hand with his face not wanting to deal with anyone so Molly responded in his stead. She smiled sweetly at Mike and told him that Sherlock was going over some evidence that did come to the right conclusions. Mike nodded told Sherlock not to worry that he would figure it out and to take it easy as he was still recovering before heading back to his office.

Once he had left the two of them alone Sherlock backed himself onto a stool and steepled his fingers. Recognizing the pose Molly sighed and shrugged her shoulders. She got to a stopping place in her work and took a much needed coffee break. She of course wondered what had gotten into Sherlock and wondered what he meant but she would have to wait until he himself figured it out. She downed the rest of her black coffee and grimaced. She grabbed a coffee (black, two sugars) just in case and headed back.

When she got back Sherlock was still in the same position. She set the coffee down far enough away that he wouldn’t knock it over when he returned to the real world. Molly returned to her work but her eyes kept straying to the silent man.

When Sherlock finally surfaced he smiled at Molly, “So do you agree?”

Molly found at times when she had a lot of work and he had just came out of his mind palace it was just easier to agree with him. In later days she would come to discover that she could no longer do this, but at the time she just wanted to get through the rest of her shift as she had five more hours to go. “Of course Sherlock.”

“Good, very good.” He said with his arms behind his back. He came close to Molly and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She startled from her work and looked at him as he gave a flirtatious wink and strutted off. Molly made a mental note to text John to check on Sherlock.

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